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forsee stocksForsee stocks is a new binary options brokerage. All the discussion on this website seems to be about simple easy stock trading but if you look at the platform it looks more like a binary options broker than anything else.

Today I’ll be providing a quick review on this new binary options broker and letting you know my thoughts and opinions.

Forsee Stocks Review

I am very skeptical of this new Forsee stocks brokerage. I find it very odd that the brokerage is named after stocks when it is indeed a binary options broker. Secondly, I have noticed that the word foresee is being spelt incorrectly in the name of the company which is unprofessional to say the least. While the back and looks very smooth and clean I can’t say that I have a very good feeling about the broker.

fake social shares

This is the first that I’m hearing of Forsee stocks so I decided I would do a little extra research. Considering how many reviews I do and how much time I spend on binary options it is unlikely that a brokerage or software would be in this market for years without me knowing about. Now one of the things I decided to do was take a look at some of their social shares. I notice that at the bottom of the page they had images that show over 25,000 likes and 34,000 tweets. I found it peculiar that I was unable to click and add my own like so I did some further research and I found out that these are just pictures in this brokerage is lying to us. Take a look at this picture which show you their actual social shares.

Today I will not be recommending Forsee Stocks to the binary today readers. Right next to the social shares are 2 ratings which are also images. One says number one customer service and the other says rated top trading platform of 2014. Considering the social shares were fake my assumption is that these stickers are also forged and there has never been any rating. If you are looking for real binary options broker click on brokers at the top of the page and you will see what the binary today readers have been using.

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