Open Source Spy

open source spyOpen source spy is a new free binary options trading system. Yes, I am back at it again and I am not happy about more of these free systems letting the market but I have to do my job and make sure the binary today community is well-guarded.

Today I’ll be providing my usual review and letting you know why I believe this software is one that we should disregard.

Open Source Spy Review

The open source spy is just like all the other free binary options trading systems on this market. They have a video on the front page of the website and they’re trying to get you to enter your email address on the right side. The video is nothing special at all, it starts off with about 40 seconds of news clips that I doubt they even have the rights to play. Then after that we hear the narrator come to the front line and ask us if we can keep a secret in a terrible voice that sounds over modulated.

fake results

I skipped through the open source spy video and like usual there is no actual strategy explained it all. These systems are not being provided to us by traders but by marketers. That’s why they can’t talk about binary options, don’t know strategies and can’t explain how the software even works. To top it off the developers of this system claim that they have live stats in these live stats show that they’ve generated over $3.5 million this week. Now, if you go to YouTube and open their video and see how many people have looked at it we see that it has 13 views. A system that’s generating millions of dollars isn’t going to be viewed 13 times.

Today I will not be recommending the open source spy because it’s another piece of junk. There is really no reason for us to get involved with this software whatsoever. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and concerns below. If you want help in binary options click asked John at the top of my website and you can email me personally. Thanks for coming to binary today and I hope that you spend some time here and find some real winning solutions.

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