15K in 15 Minutes Review

15K-in-15-minutes15K in 15 minutes is a new binary options software telling traders that they can get paid up to $15,000 in the next 15 minutes. The developers of this product tell us that their members have made over $24 million and that their software is extremely easy to use.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the software and reviewing its potential for the binary today readers.

15K in 15 Minutes Review

Like most binary options sales pages the 15K in 15 minutes site consists of a video and an email subscription form. Also common are the extreme claims, telling traders that they’re going to make $15,000 in the next 15 minutes right on this secret page. Now I don’t know if I’m a skeptic or not but if I sit on this page for 15 minutes I highly doubt that I’ll receive any money from this company. I’ve seen many webpages like this in the past making promises so that we stick around and watch a video. Sadly, these promises never lead to anything and just try to push us on their system.

Like usual, the developers of the 15K in 15 minutes system tell us that they don’t want anything from us and that they’re going to give us everything we need for free. I’ve watched the video for a minute I’m already tired of the sales pitch so let’s take a look at the members area. We can see here that the developer wants us to register with a binary options trading account so this is not free as they claimed. The members area consists of testimonials showing pictures of traders that have made millions of dollars during the beta test. Underneath that we can see a bunch of tweets and Facebook posts but I decided to take a closer look and found that none of these tweets and posts actually exist. That’s a major red flag.

Today I can’t recommend 15K in 15 minutes to any of the binary today readers because there are way too many inconsistencies. There is way too much deception on this webpage. They tell us that it’s free but then they want money. They tell us that they have live social media updates but none of the tweets and Facebook posts actually exist. These are just 2 examples of red flags and considering this is an investment, I only move forward if there are zero red flags. Let me know what you think about this product by leaving a comment below the article now.


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