Binary Analysis: Cogni Trade Review

Cogni Trade is a new binary options trading product developed by a man named Cameron Doyle. As is too frequently the case, Cameron has no reputation in the binary options market. He does however believe that he has a trading software based on cognitive technologies they can make traders $1500 a day with no risk. Is this too good to be true?

Today we will be analyzing this product, reviewing the developer Cameron Doyle and informing the binary options community of our findings.

Cogni Trade Review

Promises of $1500 a day like we see from Cogni Trade are very common in the binary options market but following through is another thing altogether. Of all the products the promise thousands of dollars of daily returns, none of them have ever successfully met their own promises.

I believe that most of the developers in this market with bad products promising guarantee more than the other products in order to acquire customers through brute force. Instead of relying on real trading results, customer feedback and word-of-mouth they try to make as many fake guarantees as possible to convert unsuspecting traders. There isn’t a chance in hell that this trading software is going to make traders $1500 a day.

Bad Promises

One of the most frustrating promises made by Cogni Trade is the fact that they claim their software is 100% risk-free. By telling us this, they are essentially guaranteeing that their software does not lose trades. No matter how long you’ve been in the binary options market I’m sure you recognize that this is an absolutely asinine promise.

Every binary options trader has to realize that trading is risky. In fact, trading is one of the riskiest ways to earn a living or to supplement an income. This is because the markets are very unpredictable. Of course, the benefit of trading comes from the high risk and high reward principles but even that intrinsically refers to risk being involved.

Any developer the claims their product is 100% risk free is lying, and shouldn’t be trusted.

The Cogni Trade App

Sadly, after more in-depth research it’s clear that the Cogni Trade app is actually an old recycled binary options software being advertised under a new name. This exact same software and strategy is used by other failed systems, like Leaked Profits, Hexa Trader and Neuro Trader.

All of these products are failing and using the exact same software that is being promoted in this offering. Developers in this market shouldn’t even be called developers because they are just purchasing an old software and relabeling it to their needs. Be careful with who you sign up with.


The Cogni Trade software is yet another automated binary options trading system that can’t be trusted. The website uses fake promises, fake testimonials and a software that’s failed under different names many times over. If you do register with this product please be very careful and don’t use real money.

Thank you for spending time with us here at binary today and please feel free to browse the rest of our website to learn about real strategies that are working consistently for our readers.

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