The Midas Method Membership Review

the-midas-methodThe Midas method is a new binary options membership claiming to have a secret that allows for traders to make $1350 in daily profits. According to the website, the membership spot expires in the next 5 minutes but I don’t believe that to be true. When I hit the refresh button on my browser the timer starts back at 15 minutes which means it’s just a marketing tactic to create urgency.

Today I will be providing a review so that the binary options community understand if this is a valuable tool or just another get rich quick scheme.

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The Midas Method Review

The Midas method webpage is very simple, there is a short video, some security buttons and a statement that claims that their clients made nearly $2 million just last week. I have obvious concerns with this claim. First of all, the developers of the system do nothing to prove that the statement is true. We are expected to believe that their clients made almost $2 million last week. I don’t believe this. If there is a system in the binary options market that’s creating large profits for its clients then I know about it and I never heard about this software until today. This is coming across like another binary options software that’s too good to be true.

Another element on the Midas method webpage that I don’t like are the security badges under the get free access button. Here we can see that the developers of this product are trying to make their software seem more legitimate by tying it closely to reputable security companies. Yet, the Midas company has no relationship with any of these companies because if you click on the images they are not linked. If the website truly uses the security programs then you will be able to click on the image and verify it. The developers of the website even claim that it’s SSL secure, but you can just look at the navigation bar at the top of your page and you will see that it’s not. I don’t know why this developer is lying to us about this but it’s certainly something I can’t ignore.

I will not be recommending the Midas method to any of the binary today readers. It’s my opinion that this system is another binary options get rich quick scheme. I believe the developer is only looking out for himself and has not put together a viable trading solution. Please let me know what you think about the software by leaving a question or comment below the article. I always look forward to the conversations we have here and hope that you spend more time on this website contributing and learning. Thanks for your time and have a wonderful day.

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