Binary Review: Tesler App

Tesler App is a new binary options trading software promising $237 per hour thanks to a cutting edge satellite technology. The developer of the software is Steven Abrahams who is believed to be the CEO of Tesler Invesments. According to the sales page the software is focused on “Lead Patterns” and can earn traders over $5000 a day and $1 million in less than a year.

Today we will be analyzing the software, the sales page and going through all of the details being provided by Mr. Abrahams.

Tesler App Review

The sales page is very basic, with the explanation of how the Tesler App software works flashing so briefly it’s very difficult even read most of the content being provided. One of the most important aspects to analyze when reviewing a new binary options trading software is to take a close look at who is behind the software.

Steven Abrahams

After doing very little research it’s quite apparent that Steven Abrahams does not exist. There are no articles online that verify the existence of Steven or his Tesler Investments company. This is a very common approach by affiliate marketers in the binary options market. People by system is frequently create personas in order to legitimize the trading system that they are pushing.

In this case, the Tesler App is taking a hit due to this deception. Just 2 weeks ago we reviewed Swarm Intelligence, a poorly put together binary options scam that just so happened to use the exact same actor. In this presentation Abrahams went by the name of Dr. Steven Francis.

This type of marketing is prevalent in the binary options market and in these cases the product always fails to deliver.

The Proof

In order to sell an investment product the most important element is the proof. The Tesler App sales page goes about proving the profitability of their software all wrong. They rely on testimonials that can easily be fabricated and in this case the images being used can be found on other websites online. The images are likely stolen from these websites and used for the purposes of promoting this binary options product.


There is nothing on the Tesler App sales page that sets them apart from the hundreds of binary options scams we’ve reviewed over the past 2 and a half years.

When looking for a helpful investment tool it’s important that you do your research. Products like these make it very easy for us to rule them out because the deception is easily exposed. Your best bet is to view the top rated binary options signals and software providers as voted on by the Binary Today readers. Thanks for stopping by and please leave comments with your questions and remarks.


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