The Revolution: Leaked Profits Review

Leaked Profits is a new binary options trading product being brought to us by Frank Bishop. The story line is one we’ve seen multiple times in the past. Frank claims that he’s a former Wall Street trader who’s made the jump to binary options and created an application that’s making traders over $1200 a day. Former Wall Street traders have the worst track record of any group of binary options developer in this market.

Today we will be providing a review and letting you know if Frank is different than all the other Wall Street traders that have come before him and failed miserably. Don’t pass on this review and sign up with a potentially harmful binary options product.

Leaked Profits Review

According to the sales page the Leaked Profits software has generated over $72 million for all of it’s members combined. This is why Frank refers to his system as a revolution. We are told that the sole purpose of the product is to crush the financial markets on a daily basis. While you have to admire the enthusiasm, it’s highly unlikely that this software will ever earn anyone a single dollar.

This $72 million claim is absolutely ridiculous. The software is just being made available for the first time today. So there is no $72 million and there are no thousands of clients using this software. If you are reading this review you are likely one of the 2 to 3000 people that will stumble upon this product. Out of this amount of people 20 or 30 will sign up to lose one of their binary options trading accounts.

Frank Bishop

One of the most telling aspects of a binary options product release like Leaked Profits is the person behind the software. In this case, we are introduced to Frank Bishop who tells us that he’s a former Wall Street trader that’s published a book and had an article written about him on CNBC.

Further research shows that his book, and his CNBC publicity are both fake. You can do a search for Frank Bishop on CNBC and it will come up empty. You can do a search on Google for his book “Happy Lucky & Rich” and you will come up empty.

Frank is clearly a poorly put together character with a back story that doesn’t check out. Binary options developers are lazy. The people that are putting out these products put out a new product every couple of days just to cast a wide net. All they want to do is catch a couple of fish each time as it makes this endeavor worth their while. So if you do any research at all in the stories you are being fed you can quickly see that the lies are just a stack of cards the can be blown over.

The Application

Leaked Profits uses the exact same trading system used by other binary options trading products that have already failed. This same software is used by Hexa Trader and Profits Perpetual.

There’s no point in signing up with a binary options software that has already failed. Frank or whoever is behind the system is just rebranding an old trading software that’s already proven to be a major disappointment.


Don’t sign up with Leaked Profits. This is the 2nd review of the day and sadly we have to come to the exact same conclusion as we did in the first review. Both of these products are untrustworthy and provide absolutely no value to the binary options market. Personally, I get tired of writing reviews on products like these but if I don’t I worry that more and more traders are going to fall for these scams. Please be safe and make sure that you utilize the best available binary options signals and software services. Thank you for spending your time here on binary today and I hope this review saves you heartache and a few hundred dollars.

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