Trading Toolkit Review

trading-toolkitTrading toolkit is a binary options software that was released at the beginning of July but never gained a lot of traction. With just over 400 YouTube views the system is clearly not an extremely popular option considering it’s been around for over 6 months.

Regardless, I’ve been asked by one of my readers to take a closer look at the system and just because it doesn’t have a lot of views doesn’t mean that it’s not a diamond in the rough.

Trading Toolkit Review

I’m not sure how active the trading toolkit developer is because the last blog post he made on this website was on July 2nd, which was a day after releasing the software. I would like to see a little more activity on this website because then it would make me feel like the developer is still actively pursuing the growth of this product. I decided to see how the product works so I registered my account and began the process. Much to my disappointment, after registering my information I was taken to a short one minute video that explains to me that I have to deposit money with a binary options broker in order to gain access to the toolkit. Considering that I’m already with multiple brokers I’m really not interested in any systems that make me sign up with a new brokerage account.

As for the trading toolkit itself there is very little information being provided by the developer. Outside of the 3 minute video on the front page there is no information so it’s very difficult for us to get a handle on the system and decide whether or not it’s worthwhile. As you may have seen above you do have to deposit money with a brokerage in order to gain access to the system and for me that’s kind of a deal breaker. I’m not sure if it is for you but let’s see with the community has to say before we make our mind up.

At this point in time I won’t be providing a recommendation for the trading toolkit software until I hear what the community has to say. If you are using the toolkit please let me know if it’s worth our time. Also, let us know what it looks like and how it works because the video on the front page really doesn’t provide us with enough information to make a solid judgment. We are really going to have to rely in the community so please leave your comments and be as honest as you can. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you have a wonderful week and start to your holidays.

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