Intellix Systems Presents Neuro Trader

Intellix Systems is releasing an artificial intelligence software that’s built to make $10,000 a day, it’s called NeuroTrader. According to the sales page this is the worlds first 100% accurate trading software. There have been many developers in the binary options market to make this promise and each one of them have failed to deliver. So, let’s not get caught up in the hype.

Today we will be doing our due diligence and informing the binary options community of the best way to approach this trading product.

Neuro Trader Review

There are 4 aspects of the “Neuro Trader” software that CEO Jeff Blumenthal want us to know about. We are told that the system is secure, accurate, fast and used by the pros. They even claim that this product is used by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies on the planet and now it’s being made available for free to the public. Again, we’ve heard stories like these in the past and they always come across as far-fetched and unreliable. There’s really nothing on this website that suggests that this time is any different. I’d be willing to bet a large sum of money that this robot will come close to the 100% accuracy guarantee.

Intellix Systems

The company producing Neuro Trader is Intellix Systems. A quick Google search reveals that this company has absolutely no history in the binary options market or any other market. There are apparently 3 major players involved in heading this company, Prof. Martin Schelling, Jeff Blumenthal and Crystal De Veere. Yet, there is no information about any of these 3 people online and none of them have ever contributed to the binary options market either.

Further research shows that each image used for each of these people are all stock images that can be purchased online.

It’s my belief that Intellix Systems is not a real company and the only reason they chose this name is because it resembles the name of another large business which gives them some cover. This product is likely developed by an affiliate marketer who has created a story and a fake company to try and bring some legitimacy to the product. However, this marketer has such done such a poor job in covering their tracks that we’ve been able to poke holes in the entire storyline.

Neuro Software

Probably the most damning information we’ve come across in our research of the Neuro Trader is the fact that it’s using a recycled software. If you’ve been reading the reviews here recently then you will of notice that we’ve come across quite a few developers rebranding and recycling old failed products. It seems as though 90% of the products hitting the market are actually old products that we’ve seen in the past.

In this case, Intellix Systems apparent 100% winning machine is actually the same software as Leaked Profits, Profits Perpetual and Hexa Trader. This is a major disappointment.


It’s certainly in your best interest to stay away from the Neuro Trader software. Intellix Systems, and Jeff Blumenthal have nothing original to offer the binary options community. They are providing us with an old software that has done nothing but fail under multiple different aliases.

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