Binary Review: Penny Millionaire

Well, I’m back from break and I’m starting with a highly publicized product called Penny Millionaire. This binary options software is being promoted by the biggest and baddest binary options affiliates so we have to be very careful with how we approach it. I’ve seen one video already claiming that this is like “guaranteed winning lottery.”

Today I’ll be providing my review and giving you the opportunity to elaborate on your experiences with this software and the people behind it.

Penny Millionaire Review

It’s quite apparent that the Penny Millionaire software is incredibly over hyped. The developers are promising that this software can make you a millionaire in a single month. This is not true. The software is just hitting the market and has no actual proof despite their being a bunch of guarantees.

If you look at some of the reviews from other sources you’ll see claims that the software was registered 6 years ago. This is true, but the website was not used for this product until just this week. If you go to the internet archive you can see that the domain was used in 2004 and 2005 for a blog. Then, from 2013-2016 it was parked (not used at all). The whois also shows that the registrar has changed multiple times which means the developer of this product likely just purchased this domain over the past few weeks. I’ll show you examples of this in my video review.

Awards and Media Coverage

Many products in the binary options market attempt to legitimize their reputations by providing us with fake awards, testimonials and articles. Penny Millionaire is another one of these types of developers.

You can spend hours researching you won’t find the existence of the “supreme software award”, “best product of the year 2016” or the “financial news award for excellence.” To add to this, the 5 star reviews from Tom Daily and David Lunge are also fake. The websites or publications these reviews are supposed to come from don’t even exist.

It’s funny that the reviewers that attack really good products promote such blatant scams.

The Application

The Penny Millionaire application uses a binary options software that’s been used time and time again in this market. It is recycled, renamed and re-purposed. This same software is used by Aurum Tech and BinaTrust, two failed binary options products that came before this one.

The developers make large promises but they always fail to deliver because they are just pushing the exact same product under a new name.


Don’t fall for the Penny Millionaire scam. When you do a Google search for this product you will see the same cast of characters that mislead you the last time you signed up with an automated binary options tool that was supposed to make you millions. The people ranking at the top of Google aren’t traders, they aren’t the ones you should be trusting.

If you are a real binary options trader you need a real tool like Binary 5. This is a proven software with a community of successful traders that use it on a daily basis.

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