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Published on January 16th, 2017 | by John Kane


Binary Software: Profits Perpetual Review

Profits Perpetual is a new binary options trading software by Frederic Morton. As is too frequently the case, Frederick has no reputation in the binary options market but somehow claims to have founded a system that’s earned over $39 million.

Today we will be providing a review and informing the binary options public on the viability of this trading software. If you would like to leave a comment please feel free to do so below the article.

Profits Perpetual Review

The Profits Perpetual sales page is exactly what we’ve grown to expect from the bad side of the binary options market. There is a sales video, some promises that can’t be proven true and false claims that the software has been seen on websites like Forbes, CNN and Technorati. It’s quite easy to see that nearly every single element on the sales page is a deceptive marketing ploy built to attract week minded individuals.

Here at binary today I don’t judge those that sign up with get rich quick schemes like these because we all have moments of weakness. However, if you sign up with a fully automated software promising you millions of dollars and you lose your account in the first day do not make the same mistake twice. I am much less forgiving of traders who fall for schemes like these more than once because they are the reason that these scammers continue to succeed.

Frederic Morton

At the top of this Profits Perpetual review I noted that Frederic Morton has no reputation in this market. That is true. Feel free to do your own research but I assure you that you will come to the same findings that I have. This man has no reputation in the binary options market and it’s likely that he doesn’t even exist at all. Affiliate marketers that constantly build get rich quick schemes hire actors and develop storylines in an attempt to fool you. This is likely what we are looking at here.

In fact, just last week we saw Morton acting as a happy user of the Rubix Project software. He must have done a good job in this performance because he was hired again, this time to the be CEO of Profits Perpetual.

The Software

As is often the case, this exact same software has been used by other binary options developers over the like past few months. This is the same software going by the names Hexa Trader and InterTrader. Two failed binary options get rich quick schemes from the past 60 days.


There are a handful of other elements that I could point out but I don’t feel that it’s necessary. The Profits Perpetual system is not going to get a positive review or recommendation from Binary Today. I didn’t even mention the fake testimonials or other lies because there’s enough information here to condemn this product for good. Do yourself a favor, and stay away.

I do recommend the new traders check out my Free Binary Options 101 Guide to see what’s working in the binary options market for me and the rest of the Binary Today community.

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