Global LTC review: Is it worth investing in?

Global LTC is one of the few online companies that offers a variety of investment options which vary between different industries. Global LTC basically focuses on forex trading although they claim to have other investment options as well. They trade in stocks, precious metals such as gold and platinum and even crude oil. This is certainly quite a diverse investment site. Although many of these trades are usually profitable, they are quite risky as well and so they cannot offer risk free investments. However they make certain claims that need to be verified such as their use of AI bots to generate profitable trades as well as an efficient staff that makes profits for the investors in the majority of trades. You should also note that while many companies do offer investment options in all these industries, very few actually cover all of them at once. You may find investments in forex trades or precious metals, but only the larger companies’ deal in both. Therefore, you should review different aspects of this site carefully before deciding whether it is safe to invest in it or not.

Global LTC is a relatively new company when compared to some of the more successful investment firms. Although they claim to have physical headquarters, this cannot be verified, so it is likely that they are operating solely online. They have provided an address which shows that they are located in Cyprus. The address is 210, Archbishop Makarios Avenue, Limassol 3030, Cyprus. However, this address cannot be verified and appears to be incorrect. If you want to contact the company for further information, the best way to do so is through email at There is also the option of filling out the contact form on the website. Another suspicious thing about this site is that they do not provide any company phone number. This is quite strange for such a trading company as this industry requires heavy checks and balances. Another factor that has come to light is that the company is not registered with any regulating authority which makes them illegal in many countries. You can verify this information personally at

Global LTC Review

One of the most prominent aspects of Global LTC is the way they provide general investment plans that includes investment in many different industries. Although many of these investments are risky, especially forex trading, a diversified portfolio will actually reduce your chances of making a loss. The company offers a free seminar for the new users to make them familiar with online trading. However, this seminar is basically a tutorial explaining how to use the site. However, you should not jump into this site too quickly as their plans are highly suspicious. The most basic plan offers a 25% return daily on a $300 investment. This means that you will be doubling your money every four days. Such returns are not only impossible to achieve, they cannot be justified with any trading strategy.


Another thing that stands out on the Global LTC site is their trading strategy. Firstly, they provide a very general overview of their trading strategy. They mention that you will be investing in many different industries such as oil and cryptocurrency. However, they do not provide any specifications. Besides, investments in such industries do not justify the profit margins that they claim to offer. In addition to this, there is very little evidence that they are actually trading. They provide no trading results and use advertising to convince the user that their ‘Qualified’ team will make most of the profitable trades.


  • Company: Global LTC
  • Product: Investment service
  • Minimum investment: $300
  • Minimum return: 25% daily (not verified)
  • Trading results: Unknown
  • Customer feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

If you are planning on investing in Global LTC, you should first consider their trading statistics. They have not provided any live trading results on their site and the company has not been registered on any of the major trading platforms. Besides, they have not provided any registration details with any regulatory authority, so you are basically dealing with a high risk company.

Client Feedback

Although the company is not widely known, there have already been various complaints that target their plans. Most customers who have tried this were not provided the alleged returns. Global LTC has also shown little care for many customers, which can be seen in the complaint response time.


If you are looking to invest in stocks, Forex trading or cryptocurrency, you should do so through a registered and verified platform. Global LTC has made claims that it cannot support and does not provide any trading results to show that they are in operation. They also provide very little contact information and do not have the best track record with their customers, so you should be careful before investing in this site.

If you have you been considering to invest with Global LTC or have had any experience with this company, we’d love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below…

Global LTC $300 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 15%
  • Strategy - 20%
  • Trading Results - 20%
  • Client Feedback - 15%
  • Customer Support - 20%


The company promises lucrative profit margins
They are offering general investment plans that include various industries


This company is demanding quite a high investment as a minimum
There is insufficient strategic information
The promised results are not supported with any data
There are no client testimonials mentioned on their website

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