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Published on July 21st, 2014 | by John Kane


Make Money Robot

make money robotMake money robot is another free binary options system. The software claims that they provide only 350 license each day and that today will be the last day they will ever provide licenses. I don’t believe this for a second and I believe that it’s just a way to get you to sign up now.

Today I’ll be providing a review on this make money robot and letting the binary today readers see through all the hype.

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Make Money Robot Review

The make money robot comes to us from a developer named Michael Williamson. He claimed he was a stockbroker on Wall Street that lost his job because a couple Asian guys at his company came up with an algorithm for a trading system that provided a 95% return on investment. With a winning ratio like this the company no longer required Michael so they fired him. I kept watching the video and I wanted to poke my eyes out listening to this story drones on and on.

The trash me nuts about systems like to make money robot is the they tell you the stories and they really try to make you feel like this works but they never tell you how it works and they never show you concrete evidence that it does work. They just keep telling you they’re making this money and then what happens in a few months after you put your money with them it’s gone. The same strategy is used way too frequently to sell things in the binary options market and I’m tired of seeing it.

I will not be recommending to make money robot to anybody and I highly suggest that you avoid this at all costs. For while the story is interesting and it’s cool that this guy claims to appoint back to his old company and hired the engineers to create this system that makes tons of money it just doesn’t make sense why she would share with us at all. I know they’re making a commission here but if the guy made $500,000 in three months the last thing he needs is to make another $5000 offbrand people on the Internet. Really put some of the pieces together here and it just doesn’t make sense, if you really want to make some money in the binary options market to send me an email I’ll help you out.


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13 Responses to Make Money Robot

  1. Claudio Imbriaco says:

    Hello John, I just read your post and many others and all seem to agree that Make Money Robot is a scam (thank you for the post by the way) and as I was searching I found that Money Multiplier, The Trading Compass, Option Navigator and AlgoBit are better and more secure options and I wanted to ask you if you know either one of those and what can you tell me about them or if you know any other options that you can recommend me, that would be very helpful too. Thank you again for your post and for your time.

  2. hepsiba says:

    please suggest me a way to make money online .As i need an option as remote please do need full thank you

  3. Adam says:

    Thank you for your comments, it saved my money!

  4. Hasan Monsur says:

    If you don’t want to lose your money then never signup with “”. I signed up with them in good faith and deposited $200 to “” as per their instruction. I sometimes kept their robot inactive when I saw balance was coming down instead of gaining something. After that I got a very harsh email to keep the robot always active if I really want to make money. Again in good faith I kept the robot on, and next morning I saw my balance has come down to $13.75, which is of no use for trading anymore.

  5. Hasan Monsur says:

    I signed up with and deposited $200 to empire option as per their instruction. Earning very little initially and the balance was going up and down. Sometimes I had to keep the robot inactive to loose more money. Later they advised me in a very harsh language to keep the robot always on. I believed them and acted accordingly. Just in one night, all my money was finished. They are the greatest cheater of all time.

  6. caleb says:

    hello, am new to binary option, can you help me by sending the most accurate signal provider and auto trading softwares to my email? Thanks

  7. Enoc Martin says:

    This review is not helpful. I am sorry for being so direct. I received a video from a person that actually tries the product before doing a review. Youre review is just based on biased opinions. Why dont you try the product and then tell everyone how much is sucks with concrete evidence. Dont be like the guys selling the stuff either. Come on!

    • John Kane says:

      Hi Enoc, my reviews have saved people hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don’t need to try this product because it is a free binary system and every single one of these systems has failed miserably. Due to my ability to identify this fact, I save myself the time, nor do I necessarily believe it is worth throwing $300 into the wind as a deposit.

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