Market Buster App Scam

market-busterMarket Buster App is a highly advertised binary options software promising to make traders $2,000 a day. This is a large amount of money so we have to first consider the fact that this may be a get rich quick scam right out of the gate.

Today I’ll be reviewing the potential for this system and letting the Binary Today readers get all the pertinent details.

Market Buster Review

The Market Buster website consists of a short video, an email subscription form and some overly aggressive testimonials. As you probably know, I don’t like using the word scam. I see this word way too frequently in the binary options market and often it is a rush to judgement. I feel like many of the binary options reviews use this word to attract attention. Fact is, most binary options systems are scams and I have a feeling that that’s the case this time around.

The promises by the Market Buster system are unproven and much larger than anyone should expect to make in this market without any experience. There are testimonials from traders claiming to make over $360,000 in just one year with this system. Yet, despite the software being out on the market for around a year there isn’t one positive testimonial outside of the sales page. I’ve scoured forums, review sites and haven’t found anything good. According to the website there’s been over 170K in profits today. I have a good test. Considering tomorrow is Saturday and the markets are closed I challenge you to go to the sales page and see if they claim profits. Often developers will show trading results over the weekend because their scripts haven’t been tweaked well enough. This shows us that the software doesn’t work and it’s just a random collection of numbers.

I can’t see myself getting involved with the Market Buster system. The claims are just too unrealistic to believe. Plus, they claim to be seen on a bunch of news networks but I’ve never seen this being referenced anywhere except a popup on my computer. I just don’t see anything new here and don’t believe that this auto-trader is any different from all the failed auto-traders that came before it. Leave a comment with your thoughts below and get the conversation started. Hope you are having a great weekend.

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