Insured Trading – Insured Outcome CopyCat

insured-tradingInsured Trading is a binary options product that’s built to make traders $750 per hour or $540,000 a month. The system is brought to us by Oliver Breitner, and it’s oddly familiar to the system I gave a bad review to not too long ago.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this system has the potential to provide us with any value.

Insured Trading Review

insured-outcomeIt’s quite apparent to me that the Insured Trading software is the exact same system as Insured Outcome. I reviewed this system in late April 2016 and I wasn’t very impressed then so I’m certainly not impress now seeing the exact same system just a few months later. Oliver Breitner, or whoever is behind this system did a very poor job at putting this all together. They are using the exact same video and marketing material they used just a few months ago and barely bothered to change any of it. So not only are they trying to scam us, they are doing so in an extremely lazy manner. Well, we are too smart to fall for lazy scams.

Video Analysis

Copied Testimonials

testimonialsYou can see in the examples on the right-hand side that even the testimonials were copied from the old product. They didn’t even change the image of the old testimonial, they just changed the name and commentary.

There is really nothing worthwhile being provided by this Insured Outcome copycat. This software is just a desperate grasp at taking some innocent traders money. The developer of this system does not have your best interests at heart and is really only in this to get a commission for funneling you to what is I’m sure at unregulated binary options brokerage. This is not a safe investment opportunity and considering it’s using the exact same software that they old system used all the guarantees of negative outcome.


There is no reason why you should sign up with Insured Outcome. We know that this is an exact replica of an old software that has already failed in just four short months. It failed and so the developer decided to re-release it under a new name to try and acquire some more suckers. Your best bet is to avoid this system or any other fully automated binary options system altogether.

Thank you for coming to binary today and spending time with me and the rest of the community. Please spend some time looking around and learning what we have to offer. I recommend checking out my personal income reports to learn what strategies we recommend here at Binary Today.

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