Polygraph Millionaire – Lie Detector Re-Branded!

polygraph-millionairePolygraph Millionaire is a clear re-brand of the Lie Detector Millionaire system released in early April. Considering they are promoting the exact same software that failed the community less than half a year ago, I think you can imagine how this review will go.

Today I will review the historical significance of the original software and let you know if they made any developments that will make the software profitable its second time around.

Polygraph Millionaire Review

My thoughts on the Polygraph Millionaire are not very positive. As you can see in my original review of the Lie Detector Millionaire here I was not very pleased with the unethical marketing approach. The developers claim to be offering us $1,000 to use with this system for free as well as nearly half a million dollars per month in profits. As you very well know, in the binary options market numbers like these can’t be trusted. They are nothing but empty promises being made by affiliate marketers trying to milk you of your hard earned money.

There is no proof to substantiate any of the claims being made my Daniel Wilkins. There are a couple of screenshots showing us million dollar bank accounts but this is hardly proof. A mediocre Photoshop user can easily recreate screenshots of bank account statements. This can’t be trusted as actual proof.

Video Review

The “New” Software

lie-detector-millionaireThis new version of the Polygraph Millionaire is an exact replica of Lie Detector Millionaire system that already failed. Thus, we are being marketed a system that has proven to the marketplace that it’s useless. This is really quite disappointing, and I hope that Dan Wilkins really gets his act together.

Please be careful when dealing with binary options systems like these. The websites always look the same with a video and an email subscription form. The signs of a scam are always very easy to spot but if you aren’t sure please come to www.binarytoday.com or send me a personal email and I’ll help guide you.

Daniel Wilkins

The creator of the Polygraph Millionaire is likely an actor, paid to act in this video. I highly doubt there is actually a Daniel Wilkins because I’ve done the research and I’ve come up with nothing. This is clearly just a sales presentation with very little effort upfront and even less effort on the software being promoted.


Please make sure that you avoid the Polygraph Millionaire because it is not the type of software that will bring you profits. How am I sure of this? Due to the reasons I’ve discussed in this blog post as well as the fact that it’s the exact software that already failed and hasn’t been updated.

If you are a binary options trader or you want to be you need reliable binary options software. Check the rankings and see what suits your trading style best. Don’t settle for anything other than a proven trading system discussed by hundreds of traders. Thanks for stopping by and continue to have a wonderful weekend.

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