Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade review: Learn All About This…!

Bitclub Profit (Bitcoin investment company) and Binary FX Trade (a Forex trading platform) are two separate investment schemes that seem to be linked. They both claim to be able to bring significant profits from investing in bitcoin after only a few hours. Although both sites were established on bitcoin trading, they both do not have any significant trading strategy which they use to promote their products. However, both of these sites are offering direct profits on trades in Bitcoin. They claim to be legitimate brokers who will help transfer your profits that you earn from bitcoin. However, there have been many complaints regarding both these sites as many customers have explained how they work. Before you decide to invest in any of these sites, you should take care to read all aspects of this review to decide for yourself whether it is worth the risk or not.

Bitclub Profit has provided little real contact details and no registration details. They can be contacted at and their physical address is 854 King Street, Walsall, United Kingdom, WS41 5PS. The website is Binary FX Trade is similar in that it did not provide any registration details. They can be contacted at They also have provided a UK address at Unit1, Speedwell Trading Estate, 116, Kings Rd, Birmingham, B11 2AT.the website is However, both these sites have not provided any phone number to verify their information. Instead, the broker will contact you only after you have invested in the site, which is quite a risky strategy.

Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade Review

Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade work in similar ways. When you go onto the Bitclub Profit site, you will notice that they offer you three plans. The returns are 5%, 8% and 10% respectively. While this may not seem illogical, the next part certainly does raise eyebrows. They claim to give this profit in a few hours after deposit, although one plan has a 3 day period. Even then, such profits will allow you to double your money every day and you should be rich in no time. When reviewing this site, make sure to check the payback period to see whether it is even possible to generate such returns. Unfortunately, no legitimate company can offer to double your money every day or every 3 month, no matter how advanced they are.

Binary FX Trade is basically a forex trading platform. They claim to be the most secured forex trading platform, although they are unregulated and do not have verified brokers.  This site requires you to create a free account before you begin trading. They claim to have a trading bot that will allow you to win 90% of all trades, although this seems quite strange as they have not provided any proof that their trading bot exits. They have also not backed this claim up with any live trading results so there is no way of knowing whether this is true. However, the customer reviews speak a completely different story. Another issue with this site is that they claim to offer 45% profit every month. Which means you should almost double your investment every 2 months. This is simply impossible.


 Bitclub profit has not provided any real trading strategy. Instead, they just claim to be able to make immense profits through investments in Bitcoin without providing any details. On the other hand, Binary FX Trade claims to have a special bot that can help you win 90% of trades. Unfortunately, there is no evidence of this, and no trading software can achieve the results that they have claimed to offer.


  • Company: Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade
  • Products: Bitcoin Investment and Forex trading platform
  • Minimum investment: $1000 and $250
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

This is one aspect of Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade that stands out in both sites. Both have not provided any trading results to prove that they are actually trading. Bitclub Profit has provided a list of people who supposedly invested in the site, while Binary FX Trade has not even done this much. Therefore, if you are looking for verified proofs, then there is none to show.

Client Feedback

If the above proofs did not raise concerns regarding Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade sites, then the customer feedback should. Most customer have complained in detail how these companies claim to help you withdraw your profits and then make away with all your funds. They will show that you have earned profits and then ask for additional withdrawal fees. They keep asking for additional fees, always promising to make a payment, but this never happens.


If you have come across Bitclub Profit and Binary FX Trade, you should be wary. Both sites operate on the same principles and are designed to make you invest based on the assumption of immense profits. Unfortunately, both are unregulated, offer impossible returns and have poor customer feedback.

If you have had any experience with these companies, we would love to hear from you. So, share your views with us in the comments section below.

Bitclub Profit and Binary FX $250-$1000
  • Price - 20%
  • Strategy - 30%
  • Trading Results - 25%
  • Client Feedback - 20%
  • Customer Support - 30%


Bitclub profit promises high profit margins via Bitcoin investment, and Binary FX Trade claims to have assist in securing 90% trade wins
They appear to offer various investment plans


Both the sites lack when it comes to providing a detailed strategy and trading results
Both sites also have quite a lot of controversial client feedback
There is limited contact information, so its hard to get in touch with these companies and verify their authenticity

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