Midas Touch Review

midas-touchMidas touch is a binary options software promising to make traders $5000 every single day with their risk-free application. According to the website there are 535 people in the queue waiting for access to the system. I really don’t believe there is a queue.

Today I will be reviewing the software so the binary today readers know if they can trust the developer and make any money using it.

Midas Touch Review

The Midas touch software is being brought to us by Mark Williams. Mark tells us that he’s an ex-Wall Street trader who started his own business a few years ago. His focus for years has been on gold so he developed an application to trade it. He also claims that his software has a 96.8% win rate, providing 250 signals a day which in turn leads to $5000 in daily profits on average. The system sounds too good to be true and in this market that usually means that it is.

There are a few red flags that we have to take notice of when dealing with the Midas touch binary options system. First, there is an overwhelming amount of familiar faces. As you probably know, I do reviews like these 2 to 3 times a day so I’ve seen every single marketing trick available. With this system I recognize the narrator in the main video who goes by a different name every single time I see him. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but the fake testimonials certainly is. The testimonials are being purchased for $5 on the fiverr website, and that’s a red flag I just can’t ignore.

I will not be recommending Midas touch to the binary options community. It’s clear to me that this developer is trying to get us to deposit with a binary options broker so that they get an easy commission. With that being said, I don’t believe that their software will perform at the 96.8% win rate that they are advertising. If you disagree with me or you just want to leave a comment please do so now. Thanks for spending your time here, it really means a lot to me. If you need any help in binary options spend some time looking around the website and see what works for the binary today readers.

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