Binary Review: Rubix Project

Today we are taking a closer look at the Rubix Project binary options software. The system is developed by Brian Morgan, a man with no reputation or history in this market. Despite not being known he claims that his software makes a minimum of $12,835 per day.

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Rubix Project Review

The Rubix Project comes across like any other automated binary options tool that’s been released in the last few weeks. It’s a lot of flash with no actual substance. It’s our belief here at Binary Today that if you register with this system that it won’t work out well for you in the end.

In the video on the front page Morgan wants us to believe that he took a $250 account and profited over $12,000 in just a few hours. This is impossible. I know some of the most talented traders in binary options and none of them would be able to achieve this. The video is clearly edited to make it seem like the impossible is possible.

Morgan also shows us a withdrawal almost immediately from the binary options broker. This is also not possible. Brokers require several days after opening your account before they are willing to allow clients to withdraw funds.

This is a get rich quick scheme.

Brian Morgan

The man in the video is an actor, and not a real trader. That’s why there’s no information about Brian anywhere online that ties him to binary options. Product developers that appear from thin air aren’t traders, they are marketers. You only want to get involved with traders, marketers don’t care about you.

In the video we see some familiar faces from other failed binary options product launches. You can see in the images on the right hand side that the apparent developers of the Rubix Project were actors in other schemes like the Navstar Trader.

The Trading Software

There are issues in every aspect of the Rubix Project sales pitch but the most glaring is the software itself.

This trading software is old and has been used in many different releases. If you signed up with Prove My Profits or WikiTrader than you’ve already lost money with the same autotrader.

There’s really nothing else left to say.


Here at Binary Today we cannot recommend the Rubix Project to any of our readers. It’s clear that this software is riddled with issues and that the developers behind it are trying to fool us. They want us to believe that this product is better than it is, despite being proven poor time and time again.

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