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Published on March 16th, 2020 | by Sara Kane


Market Robo Review: Arbitrage trading or Crypto scam?

Market Robo is a company offering investment opportunities for cryptocurrency trading making use of arbitrage trading. It primarily intends to indicate which cryptocurrency trades seem to be profitable. The site promises a 60% return every month, which is a highly unsustainable target and seems impossible to be achieved on a consistent basis. However, many people are unaware of the actual returns that you can get from crypto trading and so they may fall for such seemingly lucrative profit returns.

Market Robo seems to be a UK based company, with a physical address (as displayed on their website): Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom. The company website is: and they have provided a phone number: +44 2038563153 and two email addresses. [email protected] is for normal inquiries and [email protected] is for technical issues with your account.

This company is apparently registered to deal as a broker, but it is still unregulated. Furthermore, there seems to be no evidence that it is licensed to provide financial services.

Market Robo Review

Market Robo is basically a site that deals in crypto trading. However, unlike other sites, they do not have their own trading software. They trade between different exchanges and try to make a profit on this.

When you go onto the site, you’ll notice that you could allegedly make profits in 5 minutes. However, according to real customer reviews, this is simply clickbait and it takes much longer than this to see any profit in your account. Furthermore, the company claims to be endorsed by brands such as Forbes, however, these claims cannot be substantiated by external sources. Overall it is easy to open an account and trade on this site, but you should be wary of their exaggerated promises and endorsements.

Unlike normal crypto trading platforms, Market Robo claims to have a system where they use your investments to trade between various platforms and make a profit on the difference between these trades. It’s basically arbitrage trading where you buy the same currency on a certain platform and sell it for more on another platform. However, you should first understand a bit more about cryptocurrency trading before you can check if it is really worth investing in this site or it is simply a scam.


Market Robo is basically a trading platform that works in the same way as a third party broker. They ask customers to pay them in bitcoin, which they use as leverage in the trades between various platforms. However, there is no need for leverage in arbitrage trading, so this strategy is highly suspicious. Although there is a chance of making profits between different markets, this profit margin is nowhere near 2% daily.

Crypto trading is similar to trading in stocks and you can’t guarantee a consistent daily profit. The site does not explain their trading strategy in detail, so there is no way of knowing whether the strategy is actually reliable or not.


  • Location: Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom
  • Minimum investment: 0.02 BTC
  • Strategy: Arbitrage trading
  • Trading results: Unconfirmed
  • Customer feedback: Mixed

Before you make any decision about this company, you may want to compare it with a few others that are operating along similar lines, such as: DAX Robot, Green Millions, Bitcoin Circuit and Hodium.

Trading Results

Market Robo has claimed that they can deliver profits ranging from 0.15% daily to 2% every day. This means that you double your investment in less than two months. In comparison with legitimate investments, it may take up to 10 years to double an investment if the return is good. While they do boast of impressive trading results, it cannot be confirmed by any third party, so there’s no way of guaranteeing any profits from this site.

Client Feedback

Market Robo has displayed a few testimonials on their website that are all positive and exclaim all that is good about this company. Unfortunately, the third party or external customer feedback of Market Robo has been quite controversial when it comes to meeting the promised profit margins or payout. Most customers have complained about making losses from this site. Some customers have complained about not being able to withdraw their money and others have raised suspicions as to whether the site is actually trading or not.


While Market Robo has claimed to be registered and endorsed by big brands, this cannot be verified at all and seems to create more doubt. The fact that they make endorsement claims that could not be verified and are not regulated by any third party, should make anyone think twice before investing in this site.

Now we would want to hear from you. Share in the comments below your opinion about Market Robo and if you have had any experience with this company.

~ Happy Trading!

Market Robo

0.02 BTC (minimum investment)








Client Feedback





  • Minimal Investment
  • Arbitrage trading


  • Unconfirmed results
  • Little credible feedback
  • Unbelievably high profit margins (0.15% to 2% daily)

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