The First Million

the-first-millionThe first million is a binary options software that tells traders that they can get their first million dollars this year if they just create a free account now. There seems to be an aggressive push to get traders into the members area as there’s a pop-up that says “millions of dollars on the next page!”

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at the software, reviewing what they have to offer coming to a determination about the potential.

The First Million Review

The first million is produced by the same developers of the first million which was another free binary options trading system. It looks like the people behind this system didn’t really care to re-brand their software in a meaningful way it decided to release it with a very similar name using the exact same testimonials image. Both systems have apparently won Roger Hardwick $289,710,40 and Nelson Simmons $171,200.50. Part of me believes that it’s very likely that this is the exact same software being sold under a different name. It’s very difficult for me to trust this developer considering they are using the exact same testimonial images for 2 entirely different products.

Below the testimonials and the members area the the first million product provides us with a verified binary account. I understand the binary options developers want to tell us that accounts are verified but there is no actual verification system in the binary options market at this point in time. I appreciate people that want to share their results and show how their software is performing but there is no reason to claim that you have verified results. As an aside, the results being provided here show trades that were occurring on Saturday at 3 in the morning when the market was closed which is also not a good sign.


Today I will not be recommending the first million for the reasons that I highlighted above. The system may have potential but there are too many red flags in that the developers using the exact same testimonials and that the results page is quite misleading. If you have something you would like to contribute to this review I would appreciate hearing your thoughts and opinions. Please spend some time on binary today looking at what else we have to offer. I just created a new binary options if a graphic with some very interesting statistics so please check for that and let me know what you think about the first million.

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