Methodox Review – Over $632 Per Day

methodox-2-0Methodox is a new binary options software promising to make traders over $632 per day. They tell us that version 2.0 is finally here but I’ve never heard of the system, and I can’t find anyone who’s ever heard of 1.0. It’s kind of odd to aggressively advertise the 2nd version of the system when the first version never existed.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if you can truly achieve accurate results and solid profits like the developers of this product promise.

Methodox Review

The Methodox is developed by Scott Sholes. At least this developer isn’t using the fake name strategy where you use two first names, like Scott Stevens. Sadly, it’s quite possible this will be the only positive element that I provide in the entire review. Scott really doesn’t give us much to be positive about.

The first thing that rubs me the wrong way about the software is that version 1 never existed. The entire purpose of pretending there was an original version is to make it seem like the software has been on the market for some time and has some credibility. Sadly, this has the opposite impact for me. Since I know that version 1.0 didn’t exist, I know that the Methodox team is lying to us, and immediately I lose trust that they haven’t even built yet.

Video Analysis

Testimonials / Results

sven-moench-testimonialWhen it comes to the results, the Methodox team provides us with a chart that is supposed to represent daily profits from March to August. The year isn’t marked down and there is really no proof that these results exist. There are no trading statements available and the testimonials provide us with very little to go on.

One testimonial is from Sven Moench and he tells us “I was actually worried that you are going to charge members for the new software upgrade! Boy I am so happy you gave us the option to do it for FREE! Methodox 2.0 is the best ever! Averaging at over $653 per day for the last month” Sounds realistic right? No. It doesn’t, because version 1.0 never existed so this is clearly a fake testimonial. Plus, who would say they average over $653 per day? That doesn’t make sense. Someone would say I averaged over $500 a day or $200 but not a random number like $653.


There is no reason to register with the Methodox software. It is clear that this is another binary options scam. Scot Sholes is likely an alias protecting the true identity of an Internet marketer the knows nothing about binary options at all. If you’re going to be an Internet marketer in the binary options market Italy spend some time learning how to trade so that you can provide us with real trading systems. Or, hire someone who knows how to trade to put together a trading system for you but don’t give us jump like this with nothing but false promises to back it up.

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