Platinum Profits Review

platinum-profitsPlatinum profits is a new binary options trading software that promises traders that they can make a fortune with one of the most best-kept secrets. Apparently America’s rich elite does not want us to know about the secrets but the creator, Ross Barker is going to give us this for free.

Today I’ll review the system and let the binary options community understand if this is the type of software we should be using in our daily trading.

Platinum Profits Review

Like most binary options products the platinum profits website provides us with very little information outside of a video and an email subscription form. We are made extravagant promises throughout the video by Ross Barker but we are never shown any tangible proof that this actually works. The video is really just one long story about Ross and how he started achieving big profits. Yet, there are never any real details about the strategies easy using or any sort of methodological approach. It’s basically a quick story about how he figured out the secret and now he’s giving it to us for free but this is not enough for me.

The platinum profits trading robot does not really provide the type of information I need when I’m looking to make an investment. You will see that the only systems I recommend on binary today all provide results and all have specific trading strategies based on market data and strong indicators. I’m not in the position to recommend trading software to people based on stories. We are not in the movie industry here, we’re in the business of making money in doing so through smart investments. Considering the angle this developer is taking it makes it very difficult for me to take them seriously.

I do not recommend the platinum profits system because I don’t make trading decisions based on stories. I need to see cold hard proof before I’m going to give a recommendation to the binary today readers. This software simply does not tick off enough boxes. I hope you had a wonderful weekend and you are ready for a big week of trading before the holiday season comes into full effect. Thanks for coming to binary today and please leave a comment below the article so I know what you think about the system.


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