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Today I’m looking at a collection of binary options trading tools produced by Small Money Made Big. This development group headed by “Trader Ed” currently provides 10 different trading systems aimed at different trading styles and expiry times. There are also a handful of Forex trading tools as well. A big part of their offering is being inclusive, as their motto reads, “from beginner to advanced, part-time to full-time, we are here to provide you with easy and simple to use systems and strategies that will help you implement a plan for improving your trading success.”

The location of the SMMB group is 15000 7th, Ste, 212G, Victorville, CA 92395. Traders can access support via phone at 760-980-1734.

Small Money Made Big Review

My initial thoughts on the Small Money Made Big web-site weren’t very positive, because it’s not very professional looking, and the sales pages follow the same Trend. Yet, I never want to come out attacking a developer when there is still so much research to be done. There’s actually a ton of information here, which is really rare for binary options. Each of the 10 products has pretty expansive sales pages explaining their strategies, and trading approaches.

The products are all MT4 indicators and range from $37 to $69.

What I’ll do in this review is provide a list of all the systems, and then take a look at each system individually and get an opinion on the type of approach SMMB is utilizing.

  • Super Simple 5 Min Trading System
  • 1-2 Punch
  • 60 Second Hyper Scalper
  • Rebel Spirit
  • Turbo 5 Minute Options
  • Forex/Options Scalper
  • Binary/Forex Combo
  • Put/Call Options
  • 60 Second Options
  • Gold Silver Oil

Each system is marketed in a very similar fashion, so as I move through the review I’ll discuss the important elements, like the type of trading strategies, and trading results.


The Small Money Made Big team provide traders with information via multiple social networks, a binary options newsletter, and a free e-book labeled “The Simple Art Of Trading.” They claim that this helps traders gain the psychological edge over the markets. I haven’t gone through it just yet, because I don’t feel like signing up to the newsletter. So, how about that for honesty?

Trading Results

The most important part of any binary options trading system, is the trading results. The most prominent system the Small Money Made Big developers are promoting is their 5 minute binary options system, and the results are not as transparent as I would like.

There is a heavy reliance on screen shots, which are good at showing the strategy, but not good at providing us with a true sample size.

The last trade update took place November 30th, 2016, and before that, there were no trading results since mid September.

This type of trading result is common across all of the SMMB product line, in both binary options and Forex. Obviously, in 2017 I am expecting much more in terms of trading results, and hopefully the developers see this review and decide to provide a daily account of their trades. This is really all that I accept from binary options trading systems I’m interested in. I don’t want to know that a product was effective 3-4 days last fall, that doesn’t give me the sense of security that I require.

Forum Discussion

There are a bunch of testimonials on the sales page, and a couple of forum posts as well. In one of the forums it’s being rumored that Trader Ed is also behind a failed auto-trading software called Binary App 810.


I’m not here to fully ambush the Small Money Made Big line of trading systems, but provide some context. I will stay neutral here and provide a 3 star review, but the caveat is that I am not willing to sign up and try these systems until they upgrade their results reporting. I hope that this review helps you make the right decision.

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