The Orion Code – 100K+ In 30 Days

the-orion-codeThe Orion Code is a brand-new binary options product promising to make traders over $100,000 in the next 30 days. The developer of the software is Edward Robinson and he’s telling traders that he will pay them $5000 just for trying his software. We’ve seen promises like these many times in the past so it’s hard to believe that this one is any different.

Today I will be providing an analytical review of this software and what it has to offer the binary options trading community.

The Orion Code Review

Firstly, there is nothing different to The Orion Code. This sales page is essentially the same sales page we’ve seen a thousand times before it. There is a YouTube video, an email subscription form, fake security badges and fake timers that make the software seem like it’s going to disappear at any moment. To be specific, there is a timer right underneath the subscription form saying “you need to be fast, memberships completely close in” 34 or so minutes. Yet, when the timer hits the 34 minute mark it bounces right back up to 35 minutes. So it’s really not a truthful timer at all.

Video Breakdown

Marketing Tactics

Considering the fact that this product hit the market 4 hours ago, it shouldn’t even be available right now, but it is. This is just a marketing trick to make us act quickly. The problem with this marketing trick historically is that it’s used by developers of bad products who want us to quickly make a mistake without looking at all the evidence.

On the bottom right-hand side of the page it tells us that there’s only 4 spots available. On the bottom left-hand side it says there are 250 people on this page. Edward Robinson wants us to believe that there are limited spots available so that we make a lapse in judgment and leap into a bad investment opportunity. This same method is used by Code Fibo, Quantum Code and many other products in the “code family.”

Edward Robinson

So who is the man behind The Orion Code? Sadly, he’s not a binary options trader at all. The man in the video is actually an actor who played the role of Craig Phillips in the Amissio Formula software release. This is a release that performed very poorly and lost many binary options traders hundreds of dollars.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am only interested in binary options products developed by binary options traders. This is clearly not the case.

Trading Software

The software itself is reused. We’ve seen the exact same software used in recent releases such as SnapCash Binary and Gemini 2. These are 2 more systems that failed to produce any profits for the readers of binary today.


I see no good reason why anyone should sign up with The Orion Code. The marketing practices are deceitful, the developer of the system and word Robinson isn’t who he says he is and we’ve already seen the trading platform fail multiple times in the past.

I suggest that you take a close look at my latest binary options income reports to see what is working for me and the rest of the binary today community. Here you will find real binary options strategies and systems that can truly grow your accounts when used properly. If you have anything to add please leave your comments below the article now.

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