Riptarea Review: Is this something you should trust?

Riptarea is an investment company that deals in the energy sector and different stocks on the stock market. They offer different investment plans that have fixed returns and aim to attract investors looking for a stable income. They claim that you can make profits on an hourly basis and offers returns as high as 124% every hour. While they may seem quite professional and clear in their message, there are a lot of things that are not right with this site. If you are an experienced investor, then you’ll probably notice that the returns that they are offering are not realistic, regardless of which industry they are investing in. Another thing to note about this site is that they do not provide in-depth details about exactly what they are investing, as you will see later on in this review. There are several factors that you should know about this site before you can make a decision on whether you want to risk investing your money by investing in it or not.

Riptarea is a UK based investment company that was formed in May 2020. They claim to be available for the next decade, but the site is only registered for one year. While they have provided their company information and they are actually registered as a private company, they are not on par with the rules in the UK, as they are not regulated by the UK’s financial regulatory body. This means that they are essentially offering services without a permit. The support details are available on the website at: You can contact them via email at:, or you can phone them on: +442035145958. They have their office located at: 29a High Street, Shoreham-By-Sea West Sussex, BN43 5DD, England. However, as with the company registration information, it is very probable that this is a virtual address, so you are essentially dealing with a ghost company.

Riptarea Review

At a glance, their website seems to be quite professional. They have a convincing sales pitch and they give the impression that they have the best team and management resources. They claim to have worked with many major brands and in various sectors, although they don’t actually mention any brands. All their four investment plans have hourly returns, which is available for immediate withdrawal. The minimum investment is $10 with a return of 38% every hour for four hours. This means that you can more than double your money in less than 4 hours. This is simply impossible. In addition to this, they offer referral bonuses for every 50-100 people that you bring. This shows that they are centered on getting as many investments as possible and growing through referrals, much like a pyramid scheme.


While Riptarea has indicated that they are trading in various energy stocks, they did not mention their specific trading strategy. They claim to have a competent management team that is supposed to handle the investments. Apart from this, they do not specify exactly which stocks they plan on trading in or any other trading methods that they may use. You would expect that a company that offers to double your money every 4 hours will at least have a specific trading strategy to back it up.


  • Company: Riptarea
  • Product: Investment plans
  • Minimum investment: $10
  • Minimum return: 38% every hour
  • Trading strategy: None
  • Trading results: Not verified
  • Customer Feedback: Negative

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Trading Results

One thing about this company is that they offer extraordinary returns on investment plans. However, they have not specified which stocks they are trading in, or even given any details that show their exact trading results. While they do provide some payment results, they use fake usernames, so there is no way of verifying these payments. They should at least list the specific stocks that they have shares in, which leads them to achieve such impossible results. Without any trading data that is verified by a reputable third party, you should not invest in any site.

Client Feedback

Surprisingly, Riptarea does not have many reviews on any major site, even though they are offering ridiculously high returns on investment and they have a strong referral program. This leads to questions on the integrity of the site and whether the site is actually attracting any customers at all. As mentioned earlier, it seems too suspicious to believe that a company can literally double your investment in a matter of hours.


Riptarea is not the perfect investment site that they claim to be. Apart from the obvious impossible returns that they are offering, there are many red flags about this site. They are not following the legal requirements of a financial company and they do not even mention what stocks they are investing in. Besides, none of their information can be verified and they have no trading data to back up their investments.

If you have you been considering to invest with Riptarea or have had any experience with this company, we’d love to hear from you. So, share with us in the comments section below…

Riptarea $10 (minimum investment)
  • Price - 40%
  • Strategy - 20%
  • Trading Results - 10%
  • Client Feedback - 10%
  • Customer Support - 30%


They offer very high return on investments
Riptarea also offers a referral program with bonuses


They have not provided sufficient details of their trading strategy
The company uses unverified trading results
They seem to be unregulated

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