The Sequel: Prove My Profits Review

prove-my-profitsProve My Profits is a new binary options program by Ted Morgan. The software is built to provide traders with nearly $500K per month with no experience necessary.

This review will provide you with the truth about this software and what you can expect moving forward.

Prove My Profits Review

The Prove My Profits website is similar to what the binary options community is used to. There is a YouTube video and an email subscription form. This product provides very little information and the members area is just as bare. The only way to fact check this product is to watch the video that provides absolutely nothing.

The entire concept behind the PMP product is that Ted Morgan is going to do a polygraph test to show that he is a legitimate trader that has made millions from his software. This is the exact same plot used by Lie Detector Millionaire and Polygraph Millionaire. Both these systems fails and this certainly looks like the sequel to those two failed products.

Ted Morgan

Ted Morgan is an actor who pretends to be the creator and CEO of Prove My Profits. In the products that came before this one the actor was different but the script remains the exact same. The video is extremely cheesy and the poor acting is all we have to go on.

Ted is not impressive, and the entire video presentation is poorly put together. None of the characters in the video can be found online and Ted clearly has no reputation in the binary options market.

What You Can Expect

With a system and presentation this poorly put together you can expect to lose. The people behind this product are clearly affiliate marketers trying to make a quick buck at the expense of real traders.


Binary Today does NOT recommend Prove My Profits. This is a binary options software that can’t be trusted. The first two versions failed miserably and this just sequel looks just as poor. There is no reason to sign up with an investment opportunity that provides no proof at all outside of a shady video.

If you are a real binary options trader then I suggest you spend some time here on Binary Today learning how to trade the right way. Here we use proactive strategies to grow our accounts and win trades. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment with any questions or concerns that you may have about binary options.

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