Binary Review: Step 2 Wealth

Today we are discussing a new binary options product, Step 2 Wealth. The sales page for this software claims traders “are guaranteed $10,000 after watching this video.” This is a very bad sign, and is a sure indication that we have a get rick quick scheme on our hands. While the developer Richard Williams will try to tell us otherwise, it’s unlikely that he even exists.

By the end of this review you will know exactly what this is all about, and if it’s a trading system worth your time. For proven and tested strategies, check out the software available here.

Step 2 Wealth Review

The Step 2 Wealth sales page is extremely basic. There is a short video, an email subscription form, a button claiming there’s only 4 spots available and some security stickers. The message in the video is one that we’ve heard hundreds of times before. Instead of telling us about the software, the strategy and anything real binary options traders would want to hear, they just tell us how much money the software is going to make us in a short period of time.

The website is quite deceptive. They tell us there are only 4 spots available when they would realistically take as many clients on as possible and the security stickers at the bottom of the page are all fake. This website pretends to be SSL secure when it isn’t.

Security Error

It’s quite clear that our Step 2 Wealth review is skeptical. We are not the only skeptics as Google Safe Browsing also indicated that this is likely a dangerous site. When we tried to enter a fake email to get into the members area we were stopped by Google warning us. This is obviously not a good sign.

Considering we have a healthy amount of skepticism already, this only confirms our concerns about this product.


With all the promises being made by the Step 2 Wealth developers you would think they’d have some sort of proof right? Wrong. The only proof they provide is through client testimonials, except they aren’t even clients. The testimonials provided are purchased online from Fiverr.

This website truly is deceptive and shouldn’t be trusted.


It’s our belief that the Step 2 Wealth system is truly a scam. There is nothing on the sales page or internet that sheds any doubt at all. The entire presentation by Richard Williams is deceptive and should be avoided at all costs.

Just had to get this review out of the way today. Now, we will go back to working on the latest Binary Today system due to hit the market in a few days. Make sure that you check back here time to time and that you are part of the newsletter so that you get immediate access. Enter your name and email under this article where it says Join Binary Today or go here to read more about what we offer in our free binary options newsletter.


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