BT 03: Binary Options Income Strategy and Mailbag

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 03: Binary Options Income Strategy and Mailbag

This is the third episode of the podcast, I keep it short, sweet and informative!

Read along while you listen to the podcast, if you like.

Podcast Transcript:


Hey guys, John Kane here with and today I would like to do my third podcast.  I know it’s been a while and I’ve been receiving emails from a lot of the readers here requesting another episode. Today you don’t have to wait any longer, I’m going to go through some excellent topics. I’ll be going through my latest income report which was published yesterday, talking about a strategy that I use that everyone should be using, discussing the top rated brokers of the month and going over some reader questions.

Income Report and Strategy

Let’s start with my latest income report, as you can see it was a great month I made over $26K. A year ago I never would have though I would be able to make gains like these. Due to a new strategy I’m using I’m having a lot of success. I use a signal software to receive a signal, I use free tools that I provide here on BinaryToday to analyze the signal and then I place the trade with the broker. This is a very simple approach but it’s working very well for me and the rest of the binary today readers. If you are interested I really suggest you go to my August Income report and you watch the full video explanation. The free binary options indicator strategy by John Kane.


unreleased-software-boxIf you wanted to get started now, go to the bottom of the page and download the free trend detector and trade assistant. I’m going to keep this podcast short because I know you guys are busy and focused on your trading.

  1. Let me get into the strategy in a little more detail. I use it with multiple signal services, I’ll tell you how I use it with Binary Brain Wave first. I receive the signal with BBW then I match it up with the free trend detector to ensure that the market is ranging. If I get a signal, and the market is ranging then I place the trade.
  2. For Binary Ascend I use the trade assistant. So when I get a signal from the BA software if the signal says the market is going up and the trade assistant agrees, then I place the trade. It’s a simple strategy that I use for both systems.

I will have a similar strategy for the latest new undisclosed software that I’ve been testing aggressively the last two months. You can see more about that in the latest income report. I’m very excited about it, I’m not sure what they are going to name it but I can’t wait for it.

Latest Broker Ratings

As I mentioned earlier I also wanted to get into the top brokers this month as there was a bit of a shake up. With the introduction of CTOption, we saw a new broker that accepts US clients step into the top 4. Right now we have Boss Capital at #1, Cherry Trade at #1A and Magnum Options at #2 and CTOption at #2A. One of the reasons I felt it important to push CTOption ahead of TradeRush and Redwood Options is because they offer $5 trades. Instead of having to trade a minimum of $20, like most brokers provide you can actually do $5 trades. While the payout of these isn’t great, I find it very helpful for testing new strategies in real market conditions without any risk of ruin. It’s excellent when you are just learning and still want to make some money at the same time.

 BrokerRatingMin DepositPayOutsBonusUS TradersDemo
Boss Capital[ratings id="30653"]$20080%200%
CTOption[ratings id="31811"]$20070-80%100%
Cherry Trade[ratings id="31391"]$20080%100%


Last but not least, we have the mailbag where I answer questions from our faithful readers.

Cynthia: I’m a new reader and a new trader from the US. How long will it take me to be profitable?

Hi Cynthia, first let me say welcome to Binary Today. The question is a difficult one to answer. I believe that if you follow my strategies here you will be able to become profitable within a few weeks.

  • Sal: I’ve been burned by a few bad systems, how do I know if a system can be trusted?

I’m sorry to hear the systems in this market haven’t all worked for you. I suggest that you use the search function here next to the Ask John button at the top of the page. There you can put in any word and learn about every binary system before you spend any money.

  • Rob: I let my broker trade for me and they are doing a terrible Job, what should I do?

Stop letting your broker trade for you. If you think they are doing a bad job, fire them. You have the tools, and the know how all here on Binary Today, you can do it.

Wrapping Up

That’s it for the third episode of the podcast. I hope you enjoyed it and that you continue reading and learning how to be successful in this market.

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