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profit-avalancheProfit avalanche is a “free if you deposit with a broker” binary options trading software. According to the people who put together this software a single mom went from being nearly bankrupt to making over $1.2 million with zero trading knowledge in under 3 months.

Today I’ll decipher this message and inform the binary today readers in this review about the viability of these boastful claims.

Profit Avalanche Review

The profit avalanche trading system is aggressively marketed by Erica Wilde and the development team. Upon trying to leave the website I get a huge pop-up that says “wait! before you go, get the exact same method that banked me $2,173.15 in just 24 hours!” It sounds like they’re really trying to hook me in at all costs in this sort of desperation scares me when dealing with binary options software. Video on the front page of the website Erica Wilde introduces yourself and tells us that we may recognize her from her appearances on CNN, NBC and Rachael Ray.

I decided to do some extra research on Erica to get a better understanding of the profit avalanche and who’s behind it. To my bewilderment, I’ve been unable to find any information on Erica and I’ve searched all the necessary websites. There is no record of this woman ever appearing on the TV shows she claims to have despite saying she’s been dubbed “mama millionaire.” This doesn’t necessarily mean that the product is going to fail but telling a bogus story doesn’t instill confidence in consumers.

It’s very difficult for me to recommend the profit avalanche to any binary today readers at this point in time. The main reason for my indecision is because I haven’t tried the software for myself so I don’t think it’s fair to the product developers if I were to give an official decision. I will however, voice my concern with some of the marketing practices and lies that are being told in the video. The story of Erica does not seem to check out and that obviously leaves me with some discomfort. If you something you would like to add to this review please type your comments and below the article. Thank you for visiting binary today and please email me personally if you ever need any help.

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