Gemini 2 – $12,341.37 Per Day

gemini-2Gemini 2 is a new binary options software promising traders $12,341.37 per day. The product is put together by an unknown in this market going by the name of Brandon Lewis. One thing I’ve been pointing out lately is that scammers often use two first names when creating a fake alias and both Brandon and Lewis are first names so that’s not a good sign.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at the binary options product and analyzing the type of impact it can have on our trading accounts.

Gemini 2 Review

The Gemini 2 sales page consists of a YouTube video and an email subscription form. For an investment product, Brandon Lewis should be providing us with much more information. Instead, the video is more of a biography on Lewis.

According to the video Lewis was one of Google’s top engineers working from their head office in Silicon Valley. Then, two years ago he discovered a binary options tool that puts the power of “large wall street banks and hedge funds in the hands of 50 ordinary people.” We are told that he’s been offered tens of millions of dollars to keep this product from reaching the public and that he’s a retired 28 year old multimillionaire. The entire story is very difficult to believe.

Why would a Google engineer find Gemini 2, a binary options trading product. It really doesn’t make sense. Neither does the connection to Wall Street or hedge funds because this has nothing to do with binary options. Developers in this market that don’t know anything about binary options frequently bring up Wall Street to fake credibility.

Video Analysis By John Kane

Brandon Lewis

brandon-lewisI’ve done many searches trying to find Brandon Lewis to get an understanding of the person behind Gemini 2 but I keep coming up empty. We are told in the video that he was a top engineer for Google so it should certainly be easy to verify his existence. Yet, we can’t. He is nowhere to be found anywhere.

I’m sure that we are dealing with another fake alias being used by an internet marketer trying to make a quick buck. The entire video screams get rich quick and so does the web-site. There is nothing about the sales page or general message that comes across genuine and real.


gemini-2-live-resultsThe only results to speak of are available in the members area. Here Lewis shows us a chart that is supposedly “live” that started at $250 and earned over $921K in profit in just 224 days. During this period the software has apparently won 100% of it’s trades.

This is not believable and just another reason to avoid Gemini 2.


The Gemini 2 is a clear binary options bait and switch. I recommend that you avoid this product because it will not help you grow your accounts.

If you are looking for a real way to be successful in binary options I recommend you check out the Binary Options 101 guide to see what’s working for me and the rest of the Binary Today readers. Thanks for stopping by and leave a comment if you please.

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