WorldWide Domination

world-wide-dominationWorldwide domination is a new binary options product is telling traders they can make $685 today as long as they sign up in the next couple of hours. The developers of this software point of the Greece situation and claim that they have the ability to take a little piece of the pie every time there is some sort of financial crisis somewhere in the world.

Today I will be providing a review and taking a closer look at this algorithm so that the binary today readers understand if this is the real deal or another get rich quick scheme.

Worldwide Domination Review

The worldwide domination website is much like most of the binary options scam products on the market. There is a video, an email subscription form and a bunch of different scripts the tell us how many people are waiting to watch this video and how many free copies are still available. This marketing model is very disappointing because it is inherently deceptive. Right now the bottom right of my screen it tells me that over 2100 people are waiting to watch this video. Yet, I can open up this webpage on my computer, my phone, my tablet and any of my virtual private servers without ever being put in a lineup. In my opinion, the developers are pretending like thousands of people are waiting to watch this video to make the software seem more desirable. While I understand the concept of this, it actually works the other way when smart trader see this type of deception.

As a scroll down the worldwide domination website I see the statement, “here’s a sneak peek to our algorithm in action.” What lies under this is not very impressive at all, it is an old Acer laptop screen that looks like it’s about to kick the bucket. On the screen it says that it is scanning for an investment and that it found one potential trade with 73% accuracy. I really don’t see how this is a sneak peek at an algorithm at all. There is no mathematical sequence or strategic development being flushed out, it is essentially a picture of a laptop with an animated screen, something that can be accomplished in Photoshop in under 3 minutes.

Today I won’t be providing a recommendation for the worldwide domination software. I was initially interested by the concept of taking advantage of financial crises and other market impacting news but then the website turned me off. Deceptive marketing practices is really the main element here that makes me want to steer clear of this software. This developer should do themselves a favor and be more straightforward and transparent with their marketing efforts. It’s just too difficult to get involved with a developer that is proven to be untrustworthy within the first few minutes of being on the website. If you have anything you would like to contribute to this review please leave your questions and concerns below the article. As always, I appreciate the time you spend here at binary today and hope that my articles enrich your trading experience.

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