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Pro-5000sPro 5000s is a new binary options software by Jacob Brown. Brown tells us that he’s created a professional trading system that’s designed for the “inner circle of the financial industry.” I’m not sure why he’s giving it to us then, as the binary options market is on the tertiary edges of the financial industry. Binary trading is still a very small segment of trading in general.

Today I’ll be reviewing this software and letting you know if it can make you $5,000 a day like Brown promises.

Pro 5000s Review

The claims of the Pro 5000s software are outrageous and I don’t respect their marketing approach. Brown pushes luxury lifestyle marketing aggressively. As you scroll down through the web-page you will see multiple images. The promise is that Brown’s system will make you enough money in less than a week to buy a luxury sports car, a million dollar villa, and a trip to paradise. I just don’t see how this is possible. Binary options trading is not known for making overnight millionaires. This is not like stock trading where a stock can skyrocket overnight. In order to make millions in binary options traders need to invest large amounts per trade. Marketers that push the concept of overnight success in this market cannot be trusted. Either they don’t know the market well enough or they are trying to promote a get rich quick scheme. Either way, we lose.


Considering the size and the speculative nature of these claims you would expect their to be some proof right? Wrong.

There are no results for the Pro 5000s trading system. Jacob Brown believes that we will make millions of dollars in one week, but he can’t even muster a small trading statement to prove his system works. The purpose of this sales page is to push us to the brokerage. I’ve never heard of this brokerage and can’t recommend any brokerage with no reputation. An online search comes up with nothing for this brokerage, and that’s a major concern.


I am not recommending Pro 5000s to the binary options community. I don’t believe that Jacob Brown is a trustworthy trader. I believe that he is an affiliate marketer trying to get some conversions, and make some easy money. The lifestyle marketing approach he takes is gutless and irresponsible. I don’t want anyone here at Binary Today to believe that they can make a million dollars in one week by pressing a button, life isn’t that easy. Binary Trading takes hard work and goal setting.

The binary options software here at Binary Today is rated by the readers so we know exactly what to expect. Also, my 5 minute binary options strategy is very close to release. Make sure you are on the mailing list here so you can get the first copy in the next week. I can’t wait for this system to grow your accounts and impact the lives of traders in a positive manner.

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