Infinity App: Smart trading option or old scam?

The Infinity App is one of the recent online trading systems that have been used to convince new forex traders. The app claims to help investors achieve high returns without having to do anything from their side. The automated trading system allegedly wins most trades. The app is said to have made millions of dollars in profit for its investors. Furthermore, the app claims to have highly experienced people working on the codes, which should make it the best forex trader available. They claim that it was founded by a former NASA employee, who took years to develop the codes. This sales pitch contains many issues, especially the fact that they had linked NASA to forex trading when the two have no connection. While this sales pitch already seems too good to be true, there are still other factors that you should consider before thinking of investing in this platform. This includes issues such as its reliability, regulations as well as ownership and past performance. Only after considering these aspects, you should decide whether to make an investment.

The Infinity App was formed recently when the forex market was found to be a great investment for individuals looking to grow their income online. Unfortunately, they have not provided much registration details, and the company is not regulated by any major regulation body, which makes it extremely risky to deal with them. Another thing that you should consider about this site is that there is very little actual contact information. They provide no email, phone numbers, or physical addresses, which makes it a highly dubious company. Why would anyone trust a company that does not provide authentic contact details? However, it is certainly strange that the app requires most of your personal information when it does not provide any company information.

Infinity App Review

When you go onto the Infinity App webpage, you will notice that their sales pitch revolves around the fact that the creator was from NASA. They also try and convince the user to invest in the site because of the extensive testing done before launching the trading robot.

Once you create an account, you will allegedly bed given an automated trading robot that will deal in forex trades. This robot is supposed to do all the trading for you and the company claims that it has a success rate of 90%. This is an unrealistic number because even the most experienced traders do not come anywhere close to that number. While there are many different plans, the basic plan starts from $250 which is standard for forex trading.


Infinity App might make a lot of claims, but it is their strategy that gets the most attention. The app claims that you could make profits in 90% of all trades. This is extremely difficult to achieve, especially in the forex markets. They base their trading strategy on some exceptional trading robot that can automatically detect which trades are profitable. The site claims to have invested 7 years in the development of this app. This is a highly unusual strategy as the markets are constantly changing, so it will mean that the trading bot will not last for long. Unfortunately, no matter how strong a strategy is, it cannot go against market principles and achieve a 90% success rate.


  • Company: Infinity app Enterprises
  • Product: Automated forex trading robot
  • Minimum investment: $250
  • Company status: Unregulated
  • Strategy: Automatic forex trading
  • Trading results: Unverified
  • Customer feedback: Negative

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Trading Result

Infinity App has certainly made some strange claims that go against the market conditions. However, they could still have backed it up with trading results. Although you will notice trading results on their site, they are all fake. None of these results can be verified by any legitimate third party. This makes it highly risky to trade with this company or their brokers. Unregulated brokers often do not produce trading results for fear of being traced.

Client Feedback

Although Infinity App has got many people to invest in the scheme, it certainly has a lot of negative reviews as well. Most customers are dismissing it as a scam because the site has not allowed them to withdraw their funds. Some customers complain about misuse of their personal information such as phone numbers or email addresses. There are hardly any positive reviews about this site.


If you’ve come across Infinity App and are thinking about investing in it, then change your mind immediately. Not only is the company non-existent, they are completely unregulated and do not provide any reliable trading strategy. They also failed to produce verified trading results and used fake information to promote the site. You should always be wary of sites that use such tactics.

If you have been considering to use Infinity App, we’d recommend you to be very careful. Share your thoughts with us, in the comments section below!

~ Trade Safely

Infinity App 250 USD
  • Price - 15%
  • Strategy - 15%
  • Trading Results - 10%
  • Client Feedback - 05%
  • Customer Support - 20%


They promise instant results
The company claims that the broker groups remain available throughout the time


There is no reliable support for the alleged trading results from using this app
The company offers little information about its strategic details
There are no client testimonials on company website and the comments on third party sites are quite negative or controversial

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