Muzzle Trading

muzzle-tradingMuzzle Trading is a new binary options product that generates trading signals using an automated trading software. According to the website the company behind this product was founded in 2006 in California and managed to fight through the 2008 stock market crash to come out the other side.

Today I’ll be providing a review, analyzing the story being provided and letting the binary today readers understand of this is a viable trading software.

Muzzle Trading Review

In the Our History section on the Muzzle Trading website we are told that this company expanded its business opening more offices in the USA as well as in Europe and Australia. In 2014 the company hired on experience account managers and a new Board of Directors which led to the creation of this binary options trading software.

The developers of this software make their company sound like a major corporation. That’s all well and good, but it makes no sense to me why a major corporation would be involved in automated binary options software. This certainly isn’t a large enough market for company of this magnitude to make enough profits.


muzzle-trading-whois-searchI’ve done quite a bit of research trying to find more information on Muzzle Trading but I keep coming up empty. This really doesn’t make sense. If this company truly has multiple locations around the world there would be a lot of publicity, or at least a few press releases.

In doing a whois domain search on we can see that the website was registered in 2016, 4 days ago. It’s starting to look like the big corporation story is a fantasy. There is no way that a major corporation that started in 2006 would just be registering their domain this week. This is all starting to look like a scam.

Muzzle Trading Results

The more time I spend on the Muzzle Trading website, the more disappointed I am. Instead of results there are 4 testimonials, one of which is from Joseph Preston who tells us he is “no longer worried about retirement.”

A lot of the features on the webpage aren’t really explained, there is an offers and packages section that promises returns of over 1000% in just 20 days. It looks a lot like a high yield investment plan, none of this really adds up. Even if you try to purchase the software suite, none of the buttons even work. This is a total mess.


I am certainly not recommending the Muzzle Trading services to any of the binary today readers. I do not believe the story being told and the amount of discrepancies on the webpage are impossible to ignore.

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