Auto Trader Profit

auto-trader-profitAuto trader profit is a new binary options software and the developers claim it’s made over 35 millions in the past 5 months. The trade secret behind the software is making sure that you have favorable terms before making a trade.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if I believe this system has truly made over 35 million in under half a year.

Auto Trader Profit Review

The auto trader profit website consists of the video, a results section an email subscription form. Like many of the free binary options systems in this market in order to gain access to the software traders are required to fill out a registration form and deposit money with their specified brokerage.


The developer behind the auto trader profit claims that he is found a way with his software to provide traders with 5 to 1 odds. So for every $10 a trader invests they can gain $50 with a win. While this is discussed it is not exemplified in a way that I can understand. When the narrator in the video explains the 5 to 1 ratio he seems to skip over how the software or broker is able to provide this to us. He then goes into an explanation about binary options and starts to tell us about how his system is focused on 60 second trades. If you are reader on binary today you probably know that I do not like 60 second trades because I feel like they are gamble but there are still people out there in this market that believe they are reasonable way to make money in this market.


At this point in time I’ve yet to test the auto trader profit so I cannot give a full recommendation either way. Considering I don’t trade 60 second binary options I will probably avoid this software. If you have anything else you would like to add to the review or you’ve tested the software and believe that I should give it a shot then I will do so. Until then, I hope this has been helpful review and that you spend some more time on binary today getting to know myself and the rest of the readers here.

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