Binary Profit System Review

binary-profit-systemBinary Profit System is a new trading software that claims it’s possible to make over $224,000 in just 90 days. According to the producers of this software the product has generated millions of dollars for its members.

Today I’ll review this product and let you know if it’s truly coming close to achieving even a percentage of what they claim.

Binary Profit System Review

The Binary Profit System website is simple. There’s just a YouTube video and an email subscription form. In following the video back to YouTube I can see that this product started being promoted in October of 2015. The video has over 8,500 views and the response has been very negative. As of right now the video has two thumbs up and 105 thumbs down. This doesn’t always mean that the video is bad as I have a video of my own that was spammed by my competition once. Yet, that wouldn’t account for the comments below. Some of the comments are actually quite revealing.

Just a week ago one of the viewers of the Binary Profit System video pointed out that the developers tell us we are 1 of 50 people viewing the video yet the video has thousands of views. This is an obvious discrepancy. The language in most of the comments is vulgar. There isn’t one positive review out of the twenty or so comments and that is quite revealing. Despite the obvious red flags I’ve decided to go one step further and look into their members area. Here we can see they have a results section showing trades. There’s a trick I do here to see if the results are real or not and it’s quite simple. I look at the dates and times of the trades to see if they are possible. In this case, it turns out that they are showing trades over the weekend when the market is closed. They show entry times for currency pairs that aren’t even active at the time of the supposed entry.

I am not recommending the Binary Profit System to the Binary Today readers. It is clear to me that this system is not the type of investment opportunity that we are looking for. If you have used this software and want to comment on it please do so now. I am always looking to start a dialogue about binary options even when I don’t believe in the system myself. Thanks for coming to the website and I hope you have a great day.

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