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Published on April 1st, 2014 | by John Kane


Binary Brain Wave

Binary Brain Wave is a binary options software that I trust and use every single day. If you visit Binary Today frequently you will know that I rarely (if ever) give rave reviews, but this software has won me over.

Today I will provide you with a full review, walk you through how this works and how it will work for you. I will eventually make a full guide on how I use this software as well so stay tuned for that.

This is one review, I assure you, that you don’t want to skip!

Try Binary Brain Wave

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Binary Brain Wave Introduction

Now I will walk you through my experience with the binary brain wave software.

members area setup

Click to enlarge (members area screen shot)

Often the process with a new software can be very difficult, but this is not the case with the brain wave. This software comes with a setup file which can be double clicked and will install the software for you. The members area is also very well laid out and provides you with easy to follow descriptions of the installation and how to trade the signals.

Here is a screen shot from the brain wave members area that shows the clickable tabs and areas that can be expanded to show more information.

The bottom line is the installation process is very simple (took me 5 minutes) and you aren’t required to sign up with a broker to gain access to the software. Which is a big plus in my eyes.

Binary Brain Wave Video

In this video I show you the site, the members area, the software, a real signal and live trade.

Binary Brain Wave Signals

The quality of these signals are excellent.

They have a very profound strategy that uses multiple indicators to filter out bad conditions and give you many different options. The strategy uses the 5 minute chart, and sends signals nearly every hour at the same time, 50 minutes after the hour. The expiry time is also 100% specific so you know exactly when to place the trade.

binary brain wave signalYou would get this signal at 23:50 you would place a CALL trade and you would set the expiry for 40 minutes after, in this case 0:30. This makes it very simple to place your trade because there is no work required on your part except for placing the trade.

Binary brain wave signals come in three different ways:

  1. Email
  2. In MT4 on chart
  3. In MT4 in experts tab

This way you never miss a signal. Since there are very frequently signals with this software I tend to just trade right off the chart so that I can use my own knowledge in the trading process. In the trade example above we can see that the market is ranging which is when this software is the most effective. They talk about this more in the members area so even though they filter out bad conditions you can spot them yourself as well.

Important aspects of the binary brain wave software:

  • Provides signals in all sessions
  • Free installation and 24/7 support
  • No required broker signup
  • Provides over 10 signals per day
  • Hitting over 80% accuracy for the past two years
  • Free upgrades for life and no upsells (one time fee)

My Binary Brain Wave Results

I have been testing this software for the past 6 months and I have had outstanding success. Keep in mind I don’t trade every single signal they provide. I have a family, this web site, my own manual trading and other responsibilities. The stats are provided in W (Wins) – L (Losses).


  • October: 14-2
  • November: 26-7
  • December: 22-4


  • January: 25-5
  • February: 15-6
  • March: 33-6
  • April: 15-3
  • May: 21-5
  • June: 18-2
  • July: 22-1
  • August: 19-4
  • September 21-7
  • October 15-4
  • November 31-5
  • December 14-0


  • January 26-8
  • February 29-9
  • March 22-5
  • April 20-1
  • May 29-2
  • June 18-3
  • July 24-2
  • August 38-4
  • September 20-4
  • October 21-5
  • November 25-3
  • December 17-1


  • January 16-3
  • February 21-3
  • March 26-4
  • April 10-0
  • May 21-5
  • June 35-3
  • July 12-3
  • August 14-25
  • September 8-6
  • October 14-7
  • November 10-3
  • December 21-4


  • January 16-0
  • February 11-4
  • March 12-2
  • April 18-3

Overall: 722-163 (83.1% winning)

Binary Brain Wave Conclusion

binary-brain-waveI am really happy to see a software as strong as the binary brain wave force it’s way onto the market. This is the type of software that all developers should be focused on designing. It is complex in strategy but simple in utility.

I recommend this software officially to all readers of Binary Today. I have gone out of my way to find a discount coupon they will be honoring for the first few copies sold, I will try to get it extended if I can.

15% Off Coupon: BINA-CODF-WAVE

Buy Binary Brain Wave




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1,060 Responses to Binary Brain Wave

  1. Vitalis says:

    Hi John – i noticed you stopped using Binary Brain Wave after the month of April 2017. If i may ask, is binary brain wave still performing well? and why is it no longer listed among the top rated systems? Thanks.

  2. Staffan Ofwerman says:

    I bought the Binary Brainwave 2 or 3 years ago but then changed to Forex instead. I forgot I had it and now I’ve been running it on Binary Options for a week and it is really, really good. Most of the trades are ITM and if they’re not I make a new trade with the double amount. The worst scenario so far was three trades in a row before I got a win. But that was just one time. I guess 80–90% of the trades I’ve taken were winning. I have only traded between 09:00–19:00 GMT most of the time. Not sure if other times are as good as these, but it worked for me this first week.

    I have started out with a small account (just Euro 180). I only made €1 trades first. Then when I reached €200 I started trading with €2 in each trade. I will continue with that until I reach €300 in my account (which I guess might be sometime next week). Then I will trade €3.

    After that I guess I can trust the system and start risk a little more in every trade. But the best way to make money is to grow slow. 2% a day is a pretty good strategy.

  3. Gleydson says:

    Hello John,
    I made a wrong comment about BRIAN WAVE.
    when installed (23/08) I received 3 OTM signals.
    but I hit the configuration
    now I’m very happy !!
    24/08, I did 15-6
    25/08, I’m 7-0
    I am very grateful to you John for your help!
    And I am very grateful to BRIAN WAVE team !!!!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Gleydson, that’s great. This is why it’s always a good idea to stick things out and not make judgement too early.

    • Satish says:

      Hi Gleydson, Are you trading all the signals or taking help of Range Detector for looking at 30M and 1H ranging conditions??

  4. Tarilate says:

    Been on BBW after purchasing, and no signal or alert for about 4 hours now. Please I need help

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Tarilate, try following the members area guides. They are very straight forward. You will be getting signals in no time.

      • Tarilate says:

        Thank You. Its working now. 2 trades / 2 wins, and an on-going trade which is ITM so far looks promising.

        Here we Go!! \\\\\\\

  5. Jason says:

    Brain Wave is trading great lately.

    I’ve won 19 out of my last 20 and it looks like it’s going to continue.

    Thanks John.

  6. Derek says:

    Thanks for suggesting I tryout Brain Wave.

    It really fits my trading style.

    I tried that Neo2 software and lost an entire deposit. After reading your review on Neo2 I decided that I should give your recommendations a shot.

    Brainwave has quadrupled my new deposit and I don’t plan on trying an autotrader ever again!

    • John Kane says:

      My pleasure Derek.

    • Jacque says:

      Same thing happened with me Derek.

      I think that’s what happens with most of the readers here.

      They try a stupid autotrader that promises overnight millions and then realize John’s approach is best.

  7. Phil says:

    I would like to know what exact steps people who are successful with BBW are doing. I have my currency pairs set up with the range detector. I have a couple set up with the 30min/1hr detector as well. Quite often the signals offered are in direct opposition to what the indicators are saying. That’s fine, momentum can shift. But this seems to be happening a lot, where the signal is in direct opposition to all the indicators I have up. Is this normal for other people? I’m playing on a free demo account with iq option (no need to sign up with them), so I’m playing all the signals as they come up. A lot of the time it isn’t ranging at the 30min and 1hr mark. I play them to see what would happen, but should I skip them if I were investing real money? John, I would appreciate your input as well as anyone (everyone) finding success with BBW.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Phil, yes, only trade the signal if the market is ranging. That will provide you with excellent results.

      • Phil says:

        Hi John,

        Now does the range detector have to be saying ranging under the 30 min and 1hr markers? Or do you just judge by how the movement looks on the chart?

  8. ray says:

    I downloaded range detector. After compile it , too many error in coding.
    Do you have a fjixed one?

  9. Sasha says:

    Great week with Brain Wave.

    I didn’t want the markets to close I win so much! 🙂

  10. Phil says:

    Hello, what is this Range Detector people are talking about? I’d like to use it once I start trading with BBW. Thanks.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Phil, the free range detector and trade assistant are available on this page before the comments. Just provide a social share or like to unlock it free.

      • Phil says:

        Thanks for the reply, John. I am currently looking at MT4s for mac. Do you have any recommendations on which to use or are they all fairly similar?

  11. Nick says:

    Hello all, I want to buy the BBW. Where can I get the range detector or is it included in the BBW. Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Nick, it’s available at the bottom of every post or review. You just social share or like to unlock your access.

  12. Kenny says:

    Having a great start to the month with BBW.

    I think that I’ve figured out the range detector and I’m in a position to win just about every signal I receive.

    Very happy.

  13. Alison says:

    Started using the Brain Wave software alongside your free Range Detector and it’s performing better than I expected.

    I bought this software a couple years ago but never had much luck.

    The range detector is easy to use and it changes everything.

    I’ve made $3250 this month.

    • andy says:

      Hello, how are you doing it now, can you please share with us?

      • Alison says:

        I receive signals every hour at the 50 minute mark.

        I look at them and make sure that both 30 minute and 1 hour say RANGING in the range detector.

        If this is the case then I place the trade.

        If it’s not ranging, I don’t place the trade.

        I don’t spend very much time analyzing trades, it’s fast.

        • andy says:

          thanks Alison, please do you have specific times that you trade?what has been your itm rate so far with this strategy

        • Eugene says:

          Ah Ok, I read on down the Blog. So Ranging market is the way to go. So is The Range detector a Free software? Where do I read more about it and where to down load?

          Thanks !

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Eugene, yes, it’s a free software. You can get it at the bottom of any page on my website. Just social share to unlock. It’s on this page right after the article.

    • Yanis says:

      Well done Alison.

      I’ve recently implemented this Range Detector and it’s totally changing my mind about binary brain wave.

      I’m getting consistent profits now.

      • Steve says:

        Hi Yanis,

        How long have you been trading with BWW and how many trades do you average per day?

        • Yanis says:

          I’ve been with brain wave for 3 months.

          How many trades do I average? I get around 3 trades an hour.

          There’s always a lot of trades but I only want to trade when the market is ranging.

          • Steve says:

            Tahnks for the info Yanis!

            My next question is how many trades do you do per day on average? Do you trade all 5 trading days?

  14. Paula says:

    I just started with the binary brainwave 3 weeks ago and I’m having incredible results.

    In conjunction with the range detector this software is unstoppable.

    I’ve only traded on demo so far but I’m at 84% and I’ve made 60 trades.

    I’ll be going live soon and letting you know how I do.

    • andy says:

      Hello Paula congrats, can you please share with us how you trade it successfully? thanks. what times you trade and what you look out for in the range detector

  15. Bill says:

    Brain Wave really going well for me lately.

    I like how it provides trades every hour at the 50 minute mark.

    I just walk over to my computer for a few minutes an hour, take a quick look at the range detector and pick out some big winners.

    Trading is starting to become fun again.

    • Peter says:

      I’m really happy to hear that Bill.

      It’s good to know that there are other traders in this market having success with the same systems that I am. Binary brainwave is consistently driving my account forward and I’m extremely excited about using this in the future.

  16. Marcel says:

    Hello John,

    How do you use the Range Detector in combination with BBW?
    Could you give an example, that would be helpfull.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Marcel, I want the software to tell me the market is ranging for 1 Hour and 30 Minutes and then I will take the trade. If not, I ignore the trade. Simple but effective.

  17. ntbrk says:

    Thank you John you do answer all emails. Thank for you assistance with BBW and also thank you David. Hope following you video will improve my results.

  18. Ade says:

    Hello John,

    I have studied much on your website as advised and with your live trading video as a guide I think I am prepared to take the plunge into BBW. Kindly verify the discount coupon as it didn’t work when I tried to make the purchase.


  19. David says:

    Hi ntbrk …

    Yes , I am referring to John’s Range Finder aka Range Director.

    When I am trading for the 40 mins , I will always be looking for BOTH the 30 mins and 1 HR indicating ranging conditions.

    Hope this helps..



    • Sasha says:

      David, your comments on this thread have really helped me turn my trading accounts around. I really wasn’t sure what I was doing with binary brainwave until I came here and started reading your trading approach.

      I just want to say thank you and tell everyone else here to read all of David’s comments because he is clearly on the right track.

      • David says:

        Thanks for your kind comments Sasha…

        This week to date , has been an up and down week ….. most RD indicating “strong” or “weak” in both the 30 min and 1 hr trades. Have had very few trades :
        11 won , 3 lost = 78% .

        Happy to share on this thread ……


    • ntbrk says:

      thank you happy trading

  20. David says:

    Hi Andy …

    Did not do many trades last week …. not many opportunities where all my criteria were met for trading..
    Will let you know how this week goes.

  21. David says:

    Hi Andy …
    Sorry , my maths were wrong in my original message.
    I go back 14 bars to see if that pair is ranging.
    If it is a little out, then I go back 20 bars ( 1hr 40 mins ) to make a decision if I take that trade or not.
    Hope this helps…

    Thanks for raising this point.



  22. David says:

    Hi Tiberio…

    I use the bar charts per the MT4 . Each bar represents 5 mins , so to find out if that pair is ranging for up to two hours back , I just count back 14 bars.
    I do not use the RD to go back 2 hours.
    I ONLY trade if the pair is ranging ( NOT trending) . Preferably both the 30 mins and the 1 hr time period per the RF tool..
    The BBW installation video covers the trading strategy very well …. identifying a Ranging market and a Trending market.

    Hope this helps.

    Good Luck !



    • andy says:

      Hello David, 14 bars will be 1 hour and 10 mins. so that will be ok to determine ranging, right?

    • Tiberio says:

      Hi David,

      Thank you very much for your informative reply. I am testing BBW on a demo platform and in few days I would like to share the results on this thread. Just have the feeling that with your strategy you can place very few trades, since it is rare that a BBW signal is confirmed by both the 30 mins and 1 HR indicating ranging conditions, at least in my still young experience. Guess not more than10-20 % of the times …

    • Damian says:

      Hi David when you receive the BBW signal alert if it meets all the criteria are you placing the trade immediately and/or do you have 10 minutes to place once the signal has been received.
      Thank you

  23. Jennifer says:

    Here is a Binary Brain Wave topic of conversation I don’t believe we’ve had yet.

    News events.

    For anyone who would care to comment, do you have all of your news filters on or do you have them all turned off?

    The reason I am starting to think about this is because John mentioned he has his news filter for the Binary Today Trader turned off so he receives more signals.

    Is it a good idea or a bad idea to apply the same thought to Binary Brain Wave? Maybe it’s actually something in the middle of the road. Perhaps Existing Home Sales really doesn’t have much of an impact where as Non-Farm Payroll does.


    • Luis says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      According to the BBW Settings, it says that should turn the news filter on for each currency of the pair you are on.

      “News Filters by Currency: If you have the EUR USD chart open you would set EUR and USD both to TRUE. The rest would remain false. If you trade EUR JPY you would set filters for EUR and JPY to TRUE, the rest false.”

  24. David says:

    Hi Emma ,

    You are most welcome…

    Great to hear of your success.



  25. David says:

    Hi all …

    I posted my comment on my BBW strategy a few days a go.

    Just like to add two other things I always look for before placing a trade:

    1. I always go back on the charts ( use the bar chart) for at least two hours to make sure this pair is ranging ( not trending).

    2, I always check the charts to see if that pair is moving up or down. (ranging).
    Example: Just followed a trade with the EURO/USD which was ranging for 30 mins per the RF.. The rate had hardly changed in the last 15 mins so I did not trade. Suffice to say ….. the trade did not come through.

    Hope this helps our community.



    • John Kane says:

      Good stuff as always David.

    • Emma says:

      I just started last week and I’ve since started taking your advice David.

      It’s making a big difference and I’m winning most of my trades now.

      Thanks for the help.

    • andy says:

      God bless you David for sharing. I am putting it into practice and what I will say is wow. It works like magic. Avoiding all bad trades. Thanks

    • Tiberio says:

      Hi David,
      Thank you for your suggestion. I am still practicing as I am a beginner, so I would like to be sure I could grasp what you explained. I use BTT, TA and RD on my MT4: when you say you go back on the charts for at least two hours, you mean you read the Range Detector data, or you look at the bars? If the latter is the case, how can you manually do that? And you put the trade only if the currency pair you’re considering is ranging, or on the contrary only when it is trending?
      Thank you for sharing and excuse me if I asked silly questions.

    • Tiberio says:

      Hi David,
      In your February 15 example about your at-least-two-hours-back-ranging-check strategy, you stated that you did not trade a EURO/USD signal which was ranging for 30 minutes according to John’s Range Detector because its rate had hardly changed in the last 15 minutes. But isn’t that a sign that that particular trade was ranging and not trading? So, why you did not place the trade?
      Thank you for your further explanation.

  26. David says:

    Hi all…
    Just wanted to share my strategy. I have been with BBW for the last 7 months .
    Would like to share with this community my new strategy :
    1. Only trade with US/EUR , US/GB, US/JPY , EUR/JPY, EUR/GB.
    2. Only take trades with reference to John’s Free Range finder.
    3. Only trade when either the 30 min OR 1 hr RF shows ranging .
    4. I do not take any other indicators …. just makes things too complicated.

    That’s it !

    An example : Its Friday here in New Zealand , a bad day for trading. Today have traded 20 trades … won 16 lost 4 = 80% win rate.

    Would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and thanks to John for all he is doing on this site.
    You are changing peoples in a big way my friend. Well done….

    Will keep you all posted on future progress



    • John Kane says:

      Hi David, I’m really impressed with your trading approach. Just this morning another of the long term readers (Zeo) was sharing his success story. I’m happy to see the people who regularly contribute to this site having the success that they are. It makes this all worth while.

    • Sean S says:

      Really great stuff David.

      I use a very similar strategy to yours and it works very well.

      BBW is looking strong in 2016.

    • Ronnie says:

      Wow, great resource here.

      Going to start my week off using your specific strategy David.

      It sounds well thought out.

      I’ll start my test with $400 and see if I can double it!

    • Jennifer says:

      Hello David,

      You said you, “Only trade when either the 30 min OR 1 hr RF shows ranging.”

      Is the emphasis on “or”? Do you have more success when it’s one or the other, not both?

  27. Ray F. says:

    Easily my favorite system of all time.

    It’s been years and I still use brain wave every day.

    I use your free range detector and pick up a winning trade every 1-2 hours.

    • Bobby says:

      Glad to hear that, I jumped in three weeks ago and I’m glad I did.

      Do you have any strategies you would like to share?

      I’m winning 76% of my trades in my first three weeks but I’d like to increase that to over 80%

      • Ray F. says:

        Strategies? Not doing anything difficult Bobby.

        Just check the range detector to ensure the market is ranging and then place my trade. Easy peasy 🙂

        • sameh says:

          Hi Ray
          Do you confirm the signals if and if only ranging in both of 30min and 1h or It is enough 30min only or 1h only?

          • Ray F says:

            I only trade ranging as the members area explains. I try to follow instructions very closely when trading. You never want to miss a step so if you haven’t spent an hour or two in the members area I recommend it.

            Pulling my ITM over 75% this week!

  28. Lasse Borg says:

    Hi John.
    I bought BBW and is testing it right now and I have two questions for you:
    1.) I found that your free tool the Binary Brain Wave Trade Assistant is constantly advising the opposite of the signals I get from BBW.
    When I get a put signal from BBW, 7 out of 8 signals in the trade assistant is telling me to buy and vice versa.
    How can that be? Could I have done something wrong in the setup process? Or does the trade assistant not work well with BBW?
    2.) How come that BBW send out signals at .50 every hours? I mean the best trades are not necessarily exactly at this specific time – maybe there are more or even better trading opportunities at .20 or .35 for example that may be missed this way. Am I correct or what your take on this?
    Thx in advance for your reply and for a great site.
    – Lasse

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Lasse, it will advise against trades at times, the range detector is the more important tool for brain wave though. You can stop using the TA if you like but it will provide more accurate trades if you get used to using it. As for the strategy of BBW, it’s solid, tested and been around over two years still serving customers I have no issues there.

      • Lasse Borg says:

        Allright, thanks a lot for your answer.
        How come BBW works best in ranging conditions and not trending conditions, I’m not sure I’ve fully understood this.
        Could you clearify??

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Lasse, that’s their strategy. They tested the system and came to the conclusion that it performs best in ranging markets.

    • Sylvester says:

      Hi Lasse,
      I had the same issue with BBW TA and after i waited for a very long time to receive a signal going the same direction for both software with no one forth coming, i decided to focus only on Range Detector.
      Now BBW is doing pretty fine so far. My advise is to focus on the RD and you will fine.
      Hope this helps.
      Thank you

  29. Prince says:

    Hello John,
    I just paid for Binary Brain Wave and realise that there is no file for MacBook users. I mail the support team but still no response from them.
    Is there any way around it to get BBW installed on my MacBook?
    Looking forward.
    Thank you

  30. Sameh says:

    Hi John
    I have BD and i purchased now BBW i hope it works well like BD ,should i drag Brain function to the chart or only enough to use range detector? and if you please to tell me how to use range detector because i found it with more frames and i don’t know with which frame it confirms the signals ?
    Thanks John

  31. gift says:

    brain wave so far is my best!!!!!!

    • Jay Fletcher says:

      Hi John
      I can’t get this to work after buying it. It won’t let me open the setup after downloading. It’s says I need Microsoft net version 2 but I already have version 4 installed. Where can I get some help please ? Kind regards Jay

  32. Samuel Duodu says:

    18 trades so far this week.
    Astonishing results.16 WINS, 2 losses.

    • Roz says:


      Looking forward to seeing the results in your blog. I’m a newbie so it’s great to see and hear that newbies can be successful too. Well done Samuel!

      I hope to consider it after the new year:-))

    • Prince says:

      Hello Mr Duodu,
      Are you based in Ghana or outside Ghana? If you are in Ghana, I suggest we meet to share some views. Please link up

    • andy says:

      hi samuel, any advice on how to pick trades, please share with us.thanks

    • Tarilate says:

      Hi Samuel. Sorry, I am trying to get the correct time to set up my BBW Software. I am in Nigeria, and I use Instaforex broker. Please what will be the Local GMT time, and Broker time in my case?


  33. samuel duodu says:

    Today is the 28th of December 2015, and it is the first day I traded Binary Brain Wave seriously. Am a complete newbie, never made any serious money online in my life.
    By1800GMT I won twelve (12) trades and lost one (1). This is real live trade, raising my account from $24 to $52. I will create a blog and copy my trades there everyday for all to see and bring some hope and encouragement to the binary today membership.
    Thank you John. This software is fantastic.

  34. Rod says:

    I’m surprised how well Brain Wave is working during the holidays.

    I usually don’t trade during this time of year but it’s been winning so much I can’t pull myself away from the computer.

    I’ve paid for all my gifts and banked some too.

  35. Stephen Smith says:

    Hi John,

    I know I have asked a few questions about “Binary Options Bullet”, but as well as buying that, I wish to obtain “Binary Brain Wave”, but I tried your coupon with no success, can you confirm if the offer is still open and if not, no worries and keep up the good work John.

    Many thanks and all the best……………Stephen.

  36. Eddie says:


    Do you only trade when either 30 minute or 1 hour indictators are ranging? I’m only seeing 1 maybe 2 per day and I have my computer on all day.

  37. Sylvester says:

    Hi Everyone,

    How is BBW performance these past two days. Please share your win/loss rate?

    Thank you

  38. Seaner says:

    Been having a lot of good fortune with BBW recently.

    Took 50 trades last week and won 48 of them.

    The range detector is really helping me out. I wish I used it earlier but I’m glad I’m giving it a shot now. Thanks John.

  39. Sylvester says:

    Hi John,
    I just purchased BBW today and hope to seeing winning trades like you..
    Thank you

  40. Murray says:

    Hi John,

    Congratulations for such an honest and informative site.
    It seems I have finally found a site I can trust.

    I refer to BBW, BA and BD all of which are relatively new to me. My question is in relation to TA.
    I notice that when I get a signal for say “Call” the TA for both 30 min and 1 hr mainly indicates “Sell” (or “Buy or a “Put” signal)
    This happens by far with the majority of signals received. It is only on the very odd occasion that 3 out of 4 are confirming the signal received.
    There are days when, although plenty of signals are received, there is no signal with the TA confirmation.

    Is this normal?
    John, how many signals that are confirmed with TA do you get a day/week?
    I look forward to reply.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Murray,

      For binary brain wave I only use the range detector. As for the other systems if you want to use the TA there will be times it tells you to avoid trades. That’s all just a function of being safer and winning more trades.

  41. Jeremy says:

    Looks like nobody has posted in here in a while so I’ll do the honors.

    I’ve taken my $1000 account and turned it into $9000 in the last 3 months using brain wave exclusively. I’m thinking about adding Defender or Ascend now. What do you think John?

    • John Kane says:

      Go with Defender, and if you like that try Ascend to, I use them all. Can never get enough signals.

    • Bob Lee says:

      Happy for your success. I am a non professional trader only trading on signals given to me by BBW. Help me understand you success methods. I only trade when asset is ranging. What is best signal 15, or 30 or 1 hour ranging, or what combination hereof? Do you also consider other signal of up hill or down hill? If so how? Also do you consider trade assistant info on the 4 trends which show buy or sell
      What signal information gives you 90 % best assurance of a successful trade?

    • ntbrk says:

      Congrats Jeremy, can I ask you the times you trade? Do you use TA and RD?

    • Josh says:

      Hello Jeremy,
      Good to know that you are making tremendous progress. How are you doing it and what are your strategies? Pls your feedback. Thanks

    • Michael says:

      Hi Jeremy. Wow this is really impressive! If you don’t mind sharing some “secrets”: what was your average stake going from $1,000, what hours are you trading and do you use Range Detector to filter your trades?

  42. Chukky says:

    Hi John, I would love to know if you still recommend BBW currently, I mean can I still buy and use it, is it still efficient? I want to start with it due to my budget, I could have gone for BD.
    I just need your advice?


  43. alan says:

    Hi John, just wanted to know out of all the systems that you have looked at which is or do you think are the best of the best, thanks for your time in this John.

  44. mariana says:

    I want to spend few words about BBW. Last week 17-3.Today from morning till now 3 trades all win.
    I am very happy with the software and I want to say thank you John for making this possible.
    I will update my results with BD and Forex Fury.

  45. ralph says:

    I joined BBW 2 days ago, and as at now, my results are 22 wins and 10 losses giving me 68.75% winning accuracy.
    This to me is not bad for a start.
    I went live straight after the positive reviews i got from this site, with this return, have been able to recover the money i used in buying the software.
    This is all thanks to you John for creating this blog

  46. David says:

    because I am mostly on the go during the day, I was interested in what you thoughts were on using the email services for ascend and brain wave. I can place the trades, but can not easily check the ranges or using the assistant? is this still worth it?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi David, you don’t have to trade during the day. To trade with binary brain wave you really only need 15-20 minutes a day and you don’t have to sit on your computer because they provide sound alerts.

  47. James says:

    Hi John,
    I checked the video in the member only area and it said that the broker GMT time need to be setup. I am using CTOption but I have no idea what is the GMT offset for them?

  48. Gesheila says:

    Hi John,

    Just an update of my BBW results for two weeks since purchasing, I got 15 – 3. I’m very happy with the software. Exceptional!

    Thanks again for your blog. Such a great help! 🙂

  49. Robert says:

    We are to set the broker GMT zone in the BBW. The video says to google the brokers GMT zone. I’m sign up with cherry trade but when I google them, nothing come up. Does anybody know what the GMT zone is for cherry trade?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Robert, I suggest watching the members area video, it states that the binary broker GMT plays no role. Only the MT4 GMT and your GMT, follow their process it’s straight forward.

  50. Gesheila says:

    Hi John,

    Purchased BBW couple of hours ago and presto! 2 out of 2 trades won using BBW’s signal and the range detector. I feel so blessed having found your website. I have been scammed by other brokers, couple of months ago and they are still calling me to invest more. Now, i’ve chosen a regulated broker in my home country and learned my lessons. Indeed, heavens answered my prayers since I have found an honest website like yours.

    I’ll keep you posted with my updates. More power to this website, to BBW creators and to you John. Keep up the good work!

    Happy Trading! 🙂

  51. gbenger says:

    hi John, appreciate greatly for the life changing information you are given us here. I just purchased the BBW software and hopefully I believe this will help me a lot in in my journey starting today. Thank you.

  52. Zurab says:

    Hello people,
    Can you tell here how accurate bbw’s signals were this last week?
    Do those having success trade strictly in ranging conditions?

  53. Faola Rilwan says:

    Hello, Please what is the best performing pair for BBW

  54. Chloe says:

    Hi John

    On average how many signals do you receive with BW?

    Many Thanks,

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chloe, 3-4 every hour, there’s always enough signals.

      • Sylvester says:

        Hi John,
        You said BBW send 3-4 signals every hour, it is possible to trade all signals?
        What do recommend?

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Sylvester, no it isn’t really possible to trade them all. I suggest just trading the pair that’s ranging that hour. Use my free range detector at the bottom of this page.

          • Sylvester says:

            Hi John,
            Thanks for the prompt response.
            Supposing 3 signals were received at the same time and 2 pairs are ranging, does that mean one could enter the 2 signals that are ranging or only one signal should be considered at a time?

            Thank you

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Sylvester, I just trade one signal at a time, no reason to complicate things.

  55. Timothy says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your great and helpful work. Please, I kindly wish to know if BA works strictly only for EURUSD and not the other currency pairs. If that is affirmative, don’t you think it would be better to go for BBW? If BA works for other currency pairs, how reliable and safe is it?
    Please your kind and prompt reply would aid me in making a most important decision.
    Thank you.

  56. Flavio says:

    Hello John!

    Just to know if when the BBW signal will come if checking the Range Detector is something
    i will be able to do as fast as possible..will i have time to check the RD first or the risk is to
    place the trade too late? Once signal has been received, how long the time window in order to place the trade is?

    Thanks John!!

  57. Onika says:

    Hi John,

    Which broker do you currently use with Binary Brainwave? Thinking of burying it as well.

  58. Shamim says:

    I work with Alpari UK and there’s just fixed time frames in their platform (M1, M5, M15, M30, H1, H4, D1)
    So, what should I set for my trade when get signals?!
    for instance: if I get signal at 1:50 with the expiry at 2:30 is it OK to set my trade right at 1:50 with M30?! (Expiry at 2:20)?!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Shamim, you don’t trade the software in MT4. You receive signals in MT4, you place them with your binary broker. This is explained in the members area and shown in detail. It’s a simple process.

  59. Ahmed says:

    Hello John ,

    Am reading a very positive feed back about you and your services
    and after trying a various kinds of Scams here and there am really excited i found you hopefully i wont be disappointed , am actually a student so i cant afford more losses ,
    would you pleeease recommend which is better for me to try Binary Ascend or Binary brain wave , am really confused , looking for your prompt reply

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ahmed, I really appreciate both of these systems and I usually tell people to go to their websites and pick the one they prefer. In your case I wouldn’t recommend trading until you can afford it.

      • Ahmed says:

        Thanks for your reply Dear John
        But i dont get it , afford what exactly , if you mean afford its price , its amount i have , but if you mean afford more losses , then its different

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ahmed, the point I’m trying to make is that if you don’t have money to lose and your in dire straits then you shouldn’t be trading.

  60. Jose Puero says:

    is this still working

  61. Todd G says:

    August was amazing for me.

    I went 74-9. I traded a lot but it was worth it!

  62. Alexandra says:

    Hello John.
    I tried to buy BBW but was rejected, what should I do?


  63. Sylvester says:

    Hi John,
    Please is the coupon code still effective because i tried it and it didn’t work. What should i do?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Sylvester, yes it still works, try copying and pasting it.

    • Alexandra says:

      Hello John.

      First of all, I want to thank the excellent work you do on this site; all the information sharing and the tools, I have learned a lot.
      I plan to buy the BBW, but I have a questios and I hope you can help me. If I don’t get “Add a Backup CD of your Order” or “Add to your Download Protection Order” means that I can only install the program once? and if I need to format my computer and reinstall BBW, I have to re-buy it?
      my English is not great, I hope you understand it.
      Again, thank you so much!!!!!


      • John Kane says:

        Hi Alexandra, you don’t need a backup cd or download protection. You can download from the members area for life after you order. Those items are provided by their payment processor and they are not needed.

  64. Kevin says:

    Hello everyone! Is Binary Brian Wave really works? Thank you… Have a good day.

  65. Michelle says:

    Brain wave is doing a great job this month.

    I’m 33-4, I wish I found your website earlier!

  66. Andre says:

    Brain wave is going really well over the past 3 months.

    I am 85-9 during this period and I can’t believe it. I’m focusing on EURUSD, EURGBP, USDJPY and EURJPY. I’m over 80% ITM with all these pairs.

    The free range detector is a real help too so thanks John.

    • John Kane says:

      Wow, really impressive. Keep us updated Andre.

    • Michael says:

      That is impressive Andre. Are you using default settings in “Normal” for those type of results?

    • Mohaimin says:

      Hi John,I am from Bangladesh and time zone GM+6.Last night I ordered to purchase BBW via another person PayPal account.Because I have no PayPal account. I gave him the link( as your instruction.He will purchase the software and will give the download link to my email(if available) or he will download the software and will attach to my email.Here is my question ,how can I sign up into BBW members area .Is it very important for me ? or after getting the software I can sign up there members area.Plz reply soon.Thanks.

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Mohaimin, after you order you will automatically be sent the information to register your account and access the members area.

  67. Robert Caldero says:

    I was trying to purchase BBW with your coupon code BINA-CODF-WAVE but it says What do I do?


  68. Math D says:

    So far i am happy with BBW but wanna ask something.I often get 4-5 signals at once and i feel like i have not much time to analyze them with TA and ToR indicators,most of the time took them all.So in range indicator John you watch for M30 ro be ranging or H1 or both?
    Also do you use TA with BBW or only Range Indicator?


    • John Kane says:

      Hi, you will learn over time how to check them quickly. Just focus on a couple pairs at a time for now. I watch for both to be ranging, but I’ll often take the trade if it’s just one. I will use both, but lately just the range.

  69. khairul says:

    Hi john.

    I am planning on buying the binary brain wave.After installation, should i start trade based on the news provided or do i need to set something in my system for winning?Because i read on above comment about range detector and other stuff.I am sorry as i am a new trader in binary.tq

  70. Clay says:

    I’m doing very well with Binary Brain Wave. I’ve started to use the range detector with it I just want to ask a question.

    When using the range detector do I trade when it’s ranging with the 30M or the 1H?

    I’m 34-5 since I started using the detector, I just figured I should ask so I can keep winning at this rate.

    • John Kane says:

      Excellent Clay. If either 30M or 1H is ranging in the range detector I’ll take the trade. That’s pretty much all I do for brain wave lately. I use the free trade assistant mostly for binary ascend.

      • Jordan says:


        That’s nice and simple! You haven’t found your win rate to be significantly lower by just following that one rule?

        Thanks 🙂

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Jordan, no, that makes my win rate higher because it’s adding a filter.

          • Jordan says:

            Sorry, John… I was unclear. I was under the impression originally that the best way to use BBW was to verify with both the trade assistant and the range detector (and I’m sure you’ve tried that as in previous videos you mentioned that was your strategy). But now you’re saying you only use the range detector and trade when EITHER 30m or 1h is ranging. Is your success rate significantly lower doing that versus using the TA as well plus both 30m and 1h ranging? If you’re doing it I assume it’s reasonable 🙂

            Sorry for the long comment…

          • John Kane says:

            Hi Jordan, sometimes I use the TA, sometimes I don’t. There’s many different strategies you can use with the TA and the range detector. They are free, so test them out and find something that works for you.

    • ntbrk says:

      I still trying to figure out the best time to trade with such a success rate. What times do you trade?

    • ashton mark says:

      Good Day Clay, besides checking if the market is ranging, do you do any checking manually
      or using TA and TOR?

      Thanks in advance.

      • Clay says:

        I’m using the range detector exclusively right now with brain wave, I may add the TA in at some point but I haven’t had to yet.

  71. Alex says:

    Hello John,

    I really like your website – it is a gold mine of information! I just downloaded Binary Ascend and opened up an account on Cherry Trade – since Iam a US client. I would like to know how can I get email notifications from BA. I’m not going to be in front of my computer all day nor am I going to leave my computer on all day. Is there anyway I can do this via some type of remote server service? Please instruct and direct me. Thanks 🙂


  72. Jim Harris says:

    Hi John…

    Does BBW require MT4, or can I just work from the signals they will email?

    I’m new at this, and don’t want to mess with MT4 just yet sir…

    • John Kane says:

      Yes it requires MT4. MT4 is extremely simple to use, and all the instructions are just put your pointer here and click there.

  73. Ruth says:

    Really happy to have signed up with brain wave last month. I tested it for two weeks and now I’m trading live.

    I’m up $600 in the last week earning over double my account size so I’m very impressed with the performance.

  74. Francisco Aguiar says:

    Hi John,
    If I had to choose between BBW and BA wich one should i choose? Wich one is giving more consistent ITM’s, signals, etc?

  75. John Buthelezi says:


    I am about to buy Binary brain wave software, but there is a puzzle, Am I suppose to look at the PC trading chart all the time to wait for the signals or e-mail all the time, if yes to me it would be a frustration if not how would I know that now there is a signal and run to the PC open it and trade the signal, may be by the time I open the PC the signal has closed? Please explain

    • John Kane says:

      Hi John, with binary brain wave you get signals every hour at the 50 minute mark. So you only need to go to your computer once an hour or whenever you want signals, at the 50 minute mark. Like 1:50, 2:50, 3:50 and so on all day long.

  76. Clay says:

    Going great with brain wave lately. I’m happy to say I was able to trade during the Greece news with no problems at all.

    I have stayed between 78-82% ITM for the past 2 months and my accounts are looking healthier than ever.

    Big time software.

    • John Kane says:

      Well done Clay. Keep that great attitude and you’ll continue to be successful.

    • Denis says:

      Hello Clay

      I also have the binary brain wave and currently testing it..can you please explain how you trade with it…do you trade all signals ? which session do you trade only New York ?

      Thank you


    • Scott says:

      Working really well for me too Clay, I’m around 75-77% ITM, but I’ll catch up to you soon.

  77. Andrew says:

    Hello helen,can you share with us how you do it.we learn from each other

  78. Helen says:

    I’m really starting to get the hang of brain wave lately. My first week on demo was around 50% and I was really worried.

    Now, I’m not worried at all.

    Since my first week I am 34 wins and 7 losses in a span of 3 weeks.

    I thought it was going to take me longer to figure this all out but I’m really comfortable with my investment now.

  79. Andrew says:

    Thanks John for the reply but i want to know which time frame have you been watching all this while using the range detector.thanks

  80. Andrew says:

    Hello John, please if the range detector is showing 15min and 30 mins ranging and a signal comes from BBW ,can we still take the trade or only if it shows 30mins and 1hr ranging before we take the trade. thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Andrew, I would likely take in both cases and mark down each so that I can see what works best over the long term and adjust my strategy accordingly.

  81. Herman says:

    Ever since I started using the range detector I’m having much more success with brain wave. It’s only been a few days but I’m 15-2 with my signals during this period.

    • John Kane says:

      Yes, a lot of the binary today community is very happy with the range detector, I’ll try to put up more examples of how I use it soon.

      • Angel says:

        John what is the range detector Herman and you are referring too? Would it be part of the TA? My apologies for this question. I’m still trying to get the hang of things.

        • John Kane says:

          Range detector is available on the page where you downloaded the TA originally, was just released last week.

    • Denis says:

      Hello Herman,

      I bought the brain wave software today but have not yet started to trade with it…can you please explain how you achieved such excellent result 15 -2 …do you only look at the TREND DETECTOR to see if its showing RANGING market when you receive the signal ? or you also look at the TRADE ASSISTANT to see whether its also confirming the signal ?

      Looking forward to your reply.

      Thank you !


  82. Andrew says:

    Is it possible to still get 80% ITM consistently trading only the NY seems non ranging markets are making alot of wins.Advice please

  83. Mohammed says:

    Hi John

    I jut made my payment via paypal but have not received any message in my email to give me access to BBW. What do i do?

    • John Kane says:

      Maybe your order didn’t go through. Double check and ask brain wave for their direct PayPal link.

  84. Nabil says:

    I have not received signals in the last 24 hours or so.

    Is that normal ?


    • John Kane says:

      No, it’s not normal, go to their members area and watch the videos and read the guide, you missed something.

      • Johan says:

        Hey John.
        I bought the software today and install it on Tallinex.
        But it does not work. Getting access denied message.
        Emails to support with no response.
        This is rather upsetting.

      • James says:

        Please how can I change my MT4 demo account to live account? Do I need to re register again? I tried to register for live account on mt4 but it does not work out. I found only two signal in the demo account. SPX500 and UK100

  85. Paul says:

    I was trying to purchase BBW with your coupon code BINA-CODF-WAVE but it says invalid

    Please assist

    Thank you

  86. fabio says:

    To TA indicator add TOR 1.12 is an excellent trend or range indicator based on ADX and D+ D-: for greater success in your trades.
    See you soon

  87. fabrizio says:

    This indicator is fantastic.
    I use it from 5 months and I have 90% of victories.

  88. omid says:

    i am wondering.. hard to choice which one is best more successful software Binary Ascend or Binary Brain Wave?
    i need your advisor
    thank you

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Omid, both are great, they only real difference I’ve found is that brain wave is more consistent in terms of signal frequency.

      • omid says:

        thank you send me information.. i am little don’t understand what do it mean (more consistent in terms of signal frequency) i guess not finish processing not much signal too long?

  89. Tim says:

    Have you tried using this with Nadex or do you know if it can be used with Nadex.

  90. bayo says:

    Hi John.
    I have just purchased my BBW software. Please can I install Trade Assistant Indicator and BBW software same MT4 platform.

  91. Tom says:

    Took a break to take a nice vacation but I’m back trading and I feel like the vacation really helped.

    With Brain Wave I’m hitting 92% ITM over the last 4 weeks.

    I’m not sure if it’s because of the summer but the market is ranging really nice lately, making it very easy to use brain wave.

    • andrew says:

      Hello Tom, please help me. how many hours do you watch the graph whether is ranging or trending.

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Andrew, I look to see it ranging for a couple hours, often it’s good to just trust yourself after you’ve used the system for a while, if you want it to ranging for 30 minutes instead of 2 hours that’s fine if it works for you.

  92. Raul says:

    Its been 2 days and I am up with 120$ profit.Thanks a lot John for recommending Binary Brainwaves which is just an awesome software.

  93. John says:

    Hi John. I saw in an earlier post/video where you said if the TA had 2 signals you might not take the trade. So are you looking for 3 or more agreeing signs on the TA along with the signal provided by the software? Thanks.

  94. Israel says:

    Guys this software is working.I thought it was just a play.It truely works.thank you all John

  95. bayo says:

    Please what is the best time to really BBW SIGNALS.

  96. Zeyda says:


    I’ve been using BBW for the past week and love the results so far. I’m looking to couple it with another signals provider. Do you recommend BA or BOB for better results?

  97. Maria says:

    Now 3 weeks in, I give my update.

    I do very well, win 78% of trades and very comfortable with software. I use more now than before and I get better every day.

  98. Janko says:

    Hi there.

    I have to say this is a fantastic software. I bought it yesterday and already got 14/1.
    I will update my results in the end of the month.

  99. Wallace says:

    Hey John, I’m really considering getting this. Ive heard about some people filtering out the signals with stochastics. If you don’t mind me asking, what way have you found to be the best way to filter out the signals?? thank you

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Wallace, basically the same way I started, a quick glance to see if its trending or ranging then take a look at the free trade assistant software and make the trade.

      • Janko says:

        Hi John.
        I tried the TMA Patrick indicator to try to see if its trending or ranging. Do you have some experience with that indicator?


      • Gerson says:

        Hello John,

        I am Gerson from The Netherlands really consedering off getting this, i am totally new in Binary options. I first want to practice my skills with a simulation account, wich one do you advise me too take? The brokers on Binary today are all American Traders, is that ok to choose? for somone living in The Netherlands?
        How long do yuou advice me to practice? and the most important question is do the signals really works?

  100. Maxime says:


    Would you know of any broker that offers a free demo account? A broker you recommend that is…

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Maxime, try going through our top rated binary options brokers here

      • Maxime says:

        I asked Boss capital and they said I could once I create an account with them. I’m also hesitating between Ascend and Brain Wave for a first time trader. Which are you using more? Which one do you recommend?
        Thanks! 🙂

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Maxime, you can’t go wrong either way, just trust your gut or read some comments and see which one sounds right for you.

    • Desmond says:

      Hi, you can try Binary. com. However, I noticed there’s a difference in price from MT4, some sort of a spread and it could affect your results. I am also searching for another free demo account.



  101. Zeyda says:

    I just downloaded and installed BBW over the weekend along with funding my Boss Capital acct. I can’t wait to post again with feedback as to how the software works out for me. The setup is really easy, I just had to figure out the SMTP email stuff, but I did and all is well.

    I did have a question on how to sync my metatrader app on my pho with my regular acct. I can’t seem to sign in on my phone, but I do have the email updates from metatrader working just fine.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Zeyda, I’m sorry I’ve never tried to sync metatrader to my phone, I just trade on the computer, this software provides more than enough signals now that 10-15 minutes a day is really all you need.

  102. Mathew B says:

    Which time frame in MT4 best to use BBW?

  103. Robert says:

    Top notch software.

    Focusing on EURUSD, EURJPY and USDJPY. Making anywhere around $500-1000 a week utilizing these trades.

    I trade all hours of the day, so I’ll grab a couple trades when I wake up, get a couple in the afternoon and a few more at night so I don’t really use any one session.

    • andrew says:

      Hello Robert, thanks alot for the inside, really appreciate it . do you trade in ranging markets or take all trades.thanks

  104. Cynthia says:

    Been using this and ascend for two months.

    I’m not a trader, I’m a bit of a newbie actually but I’ve been able to take a $300 deposit and turn it into $2,500. I’m really happy with these results and hope that others can be as successful as I am.

  105. israel says:

    hi john

    i have downloaded the BBW but on the trade plat its telling me a binary wave signal and its saying no signal at this time . what could be responsible.


    • John Kane says:

      Israel, that’s what it’s supposed to say. When a signal is ready it will show a signal, when there are no signals, it will say there are no signals.

  106. oddbjorn kvam says:


    Plan to purchase BBW today, one question for you before I purchase John.

    Is it just as effective/profitable 24/5 or are there some trading hours I shouldnt trade?


  107. Wilson says:

    Looking to bank some big bucks this week! Last week made $1,500 with some pretty aggressive money management and this week I want to double it.

    I’m coming for you John, I’ll be writing my own income report at this rate!

    • Andrew says:

      Nice bro,bought bbw on monday.have you noticed is been trending since monday and no ranging or is it only me?

  108. ISRAEL says:

    Hi john all your explanations made alot of sense to me, but I need to know, I am in Nigeria, can I use BBW here.

  109. andrew says:

    Hello john , thank you very much . they did respond. God bless you

  110. andrew says:

    Hello John , i just purchased bbw and have not received any email notification . i have sent them ticket but no response . can you please contact them for me?thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Andrew, their support is really fast, worst case scenario they don’t respond for 2-3 hours, I’m sure you’ll get it soon. Don’t worry.

  111. carol says:

    Hi John, I bought the bbw a few hours ago using the link from this site, and haven’t received an email so i can activate my account…I also check my spam…nothing….What should i do from here?

  112. Nabil says:

    Hello John :

    Are the entry and exit times shown in the signals local times ?



    • John Kane says:

      Hi Nabil, the entry and exit times shown are immediate. The software is generating trades based on the market and it’s current movements.

  113. Tammy says:

    Just had my first 10 trades.

    All winners!

    This really makes trading fun, haha.

  114. Billy says:

    Brain wave is burning hot right now. I can barely get off my computer because I don’t want to miss any trades. Last week I made $1,500 and just bought my friends some copies of the software with my winnings. I’ve been killing with the USDJPY and EURJPY trades lately.

    • Patrick says:

      I am using BOSS Capital and cannot figure out how to put in the 40 minute times so it expires at half past the hour. Any ideas.



  115. Michael Lucas says:

    I seen your comment about analysis your charts and to be honest that scared me a bit from buying this software I have purchased Ascend and happy but i am fairly new to Options and not 100 % confident of my chart reading skills. would you mind clarifying what you meant but that or honestly be best to wait and hold off till I develop more chart reading skills . been scammed by several just plan junk software I am leary

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Michael, I learned this skill after purchasing binary brain wave. I believe that anyone can do it, their members area makes the process easy to understand.

      • Michael Lucas says:

        thank you for the prompt response. I am greatful, so you are saying if I understand you correctly beside the software there is training that shows how to id trending markets and or ranging markets is that correct sir?

  116. Norm says:

    Hi John, as far as wagering goes do you wager the same amount all the time no matter win or lose? What is your opinion on the best way to increase profits?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Norm, money management for Binary Today readers is basic. We focus on a slow build starting with a small risk % and gaining over time.

  117. Brian says:

    Ascend worked really well for me and my friends so I’m going to try BBW now, I’ll tell you how it goes soon.

    • Jennifer Savage says:

      Brian, just remember that trading BBW is a bit different. You have to analyze your chart before you take a BBW trade. For example right now it is 04/29/2015 14:50 GMT and the charts are all over the place trending, so you would not want to take a BBW trade in these conditions.

  118. aj says:

    John, I just bought BBW and currently still paper trading it to test the best time to trade. It seems that from my preliminary test, the best time at the moment is during NY session. What your opinion or would you mind share your best time to trade BBW.

    Thanks in advance.

  119. Kamil says:

    Ok, thanks for answer!
    Can I ask you which one are you using?

  120. Kamil says:

    Hello John!
    I have a question. What is better and easier to use? Binary Brain Wave or Binary Ascend?

  121. Kamil says:

    Hello John!
    What would you recommend?
    Binary Brain Wave
    or Binary Options Bullet? 🙂 What is the difference, what is easier to handle, what is better? 🙂

  122. Susan says:

    I must say binary brain wave rocks at this point. Being scammed b4 in the past i was skeptical of putting money into something again. I learned the hard way of researching alot prior to investing and I did it also for bbw and have come across some negative reviews. But i took the plunge and bought it this week and was in awe type moment.. day 1 5 wins 2 losses, day 2, 6 wins 3 losses, and today 5 wins and 1 loss. im just an average person learning the trading world,and I feel some of the losses was due my own mishap i believe but i must say this product so far is awesome. ty John for helping new traders out with legitimate products and trying to expose the scam products. I wish I would have seen this way b4 I was scammed but i learned the hard way. sorry about this being so long.

  123. Joel says:

    Is it just me or is binary brain wave on a crazy hot streak? I’ve won 39 of my last 40 trades, I can’t believe it. I’m knocking on wood to make sure that this keeps up. Thanks John.

  124. Dewayne says:

    What is your risk factor per trade. Lets say you are trading with $1,000 is your Risk factor 8.5%, 10%, 12.5% ect of each trade?

    • John Kane says:

      Depends on how I’m feeling that day, if I’ve got a good streak I’ll raise it up but I try and start low around 5%.

  125. Susan says:

    is it hard to install? I think thats whats stopping me from purchasing, im no tech savvy person. thanks Susan

    • John Kane says:

      No, the setup videos are straight forward. It tells you click here, click there, and then your done. If you get stuck they will connect to your computer and do it for you, so there is no worst case scenario.

  126. Joel says:

    Great software, use it in tandem with binary ascend and it’s blowing all the stupid auto trading systems I used in the past out of the water. I can’t believe I wasted so much money and time on systems that said they’d make me a millionaire in 30 days.

    Brain wave and ascend are top notch. They work like they are supposed to and in the past month my combined winning percentage is 74%. I’ve started to increase my risk greatly and it’s really paying off.

  127. Lancelot says:

    hi John, may i know what is the GMT offset of Boss Capital? thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi, please watch their members area videos. They are very specific in saying the binary broker GMT plays no role. Only your GMT and the MT4 GMT.

  128. Franz says:

    Binary brainwave has been performing very well for me in the past month and a half. In this time I have gone live with it and taken $1000 and turned it into $1000 with what I believe is not really difficult strategy. I focus on taking only ranging trades and I trade mostly during the New York session. I’ve also found most success with specific pairs but I’m keeping that as my little secret.

  129. mostafa rouizi says:

    Hi mr john , can i install BA and BBW on 2 or 3 mt4?

  130. Nazri says:

    I’m going to test this software. Wish me luck!

  131. Lancelot Mangrobang says:

    its only for PC users..I’m Mac user and i already buy it. bad for me.. 🙁

  132. Peter says:

    Hi guys. I see on BBW sales page they listed on of the features “Advanced market filter to keep traders out of trending markets”. Is this recently added to the software or do u guys still need to manually filter signals?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Peter, it’s better at filtering than it was before but I still recommend manual filtering to be safe. It only takes 30 seconds to filter based on their rules so it’s really an after thought.

  133. Jennifer Savage says:

    Hey everyone. It’s my one year anniversary today with Binary Brain Wave (April 1). I have a broker question for you all. When I was with Citrades I could trade during the evening USA hours. Now I am with a broker that is not compatible with those hours. Is there a broker that accepts USA clients where I can trade the evening Binary Brain Wave hours? This time period would be during the Australia/Asia overlap, between around 9:00 p.m. and midnight Eastern time.

  134. andrew says:

    hi john
    i think iam leaning towards BW correctly if iam wrong i think it gives maybe slightly more trades compared BA and bullet for a beginner
    like me to binary but not to trading correct me, if iam wrong john ie potential several hundred dollars a day ?and i love the fact that they come in a specific time aswel ,can you start with a thousand pound deposit ? compliments for a great site from london thanks

  135. Richie says:

    Hi John,
    I have not spoke with you in a while, but I love the Binary Brain Wave software and the information you give about it. My mother passed away and lost my job so I took my eye of the ball for a while, I would love to start with the system and I would like to ask you if I have to have the MT4 platform or could I receive the signals by email or do I need both, I have an account with Top Options, what are your thoughts on them.
    Thanks again for a great website and knowledge for newbies.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Richie, sorry to hear that. Yes MT4 is required. Haven’t used top options I’m afraid. Thanks for all the kind words.

  136. Mike says:

    Hi John
    Do you depend on the Trade Assistant tool to achieve your good trading results?

  137. Donald Queen says:

    On the order form, where do you apply the 15% off coupon?

  138. Ralph says:

    Brain wave in the last two weeks has hit 75% ITM for me. I’m hoping to pull it up to 80% but I’m more than happy with the success I’ve been having with this software since I started to put more emphasis on trending vs ranging as John recommended.

  139. Kawali says:

    Is it possible and okay to install BBW on different PCs. I want to install BBW on my new VPS, but still want to have a copy that I installed on my current PC

  140. nicholas frimond says:

    I have tried to purchase through your website Binary Brainwave on three occasions but the marketing company DR My commerce reject the order on the grounds that it cannot be verified.

  141. Morris says:

    Been using brain wave a couple of weeks now and despite being quite busy with my work I’ve been able to go 6-1 with the trades.

    Now I’m thinking I’ll take next week off work as a vacation and sit on the computer and see if I can turn that 6-1 into 36-6!

    • Kennet says:

      I wouldn’t necessarily increase the number of trades but instead continue to focus on the good trades and increase the amount on these ones. One important thing is to learn which trades to avoid. This has worked out very well for me.
      Good luck!

  142. walter says:

    i often found myself in the trending market NOT in the ranging market, i have no idea why? would anyone be so kind to help me out? i really need help!

  143. Glenn says:

    Hi All

    When trading with BBW, take a look at the charts before blindly diving in. In a trending market either ignore the signal, OR if price action has paused or retreated a little and the signal advises to buy in an uptrend or sell in a downtrend these signals are quite reliable. On days when the market’s moving fast, such as in recent days in USDollar pairs, switch to a cross, where volatility might be lower, for example AUDJPY, reverting back to the likes of EURUSD when the market settles down. Use some good basic TA or at least get the Support/Resistance/Pivot levels, maybe some moving averages and/or Fibo levels to help you decide if a trade is likely to be successful or not.

    BBW is a very useful “heads-up” tool that I use daily, but remember that sometimes the smartest trade is not to trade at all. Work out your rules, stick to them at all times, and if you can exceed 70% of ITM trades and your money management is good, you can make a lot of money in this market. Good Luck, good trades guys.

  144. walter says:

    Just a quick update, today is 13 march 2015, I just bought binary brain wave 3 hours ago, and guess what, I did made 2 winning trades. I do hope this software is living up to the hype

  145. Sam says:

    Having a good week on the non EUR/USD pairs this week. They have been trending too much so I’m focusing on the other pairs and having quite a bit of success.

    Just a little heads up folks.

  146. James says:

    hey John,

    Just would like to say thank you so much for creating a website that actually tells the truth about binary options, so much junk out there…

    I just bought the brain wave and started to read their signals, and it is amazing, been using it for about 4 days on demo account, this is my first day real trading, and it is going great,

    Got about 15 signals today, acted on 9 of them and 7 ended up in the money,
    I will post more each day,

    Once again thanks John and all the best

  147. Nicola says:

    I have already purchased the software ascend, now I would like to buy Binary brain wave …

    can they work together on the same mt4 platform ?!



  148. Brian says:

    After my success with binary ascend I decided to test out binary brainwave and I must say that I am extremely satisfied with the results. At first I was a little confused with the whole trending versus ranging concept but I figured it out after like 3 days of trading. Now this is a strategy that I’ve been using in my manual trading as well so I’m actually happy that binary brainwave taught me how to do this.

    In my last 2 weeks I’ve been 81% ITM and I believe that this is actually a sustainable number now that I’ve figured out basic trade analysis.

    • ray says:

      Hi Brian
      Do you mind if I ask how many trades ITM and how many trades OTM ? and Currency pairs? Did you trade all signals? What sessions?


  149. Andrzej says:

    Hi, this cupon for BBW does not work and the price is now $ 143 .

    • John Kane says:


      The coupon still works, just tested it.

      You see a higher price because you are in Europe, which means you are being charged VAT tax.

  150. ray says:

    I noticed number of trades you made in the above stats (result) each month are not many. Is this because you strickly trade only ranging conditions? The number of trade I make a day is about the same you make a month. Am I trading too many times?

  151. kristin says:

    HI John.
    I notice that Binary Options Wave and Binary options Bullet are very high rated by the readers here.
    Which is the latest software and cost.


  152. William says:

    I’ve been a member of binary brainwave for 8 months now. I have learned more from trading signals with this software that I learned in the last year and a half of manual binary options trading.

    The support team really simplify things for you. With signals coming every hour this software is perfect to help you learn how to do some basic analysis. I’m at the point now where I get a binary brainwave traded it takes me 1 to 2 minutes to decide whether or not I’m going to use that signal.

    Using this basic market analysis has allowed me to consistently hit an ITM in the mid-70s. I can’t stress enough how important it is to avoid trending market conditions. Spend that 1 to 2 minutes and take a look at the charts and take advantage of these excellent signals.

  153. Moseutope says:

    I Takes All signals?

  154. Graham says:

    Hi John.
    totally new to Binary i guess i need it to be a simple as it can what would you recommend for me with some type of signals to give me the options to trade.i see you have 3 best of recommended sites BA/BBW AND BOB..also i am in the Philippines as of now.i am here from November till end of April.then i go to UK May till October.not sure if that makes any difference with any signals etc.please advise in your thoughts?
    Regards Graham

  155. John says:

    Do you think Binary Brain Wave is better then Binary Ascend? If you could only use one which one would you chose John?

  156. Glenn says:

    BBW going well – so I just bought Binary Ascend and Binary Bullet too. I’m not a software junkie and will only ever use these packages as a “heads-up” service but I’m impressed so far and think this set of 3 might be the ideal Binary Options Trader’s Toolbox.

  157. Nathan says:

    Ever since I’ve started to make big winnings with ascend I put some money aside for brain wave. I can’t wait to see if it’s as good as you say John. Keep up all the good work and keep doing what you do my man.

    • Zee says:

      Hi Nathlan , whats your strategy when you using BA ? Do you take all trades , what pairs do you use ?
      Thanks , regards

    • Glenn says:

      Good Luck Nathan, post some results as you go. It was real people’s trading experiences over an extended period of time that convinced me to buy BBW and I’m seriously glad I did.

  158. Kawali says:

    Hi John,

    Will it be possible for you to share a couple of your winning trades for this week, meaning, just share the day/date, pairs, and trades that were taken and if ITM/OTM.

    This will help me just to baseline or validate, if I am getting the right signals and at the right time. And if i have properly configured BBW.

    I am quite sure, this information will be helpful to the others who are new to the software as well as to this forum.

  159. Glenn says:

    8 trades taken, 6 winners, 2 losers today so far.

  160. Glenn says:

    3 signals today, only 2 tradeable.

    • Glenn says:

      strike that, 5 came at once! 🙂

      • Nicholas says:

        Hi Glenn. Sounds great. 🙂 Can I ask you what you mainly look at? Only trending or ranging conditions, or do you use any specific indicators aswell.

        • Glenn says:

          Hi Nicholas, I use a lot of TA in my regular Currency Trading, but on Binary Brain Wave I just take a quick snapshot look at the chart. If it’s going strongly in any one direction I’ll pass but if things are settled and a pair is ranging, then I’ll go for it every time. This morning I took a GBP/USD put trade and it failed, but when I looked again I should have clearly seen the strong move around the open. My fault entirely but it won’t happen again 🙂

  161. Glenn says:

    I’m having great results overall with BBW so far. The claim of 80% winning trades has so far been accurate, which is a genuine and pleasant surprise! Currently on a GBP/USD Put (07:50, GMT, Feb 24), which looks like it’s going to be another winner. Huge potential here, I’m really looking forward to getting going on a more focused, full-time basis from next week. I’ll be trading European open to NY close each day and will post a short weekly summary.

  162. Craig says:

    hi all

    i will do real money tomorrow, using alpari, are they good?

  163. Henry says:

    Hi John, how can I download the trade assistant that you have.

  164. Glenn says:

    Running BBW on 22 pairs. VERY mixed bag of results so it looks like they did some thorough research when selecting the 6 pairs they recommend.

    • Lee says:

      Hey. I just purchased the software for binary brain-wave but I did not receive the system. Do I have to wait for the system to get to my email.

      • Lee says:

        Ok. I received the software but, when I installed binary brain wave to my computer the application for the software would not appear in the indicators tab. I am stuck on the second step.

        • Glenn says:

          Lee, you can go into program files, open MT4, go through to indicators and then drag/drop the file from desktop right in there, then close and re-open MT4 and it should appear.

          Any issues, BBW customer support will help you out no problem.

          Follow the installation videos VERY carefully and you should be OK

          • Glenn says:

            Sorry Lee, I meant download or move the software to desktop, THEN open the indicators file from the MT4 Program files, drag and drop and you’re good.

  165. Donna says:

    Sorry another silly question – how long after the initial trade signal do you look at the charts before making a trade? I ask as the TA indicators can change so what looked like a not so good trade can turn into a better looking trade in a matter of minutes. Do you usually put it on earlier or later into the 1/2 hr

    • John Kane says:

      Just a minute or two.

      • Kawali says:

        Just to add to Donna `s question. Here is a situation, at 2.50 you get a signal to Sell PUT, but between 2.50 – 2:55, TA is showing Uptrend for atleast 3 of the indicators,
        1) do you take this this trade, within the 1-2min that you mentioned?

        2) Then suddenly, at 2:56, TA changes to downtrend, do you take this trade?

        3) or if at 3:02, TA indicates downtrend, do you take such a trade?

        Thanks in advance.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Kawali, you don’t trade using the Trade assistant. The TA is only used to help you make decisions on the signals you get from systems like BBW.

          • Kawali says:

            I understand that, we dont trade TA. But what I am trying to get at is how you use TA as a confirmation tool.
            In all the 3 scenarios above, I have articulated the main signal give at 2:50 by BBW to sell PUT.

            The 3 scenarios are about how TA is used to confirm and take a trade. Which of the 3 scenarios would you take the trade on?

        • Kamran says:

          Hi guys. I have both BA and BBW that i purchased a week ago but haven’t followed them consistently as I have been busy with another system. I have decided however to chart the signals with a vertical Red (put) or Green(call) lines right as the signal goes off. Then at my leisure i can go back and analyze the entire signals for accuracy and trade outcome. Yes, I could trade demo and all but this is less pressure on me 🙂 It will also allow me to analyze the charts later and see if there is a reason I would or wouldn’t have taken such signal. I will report the outcome next Friday after gathering data consistently all week. Have a good weekend.

      • Matt says:

        What if one decides to change his/her computer system in which the BBW is installed after using the software for a while. What will the person do to reinstall?

        • John Kane says:

          You can install MT4 on the new computer, use the same MT4 login and password you had as before and it will work as normal.

    • Glenn says:

      Donna, there are only 6 recommended pairs, so if you have them all up on your MT4 the plan is to get the trades on asap when announced, at or better than the price suggested. Sometimes the price action might go against, suggesting a better entry level, but bear in mind it might mean the signal is wrong and the market might keep going against.

      I’d suggest a quick look at the charts, trendlines, channels, fibs and indicators if you use them (John’s right, a quick visual check is often all you need) at around 40 past the hour so you’re ready to take the signals you believe in IF they come up. Then, when the signals are issued for 50 past the hour I’d say get on by 55/56 past or leave it.

  166. Donna says:

    HELP!! I’ve just brought BA & BBW and have them set up on MT4 but for some reason my MT4 charts have pro on the eg EURUSD pro I don’t know why or if it effects my signals can anyone advise??

  167. Glenn says:

    Got home tonight 7:30pm UK time, switched on the computer, BBW gave me 3 trades, they all came in.

    From John’s reviews and traders’ comments, BBW, Binary Bullet and Binary Ascend would appear to be a powerful Binary Trader’s Toolbox. Anyone else any thoughts on this?

    Also, let’s be honest with each other – anyone had any bad runs with BBW yet? If so it would be helpful to all if you could discuss them. It’s very early days for me but I’m positively encouraged so far.

  168. Lauren says:

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve noticed this as well.

    I’ve had a great start to the week, I’m 14-2, I might just stop right now and give myself a long weekend haha.

  169. Glenn says:

    There’s a “dead zone” between NY close and Tokyo open. The markets wobble around with no structure due to a lack of liquidity. I would advise avoiding 10pm – 1am UK time, or 5pm – 8pm EST.

    Otherwise, BBW looks good in my first few days of trading.

    • Kamran says:

      That’s right Glenn – it’s like watching paint dry 🙂

    • Craig says:

      H Glenn

      do u trade all signals?

      • Glenn says:

        Hi Craig, I don’t take signals when the market in a pair is obviously trending, but I’m monitoring it to see if signals which go in the direction of the trend might be accurate enough over time to think about taking them. Usually though I’m taking everything when the market’s moving generally sideways, avoiding the “dead zone” as previously mentioned.

  170. Glenn says:

    Broker-wise, the more regulation the better. I’m with IG in the UK (FULLY segregated client money so if they go bust we get our money back) and ETX Capital although I’m tempted to also open with BOSS after the reviews on here.

    As for Binary Brain Wave, I “get” the strategy but I do like the way it takes the work out of it for the active trader. I have it running on the recommended pairs and on 13 more. So far it looks good. The recommendation to avoid trades in trending markets is OK, but for me it looks like if the signal shows a trade IN THE DIRECTION OF THE TREND (ie a Call in an uptrend) then you have a good chance of a successful trade. Still, I’ve only had this thing for 24 hours so I recommend sticking with the recommendation. Avoid trending market signals for now. I have to say I love the idea of only having to set trades once per hour because you really can get on with so much more other stuff while the trades pan out.

    So far, looking very promising. Apologies John, my posts won’t all be this long! 😉

  171. george donnellan says:

    Thanks John,

    Good to come across someone honest in this business.
    I would also recommend Boss as well. Dealing with a lovely Australian lady there called Zoë. Very helpful.

    Would also advise people to stay away from Big Option, in particular a Jerry Gallo and Options Area who managed to lose/scam me out of thousands.

    I hope that with this software, Boss and this community l can get back in the black again.

  172. Glenn says:

    Hi, I’m an experienced trader and I’ve traded options, including binaries, alongside my core “spot” currency trading. I have NEVER seen so many scams centred around a single asset class in all my days in the markets, and I’m shocked by how many binary trading programs are simply fronts for churning the accounts of unsuspecting victims with “dodgy” offshore brokers. However, I have been watching Binary Today including the history of comments regarding BBW and either there’s something in it, or someone has gone to a ridiculous amount of trouble to attempt to justify a product just to make a few bucks in commissions. I prefer to believe the former in this case and intend to give BBW a thorough examination. With John’s permission I’ll post my live trading results in summary here to help others make the decision as to whether or not BBW should be in their trading tool-box. Great site here John, if you’re the real deal then you’ll be directly responsible for a lot of people’s future prosperity. Hats off to you sir and thanks for the heads-up you’ve given on so many other piles of the proverbial in your reviews. I think and I hope we’re all in a good place here.

  173. Craig says:

    Just buy the binary brain wave today, i will let u know all the result! including daily, weekly, and monthly!

  174. Susan says:

    Hi John, I am fairly new to all this but the binary brainwave with the reviews ive seen here look good for the bbw and im hoping they are true, im just so leary cause being new i was already scammed by a broker of for me alot of money and they put in bonus money that i didnt ask for so my money is being held hostage they told me no problem they will remove them but they havent. So I came to the fact I;ll never see my money again unless i get it up to like $90,000 which like I said prob never see it again. Never go with option fx they are scammers and keep trying to suck more money out of u and put bonuses that never was asked for but they do it so u cant withdraw. anyways sorry for that but my ? is this mt4 do u have to download this seperate if I bought the brainwave. Also I like your site u seem like u give an honest opinion

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Susan,

      I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m glad that you came here. The brokers and systems that are recommended are voted on by our readers. If you click on the stars on the right hand side of the page you will see that you can vote as well. This is why I built this community, for real traders to have their input recognized.

      • Susan says:

        thanks John , Wish I would have seen this site first, instead of walking into a scam. I believe you pay for what you get and these free software programs will never work just making the other person selling the garbage money cause you have to go to their preferred broker who also seem to b scam artist. Anyways would i b able to incorporate the bbw,ba, and the bullet and also ur trade assist together. Also Boss Capital a good broker?

  175. ray says:

    Question 1
    I bought BBW about 3 weeks ago. I want to try a previous versions of BBW. Can I get them?

    Question 2
    Currently my Mt4 is OANDA. What is OANDA’s GMT OFFSET ? I have picked OANDA GMT OFFSE= -5. Is -5 correct ? Anybody in this forum have Mt4?

  176. Bob says:

    This software is one of my favorites. Was really easy to get setup and I have very little knowledge of computers. I use it every day now and I’m very happy with the results.

  177. Robert says:

    gday John,

    in your opinion is BBW something a complete novice/beginner could use? i have absolutely no experience in the trading business or have any idea of how it all works.
    I’ve been looking at different avenues to try help with getting rid of some of my debt and I came across this review and was intrigued. reading all the comments its sounds very promising but at the same time very complicated (for someone like me with no idea).

  178. Guido says:

    Hi John,
    technically we shouldn’t use the Trading Assistant to make a check on the signal of BBW because there’s no indicator for 40 minutes… But i was wondering: do you think that may have sense to consider an average of the previous and next indicator (30 minutes and 1 hour)?

  179. Jeremy says:

    Great week with BBW. Using the trade assistant now like you said John. Making me a lot more confident with the trades I’ve been taking, thanks for the free software.

  180. Josh says:

    Saw that you had a great month in January with this John so I’m going to give it a shot. After my success with Ascend I expect BBW to make me even more money!

  181. Francois says:

    After using Ascend successfully for two weeks I’ve made more than enough in profits to buy brain wave so I’m going for it. I hope this is just as good!

  182. Gabriel says:

    John the price for it it s 142.74 euros end your cupon it s not working it gives me error (

  183. Bill says:

    Just started with this software. It was recommended to me by a friend. After his first 100 trades he had 71 wins, 27 losses and 2 ties so I’m excited to see what I can do with it.

  184. Fancy says:

    Hi John, I want to purchase BBW software and
    I read in your website that there is a discount of 15% but I don’t know how to get it. Can you please help showing me how to get it?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Fancy, the discount coupon is on this page. Scroll to the bottom of the review, copy it, and when you order the software put the discount coupon in the box and hit submit.

  185. Dennis says:

    Hi John,

    i tried to buy BBW with PayPal, but during the pay process the prices raised from $119 to $139.19! With your coupon 15% off $123.41! On the website of BBW the software is priced with $119. What I should do now?

    Thank you so much.

  186. Dorcas Lawrence says:

    Hi John
    The 15% discount code: BRAN-CJ0B-WAVE is not working. I am getting an ‘error’ information.
    I emailed support on: but it bounced back. Is this the wrong contact for them. I was about to buy the BrainWave but didn’t because the discount code is not working.

    • John Kane says:

      That’s the wrong email, click Ask John at the top of any page to email me. The coupon is still working, I just tested it, don’t erase the dashes or anything.

  187. ray says:

    Hello Mr.Kane
    When do you trade? Do you trade London ~ New York ? Do you trade after New York ~ before London? When do you think the best for BBW trades?

    • John Kane says:

      I have traded all sessions. I really didn’t find one better than another. I do recommend doing a trade journal though, marking down when you win and when you lose.

  188. Kawali says:

    Hi John,
    Is the BBW Coupon: BRAN-CJ0B-WAVE still valid? Tried to use it but got an error.

  189. Kennet says:

    Once again, I got an excellent support from BBW!

  190. Kennet says:

    My broker, Alpari, obviously turned of their computers this orning and I have been trying for hours and hours to switch to another broker. I get into their MT4 platform with diagrams and everything, but I simply don’t manage to get the Binary Brain Wave indicators into the list of indicators and hence I don’t get any signals.
    Anyone out there with the same problem?

  191. ray says:

    For example: after BBWsignal 10:50 , choose 11:30 expire time at 11:13. Is 11:13 too late to take action? Am I following BBW stratedgy? I use stochastic and rsi. It seems to me following these two indicators (on, below 20) and (on, above 80) gives more accurate and chance to win on both range and trend conditions (not always true). I notice that 2 ~ 3 bars together creat very short range conditions in 40 min( between :50 ~ :30 ), then retrace about 20~30% fibo then price move to either up or down directions. This small short 2 ~ 3 bar range conditions in 5 min t/f = about small short 5~12 ~15 more bars range conditions in 1 min t/f. 1min short range conditions give more chance to catch breakout moment , so if price move to right direction in 1 min t/f. more Wins and avoid Loose. I’m a biginner of BO. Maybe I’m wrong… wrong idea….
    Anybody here doing this way?

  192. ray says:

    Forex broker Alpari UK enters insolvency after SNB shock
    I’m a beginner of Binary Option. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  193. Kennet says:

    Today I got the message that my broker that supplies me with MT4 went into insolvency due to the movements around the CHF. It is Alpari UK.

    Does anyone know another (solid this time) broker in EU that you trust and that can supply MT4? Being in EU it is easier, faster and cheaper to work with EU brokers.

  194. Kennet says:

    Sitting 17:50 GMT+1 (i.e. NYSE open for trade), looking at all six pairs being more or less ranging (as opposed to trending – which is the recommendation when to trade with BBW). After five minutes I got one for NZDUSD!

    Anyone with similar experience?

  195. ray says:

    I’m thinking to change mt4. Currently FXCM mt4 with Broker GMT offset 2. It seems 2 is not right. I talked to FXCM support several times. Some support told me 2. Some support told me 0. (really confusing). I run both 0 and 2 on FXCM mt4 chart at the same time. They both show the same signals at the same time. Something is not right. Which broker’s mt4 is best for BBW?

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Ray, why do you believe it is not right? The GMT is only in reference to the news filter so if the software is providing signals during news then you are correct, but if it’s not then the GMT is correct.

  196. Miroslav says:

    Hi Team, John.
    Does anyone using BBW with Trade assistant indicator jointly?
    when I get a signal from BBW i’m going see if the signal is confirmed by TA, but which time frames of TA I need to consider when trading for 30-40min? (5min only or 15min and 3min as well?)

    • John Kane says:

      You would only be looking at 30 minute and 1 hour because the trades are 40 minutes long, so these are the only important TA timeframes.

  197. Kennet says:

    Hi there,
    I had some problems downloading the software and getting my account approved.I thought I defined the account when filling in all the info when buying it but obviously there was a problem. The fact that I had used my email address as a user name didn’t work out. Contacting the help desk, I got support. The person was probably stressed and a little bit short in the tone, but the support was fantastic. Giving direct access to my computer, he/she fixed it in a couple of minutes. Fantastic support!!
    Today I has very got trading in the morning (Europe) but then I have had three hours without any signals at all! Is that normal?
    I have spent quite some time to go through the members area and I can only witness – You HAVE to do this!!!!!
    I followed the trading tips; Go for advices when curves are ranging, not trending. Problem is that you don’t get any tips when pairs are ranging! So, today, I decided to invest on all signals (small amounts), ranging or trending, and actually I have 19 wins out of 20 trades! Problem, as mentioned above, is that for three hours I didn’t get any tips at all.
    Anyone out there with similar experiences?

  198. Irene says:

    Can I use BBW and receive signals in Trade Station as this is my
    trading platform for fxcm
    Appreciate your reply

  199. Stephen says:

    Just had a great week with the brain wave system. I made 25 trades and hit 80% ITM. I didn’t spend too much time on the computer but I think I should. With results like these I should start taking this more seriously. Tell me about the undisclosed software soon please, I’m in line waiting to buy it!

  200. Harley Martin says:

    Hi John/Fellow traders,
    I agree with the latest comments that we should share so to avoid losing pitfalls. As I see it we have to do pattern recognition using BBW. I trade hours outside the overlap between London/US markets. Do others have success during these hours ??. These are basically Asian markets with some early London markets. I find BBW gives me the beginning of a breakout from the ranging pattern. Should I take the BBW trade as recommended or restrain myself ??? Imagine a fish opening his mouth and BBW comes along and says to take a trade. What do you say ?? Would appreciate clarification ???

    • Ashish says:

      Yes recently its like…its all ranging perfectly for 1-2 hours and I take the trade only to find out after 40 minutes, that it was the beginning of a trend and thus OTM. But whenever (rarely) it continues ranging..BBW signal is spot on.
      Lots of trends these days..but John said it should improve after holidays. Hope the markets stabilize now!

  201. Kunle says:

    Hello good people. I just brought BBW. In the last 2 hours i.e 11.50 and 12.50 GMT. Please did anyone receive signals. I just want to sure the software working well. Equally, i have not identified ranging, is it how it works or today is just a peculiar day. ii have checking since 03.50GMT.

  202. Ralph says:

    Brain Wave is still my favorite binary software. I use it every day and it’s just simple. In 6 months following you now I’ve taken my $500 deposit and turned it into over $10,000. Please let me know what other software I should use.

    • Lisa says:

      I’ve had very similar results to you Ralph, I’ve been running 3 months and I’m around $4,000 from $500 so I’m a little behind but I’ll catch up!

    • Kunle says:

      Hello Ralph/ John
      Is it possible to share your knowledge of what you are doing to be able to generate this good result. Do you trade basically when the mkt is ranging. my local time in Nigeria is GMT +1. It is almost impossible to get ranging pair when Europe/London and US markets are opened. How do you cope with violatability during these sessions to identify range. Do you use any other indicator with BBW to trade. Then on average how many trades do you open daily


      • Ashish says:

        Same question. So many trending conditions..hardly any ranging ones these days. Been sitting for more than 12 hours in front of the computer, yet getting no favorable conditions to trade.

        • John Kane says:

          Hi Ashish, maybe there have been opportunities, if it’s ranging for an hour or so jump in. If it’s flat at all jump in, maybe you are over thinking. Try some and take note of them.

        • Ashish says:

          And yes I admit..whenever I got the perfect ranging condition..BBW signal was spot on! Just that such conditions are very rare for past two weeks.

      • Matt says:

        What binary broker do you use?

    • Kunle says:

      Kunle says:
      January 8, 2015 at 2:06 pm

      Hello Ralph/ John
      Is it possible to share your knowledge of what you are doing to be able to generate this good result. Do you trade basically when the mkt is ranging. my local time in Nigeria is GMT +1. It is almost impossible to get ranging pair when Europe/London and US markets are opened. How do you cope with violatability during these sessions to identify range. Do you use any other indicator with BBW to trade. Then on average how many trades do you open daily


    • Weston Chin says:

      Hi Ralph
      Is your settings the same as John in his tutorial for BBW.

    • alexandre says:

      hi ralph do you trade all signals?

    • Andy says:

      Hi. Can you tell how you were able to get to the 10000 dollar mark? What amounts did you trade in the beginning? What is your typical trade amount these days?

  203. bob lee says:

    I am new to all of this. Is there a verifiable independent investor that will publish his results if he traded all the signals he received during the periods he normally trades. { ie 13 to 20 gmt} It appears to me that these signals require knowledgeable judgments before you place any of these signals. Or if this kind of information has been published before, please direct me to this information Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Bob, I haven’t come across that but these are my results. Not knowledgeable they require very short basic analysis that is explained in the members area.

  204. Ashish says:

    Bart, didn’t understand you. “I then ONLY take the trades with the direction of the long trend in a short term ranging market.” Can you provide a screenshot etc?

    After John’s recommendation, I have also bought Brainwave and demo-testing it.

  205. Bart Engelen says:

    After having some problems during the installation (good support!) I managed to get the brain wave working and to be honest…I am truly amazed! I’ve taken a total of 12sigals so far and 10 were ITM. That’s 82%!!! Let’s keep it up! I was really afraid this would be just another scam software but it’s not. Just pay really good attention to which trades to take. I tend to take the ones that are ranging but have a loooong trend going. I then ONLY take the trades with the direction of the long trend in a short term ranging market. Works very well!

  206. simran says:

    hey john i wanted to ask you like how do we get the signals via email in bbw like do we get like entry exit points or like when we get the email we have to rush and into our broker account to trade on spot?!

  207. Carlos Q says:

    I just bought the BBW, but I am so amateur so I am not sure how to place the order.

    When the signal appears 10 minutes before the hour and expires 40 minutes later, like 12;30, I go to my broker (anyoption), but I do not have anything that expires at 12:30

    Can anyone tell me how do you set the half hour expiration time ? Thanks.

  208. John says:

    I want to also add something to the group. I bought this software much earlier in the year and shut it off. I thought EVERY signal came when the market was trending. Short trend, long trend, the signals NEVER came when the charts were ranging. BUT after reading the comments in this room…I reloaded the software (latest version), confirmed the settings (like last time) BUT added the stochastic(5,3,3) to the charts. Simply put: awesome. So far (ha!) but the extra confirmation has been working great. If it isnt a MAJOR trend (the whole screen in one direction) OR a short tend (about the last inch or two of the screen is sharply going up or down) then look at the stochastic and if it’s ON OR BELOW 20 or ON OR ABOVE 80 (both lines) then you are good to enter. If you get three clean wins a day (3 for 3, or 4 for 5, or 6 for 8) then you will be well on your way to six figures within months, even starting at $25 dollar trades. Lets see the long term results, but so far with this added indicator, this has been working very well. Thank you so much group for sharing this. JS

  209. Adil says:

    I bought binary brain wave two weeks ago and I’ve only lost three trades, I hope this always works this well. Thanks to you John!

  210. free2talk says:

    Please in setting up binary brain wave on mt4 which user name am I to enter because there is a place where will require user name, that place where one need to drag BBW into a trade platform, I tried using the BBW registered name but it says username not authorized please help. Me on this.

    • John Kane says:

      Email the support team, they answer all emails very quickly. They will tell you to go to the members area, watch the videos and add your account. It is very simple to authorize your account, spend some time in the members area.

  211. ks says:

    Thanks John for the review, I bought the software and started trading. The result is amazing after 9 trades have one loss.Very happy that I found your site and one of the best software I bought on Binary option.

  212. José says:

    Hi John, just wanna ask where can I see detailed results of trades made by Binary Brain Wave for the whole month of October. The only way I can really tell if it’s worth it or if it’s another scam. Thank you very much

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Jose, I don’t keep record of my detailed trades because I use many different systems it’s hard to keep track. With over 350 votes from the binary today community it is clearly no scam. On the right hand side of our page, click on the stars you can place a vote yourself to see.

  213. Kunle says:

    Hi John,

    I would appreciate your comment to my observations of November 22, 2014.


  214. Kunle says:

    Hi John,
    I would appreciate your comment to my observations of November 22,2014.


  215. Phil says:

    Hi John,
    Would this software work if you just trade via my metatrader platform and not use a binary broker. In other words enter the trade direct on my Alpari trading platform. If so could the spread effect the trades? Thanks.

  216. free2talk says:

    good day Sir please, I followed your direction on what broker and app to use on option trading, and I tried to pay for the app through my card direct, but could not and I came for your help about it and you advised me that I could make the payment also through their paypal account link that you sent to me, which I did to binary brain wave but till now I could not yet see any link or how to download the app, could you help me in this situation? though I have mailed the company but no reply yet thanks.

  217. Carlos says:

    Haven’t contributed in a while. Just had a great week with brain wave, still loving this software!

  218. Steen says:

    HI John
    Is the BBW software an indicator or EA – Just wonder if it is the software itself who give the signal (indicator) – or the software is an trade copier (EA) where the signal is coming from the BBW people?


  219. Kunle says:

    Hey John,
    Thanks for the good job you are doing educating and helping the world about binary options, particularly the scam signal providers with your continuous reviews. Please I planned
    to buy the software yesterday but on getting to their site, I find that other 2 items are included i.e download protection and back CD. What is the essence of these? Can one go ahead to buy the BBW software now, and if they are important then purchase the 2 other items later as I can not accommodate the extra $30 now. Secondly I will like to know about the claim that they provide 25 signals daily wether this relate to the number of times the signal comes out i.e if at 10.50GMT they provide signals on 4 pairs, is this counted as 1 or 4 signals? Finally, about 2 weeks ago I ask about your opinion on PROJEKT 95 PRO software but you didn’t reply.


  220. Wai says:

    Am very much interested in this and would like to know when it tends to generate trade signals from, in terms of trading times? I live in the UK and work full-time so cannot get to my computer every hour.

    Thanks in advance.

    ps: great website, very informative

    • John Kane says:

      Hey Wai, it provides signals every hour on the 50 minute mark. Thus you can sit down for 5 minutes an hour and you’ll always get signals. You can trade 20-30 minutes a day without issue. Thanks for the kind words!

  221. lawrence says:

    hi john please could i have your email address, i would like to ask you about some signals softwares that are gaining coverage, they maybe too long for the forum though.
    Guaranteed profits.
    The Daily binary profits v7
    my binary revenge
    Quantum binary signals
    100% profit bot
    binary Pro robot

    thank you,. am from south africa

    • John Kane says:

      Lawrence, if you click on Ask John at the top of my site you can email me there. I’ve reviewed every single one of the products you’ve discussed here on this web site. Click on the arrow next to Ask John and you can search for the reviews I’ve done on those systems. I didn’t recommend any of them.

  222. Isak says:

    Hi Again John!

    I know the difference between ranging vs trending but sometimes i doubt some situations on what i should do ..maybe you can e-mail me some pictures of picutures of graphs that you would pick and would not pick?

    You are doing great work John! Really nice forum !

    Greetz from The netherlands Adam!


  223. pramod gupta says:

    Hi John

    I have downloaded your Trade Assistant. Which column do you monitor before entering the trade? Is it 5MIN, 15MIN, 30MIN or 1HR once you get a signal T 0;50

  224. Rodney says:

    Hi John,
    Your review and the comments here are so positive that i am going to join up with Binary Brain Wave. One thing – while i was checking out some utubes on Binary Brain Wave, the trader mentioned their live trading room. Have you mentioned this anywhere on the site, or do you have an opinion on it. Thanks.


  225. Peter says:

    Hi John

    I wonder if you can help me?

    As can be seen from my comment above, I placed my order for the Binary brain Wave. I received the following reply which I know others have received:

    Dear Customer,
    We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid.
    If you have not received notification within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department for assistance.
    For reference, your order id is *******************

    I waited over 24 hours and contacted their customer service as they suggested. It has been well over another 24 hours and still nothing!!

    Due to yours and other members comments in here about how good it is, I would like to try it.

    • John Kane says:

      You can place direct orders I’m surprised you didn’t email their support team, they would email you back within hours.

      • Peter says:

        Hi John

        Thanks for the reply.

        I emailed their customer services as they requested; have had no reply.

        I tried paying via paypal and got the same message! By going straight to their paypal site as you suggest does not give me the bonus discount, but I’ve done it that way anyway!

        An comments on my message concerning Julian’s claim that if I trade on all the signals, then I would only just break even?

  226. Julian says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your helpful info here. I bought the BBW indicator last week and I’ve started trading on demo account. I can see this is going to be profitable. I must tell though, to newbies, this advice will be gold – The indicators should be taken as a “heads up” signal rather than jumping into every signal with a trade. Look at the charts to see that you agree with the signal. Otherwise your results will be very average, maybe break even.

    John, other than support/resistance levels, what other signs to you look for to confirm the entry signals?

    • John Kane says:

      I use my trade assistant along side it.

    • Peter says:

      Hi Julian

      Thanks for the advice about taking the signals as a ‘heads up’.
      BBW claim an 80% success rate, but you say the results are average and maybe break even if I simply trade on all of the signals!

      I can appreciate if you use your own knowledge and experience that your success rate will be excellent, but even with a 2-1 ratio (2 wins out of 3 signals) at 66.66% success rate, rather than their claimed 80%, the ROI (return on investment) is still good.

      Example: (using $20 profit {80%} on a win placement of $25)
      If 9 signals are placed at $25 each = total investment $225
      6 out of the 9 (66.66%) win giving a net return of $120
      less the 3 loses of $75 ($25 on each)
      Return on the $225 investment will be $270 = $45 is a 20% ROI.

      I personally would be very happy with that, but my concern is the difference between BBW claim of 80% and yours of ‘break even’.

      Any comments from anyone would be appreciated.

      PS. I have tried purchasing BBW but have received the previously mentioned:
      “We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid.”
      I will wait to see if I do receive notification within 24 hours from them about this as they state.



  227. Ross says:

    Started live trading with BBW … 5 trades, 4 winners…..
    I am happy to have run across your site, John
    Thanks for your reviews and honesty



  228. Desmond says:

    Hi Kunle,

    I am also looking forward to a revie on Projekt 95. Their sales video is sooooo convincing



    • Kunle says:

      I pray that John can help out. Or has anybody tried this software?. We need your comment to be able to take a decision.


  229. Peter says:

    Hi John

    I haven’t read all the comments, so I don’t know if this question has been asked before.

    Can you or any of the members tell me what the have found to be the longest losing run of trades from BBW?


  230. Greg J says:

    Hello All,

    Is anyone here using the Vantage FX MT4, and if so do you know their correct GMT offset? I think I have it correct but I’d like to be sure.

    My local time is EST, I have the GMT offset of -5.
    For Vantage FX I have the GMT offset for +2.

    Please advise, and thank you.

  231. Kunle says:

    Hello John, thanks for the great work you are doing for newbies like me. Please i will like to know whether the discount on BBW is still available. secondly, i want to know your view on a software called Projekt 95 Pro. It is 60 second signal and the developer claimed it has 90% win rate.


  232. Christian says:

    Jennifer disappeared , wanted her reports , or some ancient User , as the results are going ? You believe that BBW has a future , it is still feasible to buy? in view that was the whole year 2014 and generally these software end of nowhere .. I am scared to buy today and end next month ..

  233. Ashish says:

    Thanks John. I also read your October earnings report! Seems like Binary Brainwave is still going great guns!
    So in around $300 initial investment, you can get a good broker + Binary Brainwave and start making profits 😀

  234. Ashish says:

    Hi John,

    I am from India. Wana ask you if Binary trading is legal in India? Do the Europe brokers payout in India?

    Also I found out 365trading which has a minimum deposit of only $50.Is this broker genuine?

  235. Natasha says:

    What about marketsworld platform, they are a regulate trading platform. Seems as some.of these brokers give me a hard time withdrawing funds. Is there any recommendations for getting bbw to work with nadex as well?

  236. Desmond says:

    Hi John,

    Using a system that have a 80% success rate as with BBW, would it be advisable to increase risk per trade to, say, 10%? I mean afterall the system will ultimately win 8 out 10 trades on average.

  237. Godwin says:

    Thanks alot Tim.
    It helped.
    I guess u re in Nigeria. How is the software doing?

  238. Tim Baiye says:

    hello, I wil like to know what is the current Alpari UK’s MT4 GMT offset? I really do not understand this?
    Tim, Nigeria

  239. Flavio says:

    Hello John!

    May be i’m missing something here…time BBW is working with is always GMT?

    When (i.e.) i receive a trade signal at 12.50 is it 12.50 GMT?
    And it will be 14.50 here in Europe (Rome-Madrid-etc..)

    Thanks for helping me John!

  240. Desmond says:

    Hey John,

    I followed the instructions on hoe to set up email alerts but I am not getting any. How do I do it. I want to start trading the signals and post my results on this site

  241. Bill Allen says:

    Dear John, Thank you for the great info.Will be buying one of your recommended software apps. Would either one of these apps help in trading the one touch options that brokers offer? Hope to be up and running soon, must walk before running,can’t wait to get started. Been working out of state for to long–but you gotta have a job-mabye this will help!

  242. Steven says:

    John, which broker do you recommend and if I’ve never opened an account before and I have not used a software before, how easy is it to use and if I need any advice can I pick your brain?

  243. Godwin says:

    Hello John,
    This is private pls.
    I hav been tryin to purchase bbw for a wk nw.. i am in Nigeria. I want to kn if ther is another method of purchasin bbw other than using credit card or paypal. Paypal in’l seems to be having serious technical issues, and i hav a debit card instead.
    Pls, John i wil appreciate ur support, i realy need to get the the software.
    Thank you in advance

  244. Rhaul says:

    HI John,

    Question for you. How far back do you normally go back when ‘observing’ the prior period when checking if the market is trending or ranging. Example, do you check if its ranging over the past hour…2 hours… a day etc?

    Also, based on your experience, when would you say is the best time to trade and which currency/currencies have you had the most success with?


    • John Kane says:

      Hi Rhaul,

      I use all 6 pairs they provide. I also look at about 10-12 hours to determine ranging vs trending. Just right click on your chart and zoom in/out.

  245. Desmond says:

    Hi John,

    Is a 30% consistent monthly growth achievable and realistic using BBW based on a 5% risk per trade?

  246. Godwin says:

    Hello John,
    I decided purchasing bbw, but i need to be reassured..Do u stil use it? How is the perfomance lately?
    I wil be relying on your judgements.

  247. Rhaul says:

    Hi John,

    Keep up the good work. I went ahead and bought the software and will also let you know the results. You mentioned and I also saw in the membership area of BBW that they want us to stay away from the ‘trending’ markets. Just wanted to clarify if they still provide the signals and we should know when to avoid them or do they also not send signals for currencies that are trending (the software also says “Filters that avoid trending market conditions, news and session opens” . Just wanted to know so that I can pay even more attention if necessary. Don’t wanna just go jumping into all trades without knowing the potential pitfalls. Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      I do follow ranging vs trending. They provide signals in all market conditions, they try to avoid trending but the trader should be able to avoid this with a quick glance of the chart.

  248. Luis says:

    John, I stayed for more than 10 days researching almost 100 software forex. Finally this time I decided and bought the software BBW, thanks to your blog.
    I’ll let you guys know about my results in the future.
    Congratulations for the excellent work you do.

  249. Rushi says:


    I am a new binary option trader, my broker is Poweroption, first I do not know if this really would work for me, and I would like to get your advice on this can I really use it without MT4 trader software and my broker do not have 50 minutes trades !!

    • John Kane says:

      It would work Rushi, it’s 40 minute trades but you are really just setting a 30 minute expiry at the 50 minute mark. Works on all brokers I’ve tried except Nadex.

  250. Godwin says:

    Thank you John.
    Great job.

  251. Sylvester says:

    Hi Ron Giesling,

    I can see that you are really making good success in trading with this software.

    Please, do trade based on eye check for trending or ranging markets or you have other strategies that you use.

  252. Fergal says:

    Great thanks John!

  253. Fergal says:

    Hi John
    I meant to say in the previous message …..
    “Just to be clear, of all the over 100 reviews you have written, BBW have been ranked highest by the users. If so that’s fantastic. I only ask as it seems from my viewing on iPhone that only about 5 binary option signal software products are reviewed and ranked in the list. Please clarify.
    Many thanks

  254. Fergal says:

    Thanks John
    Just to BBW has been ranked the highest of all your 100’s reviews by the users. Correct?
    Thanks again

  255. Godwin says:

    Hi John,
    Do i need to leave my computer runing althrough? Or can i set up the system, put off the computer and probably put it on every HH:40. Thats 10 minutes to HH:50. This way, wil the system deliver?
    Many thanks.

  256. Fergal says:

    Hi John
    One other question please.
    Can you share with us how many binary software packages etc IN TOTAL you reviewed before deciding on BBW as the highest ranked one? I’m reading on my iPhone at present over slow internet so plan to look at your site again tomorrow (on my PC), to hopefully answer my own question.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Fergal,

      I have written over 100 reviews. I have not decided that this is the best software the binary today community gets to vote. If you click on the stars you will place a vote as well.

  257. Fergal says:

    As having only just found this website I intend on joining BBW, but haven’t yet access to the members area to review the brokers section. I currently have an account with BINARY GOAL. Can anyone tell me if this is a suitable and good broker to use with BBW as (to repeat), I don’t yet have access to the members area?
    Many thanks

  258. Steven says:

    John, if you had to choose between BBW and BOB which would you choose? Also, which one provides more signals throughout the day. The best time for me to trade is after 7 pm.

  259. Ron Giesling says:

    Haven’t been here in a while so thought I would check in. I’m now using this software in the London and New York session checking my computer once an hour and averaging 77% ITM. That’s over a period of a month. I generally take 4-5 trades per day and my usual day is 4-1.

  260. Alan Smith says:

    Hi John,
    You have me very interested in the Binary Wave Software as I too have tried the various get rich scheme
    automated software’s, and most I find use a similar platform It seems as end up going backwards or basically no where. I’ve stopped most once they ve depleted half my original fund , plus I have accounts whereby in the past I funded as they asked, then the bonuses which sounded great at the time but I learnt pretty fast that they were a trap. Anyway, it would be great to be able to take control myself , and trade my way out of some of these accounts without their interference .
    I have an Asus laptop, so can I download the software on to that so when I am OS, I can trade from there.
    Also some have mentioned the time factors to set the software to, I live in Sydney so does anyone know what it should be, and when I travel to say Thailand, would I need to reset it again ?? Is it easy to do?? Sorry with all the questions , but many thanks John as you have obviously helped so many here.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Alan, you could make minor property changes according to your local timezone. This would take under 3 minutes if you travel. Not a hassle.

  261. Arlene says:

    John, I can not thank you enough for recommending Binary Brainwave. I’m on a retirement income and have tried unsuccessfully for the past year to make money in forex and now binary options. This is the real deal and I’m absolutely thrilled. My lowest day was 77% win rate and I’ve had several 100% winning days. I can’t get the software to work on the USD/JPY pair but it works on the other 5 currency pairs so I have enough signals that I’m very happy. I also love the fact that I don’t have to sit at my computer. I run to it at 10 til each hour to see if there are signals and that is it. I also check at the half hour when I have trades because I can’t resist watching them close. Thank you so much for your kind service. It has made a huge difference in my life!

  262. Greg J says:


    Are there any Mac users out there who have successfully added the BBW files onto the MT4 platform? The files will not copy and paste into the MT4 software as shown in the instructional video and I don’t know where to go from here.

    I’ve tried this with 3 different MT4 platforms so far. I’ve also been to the apple store and they weren’t able to assist me.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Please and Thank you.

    • John Kane says:

      Works easily with VantageFX.

      • Greg J says:

        Hey John,

        Yes, I’ve tried to add the files to the VantageFX MT4 but for some reason it wouldn’t take. BBW support has even tried to assist by getting on to my computer but we couldn’t figure it out.

        It’s good to know that it’s worked for you, helps to keep hope alive. Have to keep trying. Did you have to reconfigure the files, or any specifics that I may have missed?

        • Marja says:

          Hi Greg,
          Have you succeeded to install the BinaryBrainWave software on your Mac? I know the software sellers and promoters say “Yes, it will work on Mac”, but very often it is not so.

          I know Vantage uses a different Wine-system, but they offer only 30-day trial for their demo account, and I do not want to open a real account just for to look MT4 charts.

  263. Desmond says:

    Hi John

    I am experiencing problems with access on my chart. I went through the members area, activated my account, but I dont seem to be gettin authorisation. I am only getting access on EUR/JPY. As for the rest of the currency pairs, it says “access denied”. Sometimes I will get access for a couple of seconds, thereafter it says “Access Denied. What I am not doing right?



  264. sach says:

    I finish work and get home about 8pm. Will they still be sending out signals at that time or is a day time thing?

  265. Desmond says:

    Hi John,

    Been a long time. I purchased the BBW 4 days ago. Despite having gone through the member’s area and installation video many times, I am still getting ‘Access denied’ message on five currency pairs. I am only getting access on EUR/JPY. I tried to contact support and all I’m told is that I must go through the instructions in the members area. I have done that many times already. I have activated my account many times but I’m still getting no authorisation on 5 currency pairs. Please assist

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Desmond, try right clicking on the chart, going to indicators. Make sure you only have one copy of the indicator on the chart.

      Email them again and ask them to connect to your computer and do it for you. This process is quick and simple.

    • John Kane says:

      Get them to connect to your computer.

  266. Flavio says:

    Hello John!

    Just to better seems BBW is working mainly when there is “Ranging”
    and not “Trending”, they too are stating this at the that effectively so or
    BBW will work with both market conditions? Which is your experience lately?

    Do they provide any tool inside the software screen in order to recognize
    the two types of market conditions (Ranging and Trending)?
    Since it’s not as easy as it would seem..

    Thanks for helping us all John and all the best!!

  267. William Wahab says:

    Hi Mr Kane.
    Im from Malaysia and i never touch this thing before.which broker would you recomend to me.


  268. Espen says:

    Hello John,
    I found this software at your site a couple of days ago 🙂
    I have tested it with a demo account Thursday and Friday at the London open hours.
    The results have been very very good 13 trades and only 1 did not make it itm.
    As you know I don’t trade every signal, but I followed them just to see if they also was itm, I have to say that no more than approximately 60% was itm. So don’t trade when you see there is a trend up or down.

    Now I have to travel to work for 2 weeks, so I will continue to test in 2 weeks time, and I will post the result here 🙂

  269. Nick says:

    How to use the coupon? I don’t see any blank for filling this coupon.

    Thank you. .

  270. irv2014 says:

    Dear friends,
    Please could someone explain me step by step how to get set up to receive alerts BBW also by e-mail?
    I swear I’ve watched the video several times …. I have also read the PDF explanations, but I could not configure.
    I am using mt4 Broker (the same as is indicated to download ..).
    I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain to me how to do this.

    Thank you

    • John Kane says:

      The instructions are in the third tab in the members area. There is a full section there on email.

      I really can’t say it any better myself.

  271. Flavio says:

    Hello John!

    Just to better seems BBW is working mainly when there is “Ranging”
    and not “Trending”, they too are stating this at the that effectively so or
    BBW will work with both market conditions? Which is your experience lately?

    Do they provide any tool inside the software screen in order to recognize
    the two types of market conditions (Ranging and Trending)?
    Since it’s not as easy as it would seem..

    Thanks for helping us all John and all the best!!

  272. Nick says:

    How can i use the code above for buy the product?

  273. WEI D says:

    Dear John

    I am glad to find this forum. I have one question, BBW and BOB, which one is easy to use ?


  274. sathya says:

    Hi John,

    I made myself a profit of USD600 for the last purchase of BBW on 30th Aug 2014.

    The signal are very reliable and just we need to combine with Money Management to minimize risk.

    80% of the signals are awesome.


    • Bolaji says:

      Hi Guys,

      My question is for Sathya,what did you do within a week to be able to generate $600 per day from your daily initial $50.

  275. vernoux says:


    could i get in details yours results ?


  276. Adrian says:

    the support team of BBW it”s GRATE:)- responded a few minutes later with the mail containing zip file which has solved the problema.till now i am very satisfied,
    thank you very much!

  277. sathya says:


    After reading your review on Binary Brave Wave, I have decided to purchase the robot and give a test drive and I must admit that on the first day of installation ….I made USD50 profit with 3 signals.

    Second day, another USD100 profit with 1 loss of 6 win. Third day, I made myself a USD50 profit again with 4 signal W .

    Well done bro, for your review and helping us to choose the right product . By the way , I am trading with the Top Option broker and using MT4 platform for the signal frm BBW.



  278. John Houston says:

    What is this “BOB” that you’re all talking about ?

    If poss pls provide answer to my email at [email protected].

    I’m going to get BBW probably this weekend….I hope the BRAN-CJOB-WAVE coupon still works.

    John Houston
    Tampa, FL

  279. Chris says:

    John. I am in michigan usa. Will the system work here. & if i do this does the software install everything. I.E.. Charts mt4( what is that ). What is the minimum investment & how easy is it to withdraw from your account. Can you always add to your account. Sorry so long winded. Thanks. Chris

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chris, this software works everywhere. Yes there are full guides on how to install and if you have trouble they will remotely connect to your computer and install for you, this is explained on their website. There is no minimum, it is easy to withdraw. No problem at all.

  280. Chuck says:

    Hello Everyone. I noticed that no one has posted for over a month. I wondered how everyone was doing with BBW? This is a great discussion and it was really going but seems to have stopped.

    Also, I keep seeing everyone using Citrades but Tradorax is the number 1 listed Binary Broker? Citrades is not even listed? Does anyone use Tradorax? Thanks

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chuck, there have been posts every day, maybe you need to scroll down? The discussion never stopped. Still going great.

  281. Marc says:

    Never mind Jennifer. I found it.

    • Flavio says:

      Hello John!

      Just to know if BBW is still delivering good results in these last few days
      and what the % accuracy of the signals is at the time.

      I’m about to join soon..about the broker: Topoption has
      the lowest min.deposit on the net ($100) do you trust them?
      No problems with withdrawals there? I’m in Europe…

      • John Kane says:

        Hi Flavio,

        You can see the accuracy % on their site. Over 80%. Haven’t used top option but BBW is still going great.

        • April says:

          does your result contain whole year signal?

        • Flavio says:

          Hello John!

          Just to better seems BBW is working mainly when there is “Ranging”
          and not “Trending”, they too are stating this at the that effectively so or
          BBW will work with both market conditions? Which is your experience lately?

          Do they provide any tool inside the software screen in order to recognize
          the two types of market conditions (Ranging and Trending)?
          Since it’s not as easy as it would seem..I tried to eail them by the support/desk
          at the site but didn’t receive reply so far..checked junk emails also..nothing..

          Thanks for helping us all John and all the best!!

          • John Kane says:

            They respond to all emails very quickly, surprised you haven’t heard anything. I just use ranging as they recommend in the members area. It’s easy to do, lots of guides online as well on ranging vs trending.

  282. Staffan says:

    Is there a way to get an alert when both a 5M chart is worth byuing/selling and a stochastic is over 80 or under 20. Would be great to get an e-mail when both these things are true.
    I have no idea how to set an alert signal in Meta Trader 4, but I guess there must be a way to do this for Brain Wave?

  283. Elaman says:

    Hi Guys,

    I purchased BBW software with the coupon code. Installed the MT4 and BBW as instructed, now i am confused with the gmt offset.
    My computer time is 20.00pm which is correct.
    Market watch says 12.00pm on MT4 software.
    Local GMT is 8.0?
    What is the the broker’s GMT zone please?

  284. maximus says:

    hi John Kane I have a question which is the best broker for EU software Binary brainwave

  285. John L. says:

    Hi John,

    How to update the Custom Indicator of Chart if I am using both BOB & BBW especially those currency that both present?

  286. panteor says:

    Dear John,

    your site is really phantastic, thank you for these very helpful informations.

    Now I’m going to purchase BBW – wich time-period would you recommend to trade?

    Thank you!



  287. Ngozi says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Please, need your email address, thanks.

  288. Pierluigi Pozzi says:

    Hi John!

    BBW: but if I can receive alerts via email and immediately go to the site of Citrades, why I have to install MT4?

    Thank you!


    • John Kane says:

      The signals are provided in MT4, it is required. It is free and easy to install.

      • Pierluigi Pozzi says:

        Hi John ! Could you please provide me an example of the alert i get on my e-mail address to understand which details BBW provides, is like a pop-up I saw in the trial video above or not ?

  289. Ngozi says:

    Hi Ryan,
    What time frame do you use for the three indicators? And is the strategy is working fine for you?

  290. Almedia says:

    Hello everyone I’m from Brazil! I am new to binary options!
    Can anyone tell me if this indicator and reliable and consitente?

  291. Jennifer Savage says:

    Hi Fredrik,

    The software generates a lot of signals – not all of them are in the money. Trade the signals when the market is in ranging conditions. Do not trade the signals when the market is in trending conditions. Stick with it. Binary Brain Wave says they are working on putting together a collection of examples to show what ranging and trending conditions look like. They say that once the collection is complete they will send it out to everyone who purchased the software, so that will help you identify the trades that are in the money.

    • paul says:

      hi jennifer

      I was wondering if you use the stochastic technique only when its ranging or do you use it at any of the signals.

      Kind regards

      • Jennifer Savage says:

        Hi Paul,

        I am still trying to get the hang of this myself, but right now my hypothesis is that when you look at the candles and believe them to be ranging you then look at the stochastic for confirmation.

  292. Gustavo says:

    Hello Mr. Kane my trading signals from BBW are coming one hour behind, even though i changed my local GMT zone to (-7) which is for Las Vegas NV. I also changed my broker GMT zone +1 uk time. Can you please help me out with these issues so I can set up my trades my accurate.

    If anyone else have a suggestion about what is happening to me, please feel free to reply me back….

    • John Kane says:

      They are not coming one hour behind. They are coming at the right time. The signals are based on the market not the time. The signals will always show MT4 time because MT4 is providing the signals but rest assured it’s the right time.

    • robert says:

      figuring out gmt in U.S. can be very confusing when you have to take into account Daylight Savings time. But here is an easy way to figure it out. Go to Forex Factory and click on the clock at top right. Then click on “match automatically”…it will then tell you what your local GMT is.

  293. Geoff says:

    Hope someone can help
    Ive bought an downloaded the software however on some of the platforms it keeps changing to access denied there all the same settings.
    Alos when i try to save any changes to the times etc it doesnt seem to work
    Any help would be appreciated

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Geoff,

      This means you are accessing the software the wrong way. You want to right click on the chart and go to indicators then click edit, delete if you have put multiple indicators on the same chart. Or just close the chart, open a new chart and drop it back on. But if you want to access the software you always have to right click on the chart or press CTRL + I.

  294. Greg J says:

    Hello John,

    Do you or anyone else have a Mac computer? I was finally able to download MT4 through Vantage FX per a link provided by BBW customer service. But I have been unsuccessful with my attempts of installing BBW on to the MT4 platform.

    For some reason it will not allow me to drag and drop the files into the platform. BBW customers service has also accessed my computer and tried to help but with no success. I have followed all the instructions and steps available up to this point.

    Does anyone have a solution to this problem? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  295. Geoff says:

    Hi John
    im thinking of buying the bbw howeverI just wondered if i have to use the MT4 as it looks very complicated.
    Im not very technically minded.
    Can i not just use the e mails and use my own broker (they dont have MT4)

  296. Sheila Starr says:

    John, as a newbie to trading would you recommend BBW over BOB and if so why?
    Your review site is the only one I have found that I can actually have any faith in. Thank you.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Sheila,

      BBW is my #1 now. It provides more signals than BOB so even if you sit down for a short period of time you can always take advantage of opportunities.

  297. Michael says:

    I have been testing BBW for a week and is the best binary options software out there here’s my tests

    15 won 5 loss
    14 won 6 loss
    18 won 3 loss
    14 won 4 loss
    13 won 9 loss
    11 won 4 loss

    overall: 85-31

    As you can see not but at all.

  298. Fredrik says:

    Question about time: the time stamp of the signal is in local time, whereas the entry time is one hour ahead of that time. So should I subtract one hour for the entry, so that the entry time = the time as the signal arrives? In other words, should I do the trade as soon as the signal comes?

    • John Kane says:

      Fredrik, of course you take the trade when you get the signal. The signals are based on the market not the time.

  299. marcio says:

    Hi,which time ar3 send the most of signals?in gtm hour.i have to be in front my pc all day orhave time when the most the signals are send?thanks

  300. marcio says:

    Hi which time of the day the signals ar3 send the most?in gtm hour.i have to be in fron my pc all day or there ar3 parts of day that the signals are send?

  301. Muzaffar says:

    Hello John, signed up BBW via ur link and also got discount. thank you, But i ve got an issue while doing installation. I clicked setup, popped up a window with no brokerage selection option. So i m stuck in there. Can u please advice on how to resolve an issue. So far cant install software. Sent message to support, dont know when they get back to me.
    thank you

    • John Kane says:

      Make sure you’ve watched the members area video first. Then make sure you have MT4 installed before installing the software, should only take a few minutes to sort it out, it’s all in the members area, everything you need is.

  302. Chiji says:

    Hello John. I have been trying to purchase “Binary Brain Wave” without success. I used both my Paypal acct and Credit card at different times, still I could not succeed. Yesterday, I contacted the retailer – Digital River. They attempted to place the order on phone on my behalf. Digital River reported that the order was declined. I contacted my bank who told me there was no problem from the bank’s end. I’m confused. Please assist me as I’m seriously eager to obtain this software.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Chiji,

      You can try this link here

      • Chiji says:

        Thank you John. The link worked and I have purchased the software. But my problem is that of identifying trending and ranging markets. Doing this by eye test that you mentioned may require extra technique, tools and experience which I hope you can provide for us on this forum.

        • Jennifer Savage says:

          It would help a lot of people a great deal John for you to show some examples of good trades – to show what it is that you look at when you make the decision to place a trade.

  303. LJROCK says:

    Is it normal for Citrades to pull currencies out, or not allow a 30 min expiry time, and making some signals useless. Thanks

  304. Lewis Feldman says:

    Just thought I’d chime in since it’s been 4 months now with Brain Wave. I can easily say this is my favorite software in the binary market. Thank you John and Binary Today, I’m making on average $100 a day with my trades now and I hope to start risking more when I grow my confidence even more.

  305. Greg J says:

    Hello John,

    I’ve sent 3 separate submissions to BBW’s support desk for help with downloading MT4 onto my Mac but haven’t received a response yet. I submitted the first request about a week ago.

    I’ve been through the members area and the FAQ section and followed all the given instructions as to how to download MT4 for Mac, but I’m still having complications.

    I’ve also checked my spam folder for their response. Are you able to assist with this matter? Please let me know. Thank you.

    • John Kane says:

      I contacted them, they said they responded and showed me the email stamp. Make sure your email is not having any receive issues.

      • Greg J says:

        Yes, they responded to my most recent submission. They said for some reason the first 2 didn’t go through. Thanks John.

  306. Ronio says:

    Hi Ngozi (Blessing)

    Lol. On my MT4 i don’t think i have anything like SLOW or FAST. But i think is the SLOW stochastic with the default settings (5,3,3)

  307. Ronio says:

    Hi Jennifer

    Am using 5,3,3

    • Jennifer Savage says:

      That is a really awesome tip, Ronio! It worked beautifully for me today. Do you simply stick with the trades where things look good at the end of the :45, or do you also take trades successfully at :50/:55?

  308. Ngozi says:

    Hi Ronio. What Time frame do you use on your stochastic? And are you using the FAST or SLOW stochastic?

  309. Ronio says:

    Hi Jennifer

    How i use my own stochastic:

    If it is above or within 80 and is coming down and i got a PUT signal from BBW, i will take the trade. below 20 CALL signal, i will take the trade. But if it is within 80 and 20( that is in-between, and i got a PUT OR CALL from BBW, i won’t take it.).

    So, it has to be above 80(PUT) and below 20(CALL)

    i hope it helps

  310. Elaman says:

    Is it still working good?

  311. Zoltan Szikora says:

    Dear John!
    It was nice BBW! Default setting yesterday 10/5 and is 13/4. 4 good! Several times I have asked the
    team for help. I do not answer! I asked the optimum setting, do not respond!
    67-year-old retired architect does not mean all of it! Can you help? This is your advice?
    Sincerely, Zoltan

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Zoltan,

      They always respond. Look in your spam box.

      All settings can be achieved by spending more time in the members area.

  312. oscar says:

    I don’t see the latest comments on BBW anymore. What happened?

  313. Greg J says:

    Hello John,

    First I’d like to thank you for sharing your honest insight and knowledge with us through this amazing site. I appreciate the comments shared by the other readers as well.

    I am a complete newbie to binary options but I plan to get started with BBW per your review. I do have a few questions before proceeding:

    1. Being that I am in the US, can you recommend any reliable brokers I could use that are comparable to CITrades?

    2. I have a MacBook, is there any other alternative software I should be aware of in order to successfully use BBW on my computer, such as MT4, etc?

    3. Is your discounted link still valid for purchasing BBW? And have you ever heard of a system called “Income Rush” and if so does it work.

    Thanks for your assistance in advance.

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Greg,

      Sorry for the delay.

      1. I suggest CITrades I am in US as well.
      2. You use MT4 on MAC for this system.
      3. Yes the discount is still available. Income Rush is another free binary scam.

      • Greg J says:

        Hey John,

        Thanks a billion! I’ve purchased BBW and I’m excited about getting started, learning and making some money.

        You’re Greatly Appreciated!

      • Greg J says:

        Hello John and Binary Family,

        Can anyone help me…

        During the installation of MT4 when you create your account, I’m having complications with getting a broker to populate on the screen after you enter your personal information.

        I’ve tried clicking the ‘Scan’ button and nothing happens. I’ve even tried typing in the name of the broker on the instructional video and that does not work.

        I’d appreciate the help from anyone with a solution to this problem. Thanks!

        • John Kane says:

          Try using a different MT4 broker. Any mt4 demo account will work.

          Likely where you live you can’t reach the servers of the mt4 broker you have downloaded. Easy fix.

  314. Simran says:

    Hi if i use bbw what is the time frame of the signals and what time frame should i put with my broker to have a sucessful trade?
    thanks in advance

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Simran,

      The MT4 timeframe is always M5 or else it doesn’t work. This is shown in the installation tab in the members area.

  315. sylvester says:

    Mr Kane,
    Is Brane Wave still performing very well?
    Thanks for everything to assist us.

  316. Alecksey says:

    You know what would be cool
    Enter in skype and when we check if the positions have difference of one broker to another
    Can I post my skype here with the permission of the moderator?

  317. Alecksey says:

    Can anyone tell me what the pair has better performance?

  318. Alecksey says:

    Someone uses filter?

  319. kresimir says:


  320. Dave Overholser says:

    Hi John, after reading the info on this software I decided to give it a try yesterday…Right away I had 4 out of 5 winning trades…the loss was probably my fault because I forgot to change the expire time. Today I’ve had a couple wins and then about 6 in a row losses…2 of which again I had an incorrect expire time. I may have been over confident in the software because I started trading almost all the signals they gave…hence the losses. I can say a couple of them for sure were in or more like on the end of a trend…the question I have is lets say for instance there is a definite up trend and then it starts leveling out for a short while and then you get a signal to buy or sell that currency…..what would you say is a safe time period after a trend to take the trade…seems like that is what got me on the losses today so far. Also, with the binary bot, I noticed in the instructions it has to authenticate too…can you use the same id as with bbw and run the 2 at the same time…is that even recommended? Thanks again for info and advice and for your reviews of these software platforms.

  321. David says:

    Hi, how do you filter out the loser trades ?

  322. Alecksey says:

    Please the broker citrade is MM or ECN?

    • Ann says:

      Alecksey, all binary options brokers are the same as a betting shop, bookmaker, bookie, turf accountant (not sure which term you’re familiar with) in that you place your trade (bet) and if you win, they lose.
      When you win you make around 70% profit (variable, sometimes up to 85%) and when you lose, you lose 100%. The difference is how a binary options broker makes their profit.
      With your question, you’re thinking of forex brokers.

  323. Alecksey says:

    Citrade is ECN ou No Dealing Desk?ou MM?
    market makers trade agains you

  324. Alecksey says:

    I also noticed that the GMT is exactly equal to the broker
    So it should not be 0? For local and Broker Zone GMT GMT zone?

  325. Alecksey says:

    I wonder if the Broker has Citrades European Regulations (EU)
    Another question is whether it is MM, ECN, No Dealing Desk?
    I searched and did not find this information, tell me friend?
    If anyone has doubt about it I can post a link to this fine detail

  326. Wilson Lee says:

    I’m new and I am receiving alerts 1 hour ahead of the buy or call signals; example I would receive an alert at 1:50 to place a call at 2:50. Is this correct? I thoroughly read and watch the videos and it only states that the signals would appear at .50 of the hour but it did not state if it will be an hour ahead or not. Basing on what I read in this forum, I take it that the signals were appearing on the same hour that the trades should be placed (immediately) and not 1 hour ahead. Please clarify. thanks.

  327. HulkkoW says:

    if there is a clear trend, and if you put or call the period of one hour .. usually becomes hours until the right direction.

  328. Alecksey says:

    My question is regarding the broker
    I’m not talking about options broker but the broker who has the mt4 platform
    For example there is difference in the spread activtrade broker to broker AAAFx
    Should I install mt4 trader goal of the own website or can be any forex broker that has the mt4
    For example I can instaladar the FxPro or ActivTrades or AAAFx or Alpari?
    Or serves anyone?t4

  329. Yannis says:

    Thought I’d like to mention that this software is amazing!
    After the first day of giving it a go I scored 7 wins in a row and 1 draw.
    I’m glad I found a legitimate review for this software, thank you John Kane you’re the best. 🙂
    Also it seems that placing call trades is better than put.

  330. Danie says:

    Hi John,

    Some thing is not right here , I tried to purchased the binary brain wave but it come’s up with invalid info , even i tried to purchase by paypal and i got the same info again.

    Can you please find it out for me .

  331. Danie says:

    Hi John,

    Can you please find out what’s is wrong i tried many times to purchased the the binary brain wave and i get this all the time .

    Dear Customer,

    We were unable to verify that the information you entered on the order form is valid.

    If you have not received notification within 24 hours, please contact our customer service department for assistance.

    For reference, your order id is 3BSHSMY-BHWNAM.

    i have retype the same info many time but still i can’t make a purchase . Please check it for me i want to use it tonight

  332. kresimir says:

    DEAR jOHN,

  333. kresimir says:

    I wanr to suscribe to BBV…and there is a field..COUPON CODE ? What is this…? Where to find it

    • John Kane says:

      There is a coupon on our page and a coupon field on the buy now page, you can find it when you try to purchase the software.

  334. Mary Ann says:

    anybody here who has subscribed to Interserver vps? i got one as i wanted
    to be able to receive email alerts even when my PC is off. I already received an email confirming that my VPS has already been activated; what’s next? Do i need to install anything further, how
    do i link my MT4 onto the VPS? Any help would be appreciated.
    NOTE: I’m done with all the steps shown in the Members only area — Signed up with a broker, installed MT4 FXCM-demo and setup email alerts, GMT offset, etc.

    • John Kane says:

      You will connect to your VPS via remote desktop connection and then use it just like a normal PC.

      You can use the VPS web browser to download anything you require.

  335. HulkkoW says:

    why the program by sending signals to the trend?

  336. Ron Santos says:

    I am using CI Trades as my broker but am unable to get BBW to accept them in mt4 – once I get the signal I bring up CI Trades as a standalone program to execute my trades – shouldn’t I be able to execute my trades without having to call up the CI Trades outside of mt4

  337. David says:

    I just purchased BBW. I read somewhere that there should be like 7-10 signals per day. On my first trade day, I received 1 signal. On the second day, i received another one more. Both days received was when i leave my MT4 on. My email signal is working properly for both days as well. However, once MT4 is turned off. Did I did something wrong? Do I have to leave my MT4 on 24/7 in order for me to receive signals? Also, which timeframe should i use to have the best results ?

  338. sylvester says:

    Good day Mr Kane,
    Can you assure me that i can be profitable trading this signal even as a newbie?

    • Jennifer Savage says:

      Hi Sylvester,

      Obviously I am not Mr. Kane, but I have been using this software since April 1. Per the developers, the signals are to be traded in ranging markets. So it doesn’t matter that you are a newbie, you just need to learn how to identify range.

      • Vicki says:

        Jennifer, what do you use to identify a ranging vs trending market? Are you looking at the 5-min charts? And what if the first part of the chart was trending and now it appears to be ranging? Do you trade the signals or not?

    • John Kane says:

      Yes Sylvester. Many newbies are using these signals successfully. A lot of them binary today readers.

  339. FxPhil says:

    Have been working to adopt a version of the MACD and Bollinger Cloud Indicators to assist with filtering BBW signals. Seems to be working to some advantage. Please email me for more info as I need more facilities than this forum allows to fully explain how to use these indicators with BBW.

    phil dot wilson48 at gmail dot com

    I’ll email back the Indicators and how to use / read them. I’m not selling anything nor is there any cost. Just free information and advise.

    • Jennifer Savage says:

      Hi Phil,

      I emailed you yesterday. Perhaps my message went to your spam folder. Look forward to hearing from you!

    • Henry says:

      Hi Phil, I purchased BBW about a month ago and am still trying out how to use it properly. I would like to find out how I can get a hold of the indicators that you are using and how to use them please. I hope you are able to help me, thanks.

    • Mukit says:

      Hi Phil
      Is the macd and bollinger working for you, if so please send me an email on how to use it including set up.
      My email: mukitm at yahoo dot com

  340. Chuck says:

    Forget that last comment about John on vacation, as soon as I posted the rest of the entries displayed!

  341. Chuck says:

    Hi Everyone – quick update on my progress. I have fixed the time issues with the broker and the mt4 platform, so that is good. I also think I can spot a trend vs a range pretty effectively at this point. My winning percentage over the last 3 days has been 13 of 24, so really not high enough to make any money as of this time. Does anyone else have success or issues to share – I notice the site has not been posted to in a while – did John go on vacation? 🙂

  342. Gaston says:

    Hi Guys, is this system continuing to work nice? I dont see many people from those who have been trading it for a month.. whats your honest feedback?

  343. HulkkoW says:

    I tried to ask about the program by the matter, but I did not get an answer. I asked why the customer to keep for yourself to determine if the signal is good or bad? Customers would benefit if the program would yield only no trend signals.

  344. Ken says:

    Maybe to many are using the same broker (Cititrader), and that they have seen a pattern in how people are taking the trades. Try another broker like Optionrally, Optionsmaker or Goptions, they trade with you not against you..

  345. Maui says:

    Greetings John,

    Thank You Very Much For This Awesome Informative Website & All The Support You Provide. It Is Greatly Appreciated.

    To analyze whether to trade the BBW Signal:
    1. How many times do you click the ‘Zoom In’
    2. How do you use the ‘Candles’

    I’m new to trading, so please excuse my Newbie inquiry & Thank You Very Much . . .

    Aloha From Maui, Hawai’i

    \m/ Don

    • John Kane says:

      1. Look at the bottom of the chart at the time. I like to zoom out and look at 10-20 hours of history.
      2. What do you mean exactly?

  346. tyrail says:

    what if i can’t download MT$ will the email alerts be enough to be succesful with this?

    • John Kane says:

      MT4 is required.

      Anyone can download it, it’s free.

      • Greg says:

        Hello John: I’m new to binary options / trading, and are encouraged by the feedback/comments from you and others who’ve used this system. I’m desperately seeking a financial solution to supplement my income and are now registered “Live account” with NADEX for binary trades (as of 2 days ago; are u familiar?). I felt more comfortable given they are U.S. based/regulated, and although I still use their demo account, I’ve not had much success “Live” (Lost 3-5 trades already!). Need MAJOR help!! I also have MT4 Demo loaded (from Tallinex) which I can use to receive the signals. Question:

        1. Can I execute signals on NADEX platform (they have min. 2hr expiry on binary)?

        2. Or must I open with another broker like Citi