payday.fmPayDay.FM new binary options software. Developers of the system claim that 5 minutes of your time has the power to change your life without costing you a single penny. The narrator of the video says he’s not here to take anything from us at all but give us something for free that’s going to benefit us for life.

Today I will be providing a review to inform the binary today readers about the software and what it has to offer the trading community.

PayDay.FM Review

The front page of the PayDay.FM webpage is very simple, there is a short video located inside the image of a laptop and an email subscription form. We can see in the background image of the Stealth bomber which seems to be the motivation for this product. The first few minutes of the video the narrator provides us with very little information. He just keeps on telling us that we have to watch the video even though we are watching the video. Considering this is a binary options software I find it odd in the video they show us a click bank screenshot which is an affiliate marketing platform that has nothing to do with binary trading.

Like most binary options products the developers of PayDay.FM claim that earning at least $150 each hour is not related to qualifications are skills. This sounds like a get rich quick type sentence to me. The video isn’t providing enough information so let’s see what the members area has to offer. We can see a trade results area that shows the software go from $250 to $133,000 in one month. The problem with these results as they don’t show the dates and times so we can’t verify if they are real or not. I tried entering my email to see if I had to pay money and it looks like we are required to sign up with a $500 trading account in order to gain access to the software.

I won’t be recommending PayDay.FM to the binary today readers. I don’t feel like this developers offering anything new and when I tried to sign up their system gave me nothing but troubles. Now is the time for you to leave your comments and questions. If you ever need help in the binary options market feel free to click Ask John at the top of the webpage and send me a personal email. Thanks for coming to binary today.

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