BT 10: Current Binary Strategy & IQ Option

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 10: Current Binary Strategy & IQ Option

Welcome to the 10th edition of the official podcast. In today’s episode I discuss my current binary options trading strategy, and recent findings about the IQ Option brokerage.


The last podcast was a couple of months ago, so I figured I would jump in and let you know what’s going on right now. What’s going on with my latest strategy, what new systems I’m testing, and what we’re doing in binary options on a daily basis to make money.

Broker Update

First, let me start the podcast by talking about brokers. IQ option is a brokerage that I got connected with 6 to 8 months ago. I noticed a lot of the binary today readers were having success using this broker so I figured that I would join in. Recently, IQ option has gotten in touch with me and they’ve told me that I can no longer promote their services on the binary today website because the binary today website is in contact with the traders, provide software and provide strategy.

Now this doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. What it sounds like, is that IQ option doesn’t want me to promote their services because I’m helping traders win trades. In their terms and conditions, they claim that promoting websites cannot help traders. They can’t give them strategies and they can’t give them software to help them win trades.

I’m not sure what this says about IQ option but it really sounds like they don’t want their traders to win. This is a major red flag.

I want you to win, so I’ve taken this broker down for the time being.

Current Binary Strategy

Let’s get into my newest strategy. So, if you frequent the comments section of Binary IQ, Binary Today 5 or Binary Today Trader you can see that traders are constantly talking about new ways to trade and utilize these strategies. I get a lot of my motivation from these conversations and while I’m giving you this podcast today, you would actually be ahead of the curve if you’ve been taking part in those conversations.

The latest strategy I’m using right now revolves around Binary IQ, Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5. The difference from before is the elevated role for both BT5 and BTT. To activate the strategy I go into MT4, right click on the chart. select indicators list, then editing and setting the Low Risk Filter to True, which means I’m enabling a low risk filter which makes all the signals coming much lower risk. These are easier to trade and they don’t require any analysis. The only problem with this approach is that you won’t receive as many trades and that’s why I’m starting to use Binary Today Trader and Binary Today 5 to supplement the amount of trades that I’m receiving.

This is very similar to approach I used well over a year ago with the system I really liked called Binary Ascend, a system I still use to this day for it’s low risk signals. The signals are incredible and that’s what we’re seeing right now from binary IQ. The low risk signals are so successful that we are seeing an extremely high ITM over 80%.


Now, I want to hop into the mailbag. Today we just have one question, from Dean who lives in Kansas. Dean’s asking “if there’s any new software or strategy in the works?

Dean, there’s always a new strategy in the works. Everybody knows that I’m a sucker for new strategies and a new system because I really like to work with binary options and I really like innovation. So yes there is a new strategy and software. With this one my main focus is trying to fill the gap and find ourselves a 15 minute expiry time trader. Well over a year ago I was really big into 15 minute expiry times. During this time I had some of my best trades and used some of my best software so I really want to find a system or strategy that works really well 15 minute expiry times.


Thanks for listening guys. I hope that you take advantage of this podcast, and that it helps you get moving, and making trades with reliable signal systems. Have a great day!

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