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Published on January 5th, 2015 | by John Kane


Profit Maximizer

profit maximizerProfit maximizer is a new free binary options trading software. The developers of this software claim that thousands of people are currently watching the video and that you can make an extra $1100 per day using their cash avalanche system.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts and informing the binary today community to make the right purchasing decision.

Profit Maximizer Review

I have quite a few issues with the profit maximizer right out of the gate. The main issue I have is the fact that they are lying to us. They tell us on the front page that there is only one copy available and that Brian M just made $93 that this isn’t true. These are scripts the generate names and numbers in order to try and convince us that the software is legitimate. I know this because when you refresh the webpage the numbers change immediately and I bet if you stayed on this webpage long enough you probably start to see the same names over and over again.

fake scripts

If that isn’t convincing enough for you the profit maximizer also claims over 1300 people are currently watching the video. Now but I’m going to do is go to YouTube whether hosting the video and see how many views they’ve had so far. I’ve been going to take a screenshot of the 2 numbers and show you them so you can see that they are not being forward or transparent. In the screenshot I take received discrepancy of over 1000 viewers, not only has this video never had 1000 viewers they’ve never even had hundred.


Today I will not be recommending the profit maximizer for all of these obvious reasons. Any developer that tries to fool you doesn’t deserve your business. This is not a worthwhile investment, this is just another free binary options trading system trying to take our money. There is no cash avalanche here, so look away. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below. Please check out the rest of binary today at some of the real systems that are actually making money in the binary options market.

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5 years ago

Can you tell me if binary companies ony make money when you lose a trade .


Gaddi NK
5 years ago

Thanks for the 2 reviews above. I have seen them but I had not decided which way to go. Now I know which way to go! I am over 60 hence I need something to make money without doing A-to-Z !!

1. I have used the signals for Quattro Bot and they seem to be better than I had got before. It only operates on about 5 pairs of currencies and for up to 6 minutes trades only.

2. The Elite Trading App (ETA) was also promising not so much as outrageous but rather enticing. After starting with $250, by end of 1st week you will be making $1100 per day (which you can with draw any time) thus guaranteeing about $33 000 per month. I tended to believe them because they said they use Experienced Traders in the background so that all positions traded are actual real and not software based. They will give 1st month free but subsequently if you give them back 5% then they will continue the following month. They said that, ofcourse, the monthly balance will depend oh how much you deposit. They use a team of about 20 experts (I simply guessed it).

3. Then there is “30DayChange” – almost similar to Profit Maximizer.

I wish to request you to comment on the three.

Can you investigate them because I believe the first 2 and I wish to start with at least ETA next month.

Thanks.very much

Gaddi NK (

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