Binary Review: Hexa Trader

This new binary options robot Hexa Trader is claiming that math can make traders $1644 a day. This really looks like another deceitful sales page built to trick traders into signing up with a program they don’t need.

Today we will be analyzing the software and providing an in-depth review for all of our readers and any binary options trader that’s interested in the truth.

Hexa Trader Review

The production of these types of overly ambitious sales pages does not seem to be coming to an end. The Hexa Trader comes across like a get rich quick scheme that uses a fake narrative to try and attract clients.

According to the sales page the developer of the software is Professor Rupert Connor who claims to be a former MIT Professor. Yet, if you do any research at all you won’t find any information on Rupert. Sure, there are other Rupert Connor’s but none that match this profile.

Ruper Connor doesn’t exist.

It’s really quite sad that binary options developers continue to go down such deceitful paths. Their lies are easily spotted which just makes them look utterly foolish. It takes less than 10 minutes to review and diagnose a sales page like this as a scam. They aren’t fooling anybody anymore.

Fake Testimonials

It’s hard to think of anything worse than fake testimonials. In the case of the Hexa Trader, they pay people to record fake testimonials to make their product seem more legitimate. Instead, this has the opposite affect because we know exactly where they get their testimonials from.

They use a service called Fiverr and pay actors $5 for a short video. They write up a script and the actor reads it back and sends it there way. The process is simple so many developers use this short cut. Once caught though, there is no going back. They are obviously trying to pull the wool over our eyes.

The Application

Even the Hexa Trader software is illegitimate. It’s a recycled system that we’ve seen used by many developers in the past. It’s probable that this is just the same developer releasing the same product every few weeks under a different name.

This application was used by Bahama Banker and the Tesler App.


The Hexa Trader is obviously not a safe purchase. The developers do everything in their power to deceive the average binary options trader. Honestly, any product that uses fake testimonials can’t be trusted and that’s not even the only issue we are dealing with here.

I recommend that you check out what binary options software is currently rated the highest by our readers. Feel free to leave a vote of your own while you are here. Thanks for popping by, take care.

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