BT 06: Free Binary Today Booster & Strategy Podcast

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 06: Free Binary Today Booster & Strategy Podcast

podcast-episode-6Get my free Binary Today Booster and learn more about a new strategy that I’m using to get the most out of Binary5 and Binary Today Trader.

Podcast Episode 6

Hey guys John Kane here with binary and this is my latest podcast. Today I’m going to be walking you through trader success, binary 5, binary today trader, the all new binary today booster strategy, my latest income report and anything else that comes to mind.

Trader Success

First I want to start off by discussing trader success, Binary Today is approaching 3 years and we’ve contributed to the growth of many very successful traders and we have a blossoming community of traders helping each other in the comment section of just about every post that I do. I’m very happy with the success of new traders, I’m really happy about this and I’m pointing this out because it’s important to me and it’s important to the binary options community. The binary options community is often seen as a fool’s game where traders enter the market and try to get rich quickly. This is created because of scam auto trading systems and scam websites like bowd and others. There’s a whole bunch of them and their entire goal is to get you to sign up with one of these automated systems, and we all know automated systems in binary options trading don’t work.

forex-fury-frontIf you want to trade automated if you need an automated solution I would suggest you look into Forex trading. I use a Forex robot called Forex fury and this works very well for me in the Forex market.

Below you can read my review or go to the website:


Fury Review —- Fury Website

Binary 5

As for binary options you really want to stay away from automated solutions and you really want to focus on signal systems or anything that gives you a little bit of help. You don’t want the software to do the entire job for you, you want it to give you the signal and allow you to do some basic, simple analysis just to make sure that you get exactly what you want. The most success of binary today readers right now is coming from a software called Binary 5 this is a system that was released within the last month, I believe it was exactly a month ago today that the software started hitting the market and it’s doing extremely well right now. There are over 200 comments in the binary 5 review and I’m really happy to see that over 90% of the comments are reporting positive results, the other 10% are obviously just questions about the software but it’s very very impressive and I’m extremely happy with the results that I’m seeing.

Trade Video

A lot of the readers here at binary today wanted me to put together a video so I did, I put together a sample video of myself trading. I’ll leave a link to it on the page attached to the podcast and you can see one evening of trading last week where I took 7 trades and I won all 7 trades. I was very happy about that because I was able to show exactly how the binary 5 system works, how simple it is to implement into a binary options strategy and how to use it on a daily basis.

Binary Today Trader & Booster

Binary Today Booster Download

This one’s been working for me great over the last 6 months is the Binary Today Trader, it’s obviously not getting as much love as binary 5 because it’s not as new and everybody likes something that’s new. I get it, but the Binary Today Trader system is still performing extremely well and it’s been performing extremely well with the new strategy that I’ve been testing out. I’m going to attach an indicator I’m labeling the Binary Today Booster to this podcast as well so you can download it, and use it. I’ll also be adding it to the free secret software page on the website so you can access that as well. This is a free tool used to monitor the market so it will show you a couple of lines on the chart, it will show you a blue line and a red line. If the market is going downward then it will show you a red line, if the market is going upward it will show you a blueline. You can look at these lines and it will show you if the market is trending up or trending down.

How I use this strategy is quite simple with the binary today trader and binary 5 system. What I do is I receive a signal and then I take a close look at the binary today booster . If the booster and the signal agree, I take the trade. I’m having a lot of success doing this with alongside binary today trader and binary 5. I recommend you pick up the binary today booster for free from the binary today website and you put this on your charts, it will certainly help you analyze your trades and make sure that you are taking the right ones. Obviously I’ll show some examples on the page I know it’s hard in the podcast to understand .

Income Report

I’m going to switch it up and were going to take a look at the income report from this last month. It was the August 2016 income report and it’s currently the top post on and it is the 23rd edition of the income report. As always with my income reports I walk traders through my personal earnings and I break down the exact process I use on a daily basis to place trades. Right you can see my live trade video there but let’s take a look at the monthly trading results. This month binary 5 really separates itself from the pack and gained over $16,000, the binary today trader earned over $6000, the binary options bullet just under thousand dollars and we actually had some losers this month. This is one of the first times I’ve lost with a couple systems. Binary Brain Wave lost $1200 and Binary Ascend lost $2400. Obviously I didn’t trade as much with these systems as I usually do so I was unable to balance out the ups and downs but I do believe they will bounce back very quickly.

Well that’s it for the Podcast, if you have any questions just shoot me an email by going here.

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