Profit Booster App Review

profit-booster-appProfit Booster App is a binary options application that has been on the market since early may. The product vendors claim their software makes new trading clients $1,419 in the first 60 minutes. The developer goes by Peter and he says the he’s going to give traders access to the tool that changed his life forever.

Today I’ll be providing a review and analyzing the app and what it has to offer the binary today community.

Profit Booster App Review

The profit booster webpage is made up of the binary options trading video and an email subscription form. In order to provide you with adequate details about the software I’ll have to analyze the video in full and pick out the important elements. He introduces us to the team of traders that he put together to create a fully automatic binary options software. In the video the developer shows us how in just over an hour he made $170. Considering the front page of the website says that traders are going to make over $1400 in less than one hour I’m not sure why the video he’s only making $170.

As the profit booster app video continues I notice that the results being shown in the video are simply images. I notice something that the vendors do to deceive the audience. They don’t show the actual trading track record they just show the account balance. For all we know they could have two different accounts each having their own deposit. Then all the vendor has to do is log into one account record the screen and then log into the next to do the same thing again. Like most system this nature the video contains no actual strategy or proof.

I cannot recommend the profit booster app at this point in time. I have found a few other negative reviews about the system and despite over 17,000 views on YouTube I can’t seem to find any positive feedback. If you have something you would like to contribute to this article please leave your comments and questions below now. If you are serious in being successful in the binary options market you can always send me a personal email by clicking ask John at the top of the webpage. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you enjoy your stay.

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