Mad Profits!

Mad-Profits!Mad profits is a new free binary options software that claims to be making over $850,000 per month. At this point in time the vendors are telling us that there are only 5 copies left of the software and that the download link expires in less than 10 minutes,

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at this trading software, providing a review and letting you know if it can truly generate profits.

Mad Profits Review

The mad profits sales page provides us with very little information about the binary options software. There is a binary options video, an email subscription form, and alive earning scrolling bar right under the video. This scrolling bar is continuous and is telling us that a new person every 2 seconds is making in the area of $4-$5000 per trade. In order to achieve earnings this high traders have to be making trades of over $10,000. Essentially, the live earnings section of this webpage is telling us that every 2 seconds a trader using their software is making trades of over $10,000, this is far-fetched to me.

What I often do with products like mad profits is come back on the weekend. If the live earnings scrolling bar is still showing trades then we know that this is a fabricated script that is just spitting out random numbers and names. I don’t have any proof that this is the case with mad profits that in the past I’ve never been proven wrong. Also, if you refresh the page you will notice that the download link does not expire and 10 minutes and you have as much time as you like to decide whether you want to get involved with the software.

At this point in time there is no good reason for me to give a final conclusion about the mad profits software. Our best course of action is to wait for the community to begin testing the software and then we can come to a final judgment based on their revelations. Thank you for coming to binary today, I hope that you enjoyed my review. If you need any help in the binary options market you can always send me a personal email by clicking ask John or by leaving a comment below the article now.

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