SCAM Review: Millionaires Method

The Millionaires Method is a new guide that’s built to teach people how to take advantage of the binary options public. The product is produced by Nates Anderson who is supposedly making $100,000 per month using the affiliate strategies he’s peddling.

Stay this $47 guide will go under the microscope. Is this strategy profitable or is it just another way to line Anderson’s pockets.

The Millionaires Method Review

The entire purpose of the Millionaires Method is to rip off binary options traders. Nates method is to become an affiliate with Clicksure and promote a long list of binary options scams. He claims that if you do this you will be a millionaire in short order.

This is the exact type of product that needs to be flushed from the binary options market. While it unintentionally exposes the crooked nature of many of these binary options developers it opens the door to more affiliate marketers to exploit the binary options market. This is why traders need to be extremely guarded when dealing with binary options products.

There has still yet to be one successful automated trading binary options system despite there being thousands on the market. If the Clicksure product marketplace was full of great products that benefit binary traders this would be a good product, but it isn’t. Look at the highly promoted binary options software and signals section, you will see these products are rated very poorly by the Binary Today readers. Yet, these are the exact products you are supposed to promote according to the Millionaires Method. So essentially you have to lose all of your ethics in order to promote these systems.

Who Has The Guide Worked For?

Nobody. There are testimonials in the Millionaires Method video from people who have used the guide to start making thousands of dollars a day. These testimonials are fake and have been purchased from Fiverr. You can see the proof of this in the image on the right-hand side.


There are really multiple conclusions to this review today. The first conclusion is that you should avoid the Millionaires Method because it’s unethical and you won’t be able to compete. Secondly, this goes to prove that all of the highly promoted binary options systems you’ve seen are just tools to make other people money. This product lays out exactly how that works.

If you are a real binary options trader and only if you are a real binary options trader please spend some time here at Binary Today learning real trading strategies. Don’t get caught up in the realm of automated binary options software. It’s a path that will lead you to nothing but despair.

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