BT 11: Binary Strategy, FinRally & Ranting

The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
The Binary Today Podcast: Binary Options Trading
BT 11: Binary Strategy, FinRally & Ranting

In this episode of the Binary Today podcast, I dig into the newest signal system that everyone’s buzzing about, Binary Strategy. This takes up a pretty large portion of the show, as you can expect. Yet, I find time to bring up a broker that sent me a $2700 withdrawal, FinRally, and included a nice rant for my detractors.

This podcast is a little longer than normal, so I’ll try to keep the transcript as succinct as possible. I’m still working on my “ums and ahs” so don’t get too annoyed with me! I spend all day on the computer trading, not talking.


Hello and welcome the 11th edition of the binary today podcast. As always I am your host John Kane and today is a great day because I get talk about something that’s very close to my heart. This is of course a new binary options system called Binary Strategy. This is a signal software that I’ve had the honor of being part of the strategic process. Obviously I’m not a coder but when the development team decided to put the software together. they came to me they asked me if I wanted to help them put together something that was truly special. I lent them my expertise and because of that I’m really excited about the strategy.

Binary Strategy

The first thing I want to talk about when it comes to this new product is that it uses real strategy. You’ll see in my review, if you go to my review, I actually take an image of the code to show you that there is real strategy and real code. In fact, there are thousands of lines of code. The reason for doing this is because I’ve noticed the binary options market is filled with bloggers, affiliate marketers and people that aren’t even traders claiming that they are traders.

The only reason I started this blog is because I wanted to become a better trader and I did that because every single person on the blog has helped me through comments and through the connections I’ve made. I never would have been able to try systems for free and be able to test trading systems that people had paid thousands of dollars for to understand exactly what is good and what isn’t. In the end I put together this community that helps everyone achieve those goals.

Actual Strategy

Back to the strategy. I get on these tangents I guess that’s why do a podcast, but I hope that it doesn’t bother you folks. Earlier I was talking about how there is actually a strategy here and that is really important to me. In this case, the Binary Strategy software has 2 strategies, one is called valor in the other is spirit. The valor strategy uses technical analysis. It does this in the form of divergence to recognize the imbalance between price and oscillator. In doing so they can tell if a Sell is near the top or a buy is new the bottom of the trend.  Knowing that there is actually a strategy and real indicators at play better determine whether or not trades should be made available. In the binary options community too many times we run into systems that are a flip a coin black box with no real strategy. The developers can’t tell you what the systems about, how it’s traded and that just doesn’t work for me. You will see on the binary strategy website that they have a simple explanation. They don’t go into huge detail, but they give you the exact specifics of divergence and how both of these systems provide ample trading opportunities without sacrificing safety. That’s really the beauty of the system.

15 Minute Expiry Times

I also want to mention the expiry time. The expiry time for the system is 15 minutes. If you’ve never traded 15 minute expiry times than you need to try it. I love it, there is just something about 15 minutes that is so liberating. I guess because it’s not too long and not too short. Sometimes a 5 minute trade doesn’t seem to get its legs in time and you could end up losing, where as, a 15 minute trade is the perfect length. Every single Binary Strategy signal that I receive settles in around the 8 minute mark. At that point it steadies and I can tell that it’s going to be a winner. You can actually see this in many of my live trades, in my latest video. I’ll embed it here so you can view it, if you haven’t already.

Video Review (Live Trades in MT4)

Trading Results

On the website you can Binary Strategy developers provide monthly testing where they show you how the binary options software has traded over the past 30 days. This is just a secondary form of trading results to further verify their live trading chart that is updated daily.

You can actually do historical testing yourself. All you have to do is go into Meta Trader 4, right click on the chart, go to indicators list, and increase the max history bars. This is a great way of seeing what pairs have been performing for the past few days, few weeks or even few months. This can help you decide what pairs you want to focus on, that’s exactly what I do.

I even made a video for this, so that the developers can use it in their members area. You can see that video here.

I told you this is a long podcast!

For example, let’s say you want to trade Gold. In that case, you would open the Gold chart, place the software on the chart. Then you would increase the max history bars to a larger number, and you would be able to see how the software has recently performed on Gold. With this information you can decide whether or not you want to continue with that asset, or test another asset that may be performing even better during the same time frame.

This type of testing is made simple, which I really like about Binary Strategy.

Cut out a bunch of blabber here.

Binary Options Broker – FinRally

Let’s jump into a different topic. I know it’s very difficult to find a trustworthy broker, especially if you are located in the US. In many cases brokers have totally outlawed United States clients, outside of Nadex.

The main issue with unregulated brokers is that they don’t pay out. What I like to do is deposit a small amount of money, trade it up a bit, and see if I can get a withdrawal a couple months in. I recently tested FinRally, and had $2700 to withdraw. I contacted them, and within 3-4 business days i received my withdrawal in bitcoins. I’m happy with the speed of the transaction, and how the support team dealt with my request.

I’m confident in recommending FinRally now, and will keep them in a prominent position in the best binary options brokers table because of this.

Final Thoughts

Here I go on a bit of a rant in the podcast. I won’t type the whole thing out but the fact is I’m not happy with my detractors. There are a lot of crappy blogs, and marketers that attack me on a daily basis. I have a couple messages for them.

The first message is that I’m not going anywhere. They can try to beat me down but I’m going to keep writing reviews, putting up articles and podcasts.

The second message is that I’m up for a challenge. I have gone to all of these blogs, and written comments asking them to take me on 1 – on – 1, in a trading competition. Every single time they remove my comments because they are not traders, and they are scared to death of me exposing their inability to trade.

As always, leave a 5 star review wherever you listen to the Binary Today podcast.

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