Black Swan Technology App

black-swan-technology-appBlack Swan Technology App is a new binary options software promising traders over $6000 in cash just for watching a short video. We’ve seen the sales pitch before and there’s always a catch. Watching this video won’t result in you getting $6000 in cash, I can assure you that.

Today I’ll be providing a review and taking a closer look at this technology and the CEO Donald Brock.

Black Swan App Review

Immediately, I’m disappointed in the Black Swan technology app sales page for multiple reasons. Firstly, the page consists of a short video, an email subscription form and a small 100% profit guarantee. This is just not enough information for any investor to get a solid grasp on how and why this is supposed to work. Next, I’m also bothered by the hundred percent profit guarantee being provided by Donald Brock. He tells us that we will make at least $6154 a day using his unique application and if we don’t he will personally deposit $1000 of his own money to your bank account. I’ve seen this exact promise made over 10 to 15 times and the developer has never followed through with the guarantee. I’ll give you my own guarantee, you will never make money with this technology.


Swan-App-ResultsAs is often the case in the binary options market the Black Swan technology application does not provide any results. We are told that the software is accurate and has a daily average win rate of 97% but Donald Brock never proves these statements. The closest we come to seeing any sort of proof is via testimonials which really can’t be trusted. The testimonials are all using stock images that can be purchased online for a small fee. This leads me to believe that the testimonials are being fabricated and shouldn’t be trusted by the binary today readers.


I really don’t see anything special or different about the Black Swan technology app. With that being said, I won’t be recommending this to the binary today readers. There are way too many discrepancies on this webpage that discredit Donald Brock and his new binary options software. I believe that this is another flip a coin auto trading system that will utterly decimate your accounts if you use it.

I hope that you are already for the launch of my 5 minute binary options trading strategy. It is creeping up, and it’s going to be the best system ever introduced in the binary options market in the market needs it badly. I’m hoping to see this release come to fruition early next week so that we can have a powerful start to August. If you have anything you would like to add about this review or my new 5 minute strategy please leave a comment.

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