In Depth Review: Easy Daily Profits

Easy Daily Profits is a new binary options trading product by Dean Westhorpe. Dean is telling traders that they can make $982 a day with a system he’s giving away for free. Is this too good to be true, or is this truly an automated system that can be relied upon?

There’s really quite a lot to go through here so this will be an in-depth review breaking down each element so that you know whether or not this is a trustworthy developer.

Easy Daily Profits Review

The sales page consists of a YouTube video, an email subscription form, a brief introduction, some testimonials, a faq, results and some media feedback. At first glance the Easy Daily Profits looks like a professional website but if you take a closer look you will find that there are quite a few discrepancies and issues that need to be cleared up.

Dean Westhorpe

First, we have the developer of the software Dean Westhorpe. Sadly, it’s quite apparent that Dean is a fictional character and not the millionaire trader he’s made out to be. Dean has absolutely no connection to the binary options market and there is nothing online that suggests that Dean is a real human being.

The photo of Dean can be found and purchased from a stock image website. In short, he doesn’t exist.

Media Coverage

This is a great segue, as we were just discussing things that don’t exist. On the Easy Daily Profits website there are 3 reviews from prominent media outlets, CNNMoney, Financial Times and Bloomberg Business. Each review gives the EDP app a 4 star rating and a tremendous quote.

CNNMoney says “Easy Daily Profits has put itself right at the top of the industry with its simple layout and highly-advanced computer algorithm, which when combined create a devastatingly effective money-making tool. It’s a game-changer.”

Yet, if you go to any of these websites and search for Easy Daily Profits you will come up with no search results. None of these articles actually exist and these media outlets have never heard of this software or Dean Westhorpe.


I’m not really sure if it’s even necessary to delve into the results outside of saying that they are obviously fabricated. Any developer that would go out of their way to lie about every aspect in the sales page is certainly going to follow suit when it comes to the results.

Easy Daily Profits Conclusion

There is absolutely no reason for you to sign up for the Easy Daily Profits. This is clearly a scam. The only consistency in this website is that everything is fake. The entire sales page tries to deceive and trick traders at every corner. Please make sure that you avoid this trading software at all costs.

If you are looking for a real trading software that I recommend a binary options signal software like Binary Today Trader or Binary5. These are systems that you can trust. Thanks for stopping by.

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