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Published on September 1st, 2020 | by Sara Kane


Sbercom Review: A clever investment or scam site?

Sbercom is a cryptocurrency investment platform that provides fixed returns on investments based on their profits from trading cryptocurrencies. They claim to have investments in the largest cryptocurrency markets and that they have a well-trained team that helps the investors profit. Regardless of whether they make a profit or loss, you can earn a fixed amount of interest on your investment. This is similar to how many banks work, but they have rates that you will not find anywhere else. The company allegedly offers 9% daily, which is impossible to achieve through any other legitimate investment. They also claim to have investments in crypto mining and that you could rent out a part of their mining farm, although they do not provide details of this. While the 9% daily returns would certainly be a warning sign for any investor, there is a lot of other things  that you will notice about this site that might make  you reconsider whether to invest in them or not. The fact that they are offering indefinite payments on a one time investment is also quite suspicious.

Sbercom is a Russian based site that operates from Moscow. They have shown that they are registered and so they do legally exist. However, the catch is that they are not registered with any financial regulatory authority, which is necessary for any company that offers investment plans. It is always risky to do business with companies that are not registered under a financial watchdog as you can’t get your money back if they take it fraudulently. The company’s physical headquarters is at: 124460, Moscow, 1135, 64. It is strange that they only provided a postal code and no physical address. Their telegram code is: @sbercom_online and you can contact them via email at: While there is not much information on whether their support works or not, every company should at least have an emergency contact number for its clients.

Sbercom Review

The Sbercom is designed to get the user interested in investing in cryptocurrencies and then invest in their investment plan. They offer a minimum investment of 10 Rubles and the rate of return is a fixed 9% daily, regardless of how much you invest. However, any experienced investor will realize that they are not actually offering an investment in cryptocurrencies as the cryptocurrency market is volatile and cannot guarantee a fixed rate of return. This widens the suspicion on this site as they try and convince customers that they are investing in crypto, when in reality, it is the opposite. You will also notice that they claim to earn the same 9% from both mining and crypto trading. This is simply not possible.


The strategy of Sbercom is just as poor as their supposed investment options. 9% in daily profits are impossible to achieve by trading cryptocurrencies, even when there are major fluctuations in the market. They do mention that the crypto markets are quite profitable, but they make no mention of their trading strategy. In addition to this, they claim to have mining rigs for mining various cryptocurrencies. However, they do not provide any information about this either. How is it possible for a company to promise to double your money every 11 days indefinitely without having a solid trading strategy? This is a major reason to stay away from this site.


  • Company: Sbercom
  • Product: Fixed investment plan
  • Minimum investment: 10 Rubles
  • Strategy: None
  • Trading results: None
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

Any legitimate company would post a few real trading results to show investors that they are actually earning a profit. However, this is not the case with Sbercom. They do not provide any real trading results nor do they verify from a third party that their trading results are real. In addition to this, they do not provide any customer payment proof to show that they are paying their investors. Without payment proof or real trading results, it is impossible to know whether they are actually trading or it is just a scam.

Client Feedback

Sbercom has only been online for a few months, so they do not have a large customer base. However, no customer has ever testified to receiving the returns that they promise. This is not surprising as it is impossible to achieve 9% daily, even with the most advanced investment plans in the world. If they were so successful, they would certainly have a larger customer base.


If you try and invest in Sbercom, you may be putting your money at risk. Their investment model appears to make little sense, they provide impossible returns and they have no actual trading results to prove that they are actually so successful. In addition to this, they are not even registered to provide financial services, so you are essentially dealing with an illegal company.

If you have had any experience with this company, we would love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below.


10 Rubles (minimum investment)






Trading Results


Client Feedback


Customer Support



  • They claim to have investments in the largest crypto markets
  • The company promises about 9% of daily returns!


  • There is limited information about the company
  • They have limited information about the strategy
  • The trading results seem to be unauthenticated

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